Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still Her Fear..

I blogged about what freaked Ern out before she turned 2. They were:

- Thunder
- Wave
- Rain drop
- Firework

Well, she has yet to overcome the fear but added more into her 'fear list' :-(

- Lizard
- Mouse
- Mosquito Fogging
- Drive through car wash
- Naughty Corner

So, naughty corner works for me in discipline her. Before I put her down at the corner, she will start to cry the moment i show her the angry face and say the word "go to your naughty corner!". haha

Scrap credit:
Quickpage by Kate Fairlie

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Lizard Still Works...

Ever since Daddy created the Lizard's white lies, it has stayed as a scary thingy within Ching Ern till now!! Bad, you may say but it works on us in getting/stopping her to stop doing something.

We have added the list on top of what we shared earlier:

1) Ern has the bad habit of peeling her upper lips skin whenever she is free. So most of the time, you will see there is slight reddish on her upper lips. There were several occasion she peeled till bleed :-( So one night, after we saw her peeling he skin, we 'threaten' her if she continue to peel, then the 'hole' on the lips will grow bigger in which, big enough for Lizard to stay inside.

She panic for a while but still can't change the habit! *argh!*

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Quickpage by Jady Days Studio

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hadyai Home Trip

{ Back-dated Post }

I brought my camera during our first trip going back as 4! Dang, didn't take any photo as I was so occupied with Sean and Ern!

2nd time , I snapped pictures from our journey from Penang to Kayu Hitam border, then no more. Same reason, too preoccupied with Sean.

I hope the 3rd trip, I am able to snap pictures of the children with their grandfather!

Going back as 4, means more things to pack, load and unload & unpack. The whole truck was literally full with bags, 1 stroller and 1 high chair.

This time round, Ern has to sit at the front together with Daddy while Sean with me at the back. Ern enjoyed her bread & cheesecake before she dozed off almost the same time as Sean, just when we were about to reach Sungai Petani.

We made a stop at Changlun for toilet break, changed money and get our immigration card processing done. Yup, just pay RM1 each person, the card will be nicely print and ready to be endorsed by the immigration.

It was crowded when we reached the border, which was something unexpected. Knowing how the spreading of A(H1N1) , no school holiday nor public holiday, we expect it should be quick in getting our passport and vehicle entering permit endorsed. We saw BIG bikes and scooters parked at the road side. All of them in their biking gear, black leather jacket, boots, etc. Hmm, that caused the long quere.

Daddy took Ern with him for car permit processing while Sean and I sat at the bench nearby. Boy, I can't carry him long because he is big size for his age.

We stopped at Tung Lung (half way between Hadyai and Kayu Hitam) for the famous chicken rice. We hardly miss eating and thus, most of the helpers and bosses can recognized us. One of them even commented Sean had grown up so much!

When we reached Yeh Yeh's house, it was closed to 1+pm. The kids had a great time with their grandpa before they took their quick shower for their afternoon nap. By the time I settled both of them and put them to sleep, I was tired!

We didn't go anywhere since the H1N1 spreading was quite bad. Just stayed home for the entire nights and the next day. The housekeepers prepared home cooked food for all the meals. Delicious is all I can say on the authentic Thai food we get to eat..

PS: I accidentally deleted some photos during uploading process. Argh!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Create Time

We often hear people say -> I will find time to do X.
One of the managers in my ex-company used to say this -> We create time to do X because you may not 'found' the time at times :-)

Yup, I 'created' time to do scrapbook for my kids. So the 'time' can be late at nights, as in after both kids go to bed and after I settled the house chores like 11+pm. Or during the weekends, it will be during their nap time (if happened to be the same)

So mummies out there, if you can't find your 'me only' time, CREATE it! :-)

My latest 2 layouts on Ern.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Because of Love...

A Father wants to show to his daughter, he spent X hour to fix a new puzzle for his girl.

When I asked the father why he started to pour out the puzzle pieces from the box, he just replied me:

"Do for her since she said she doesn't know!"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Saturday Night Fever"???

The real John Travolta in his famous "Saturday Night Fever" Pose:

Ern's Version (Psst...wrong side of the hand):

Photo was taken over the weekend, just right before we departed for our Hadyai trip. Will blog about the details on the trip later. She just pose this for me when I asked her to look at the camera!

Photo credit on John is here

Friday, August 7, 2009


This is how Ern learn her phonics in school, ie via singing.

Her Version:
Bong Sa Bouncing Ber Ber Ber X3
Ber is the sound of B

The right version:
Balls Are Bouncing Ber Ber Ber X3
Ber is the sound of B

Her Vision:
Dong Sa Dancing Der Der Der X3
Der is the sound of D

The right version:
Dogs Are Dancing Der Der Der X3
Der is the sound of D

Actually, I have heard this some time back but I was clueless what was that until during the recent Parent-Teacher Review Session, I just got to know this is how the school taught them on phonics.