Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ice-Cream - Part # 2

2 days ago, I blogged about my 'ice-cream girl'. The next evening, Kong Kong came back home with a pint of BR ice-cream. Kong Kong purposely bought that for Ern and the rest of us in the family get to 'tumpang' to eat!! Spoiled right?!!!

Honestly, we taught Ern few times only on the word 'ice-cream' but surprisingly she picked this up fast! So now whenever we say 'wanna eat ice cream?', she will point to the fridge direction. Once you open the fridge, when we asked her 'where is the ice-cream?", she will point to the ice-cream itself.

Oh my, every time when either one of the family members eat the ice-cream, Ern gets to eat some! She 'demands' for it by crawling to you and try to grab the ice cream if you don't feed her!! Can you imagine one day she may get to eat 2-3 times!! Of cause we are not giving her much, something like 1/5 of a teaspoon on each serving and < 10 servings in total. A lot????

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Clap With Sound...

Ern only knew how to clap pretty late, just a day before she turn 11-months-old.

Just 2 weeks after then, finally Ern claps with sound today. Still soft the sound, but at least we can see Ern is open up fully on her finger and clap.

So today, everyone been asking Ern to clap...and she still happily clap per our request...hahaha

Strike A Pose

First, she will stand & clap her hand...

Then, she will turn her body 180 degrees...

She can sit until the hand terbalik also don't realize...

After then, only she can sit properly...

That's how Ern watches cartoon now. She acts as if she is so engross in watching the cartoon, right?! Don't be fool by her because the whole process last less than 5 mins...

Ice Cream!

It all started when Kong Kong introduced Hagen Daiz ice cream to Ern. Kong Kong said Ern is about to turn 1, so should start to taste more food.

I know when we introduce new food to our child, normally they will react with a ‘sour’ face before they start to love it. Ya, Ern gave us that ‘sour’ face too when we feed her papaya and grapes but NOT ice-cream. She did the ‘open and close mouth” act in expressing her liking. If you don’t give her fast enough, she will crawl towards you, lean on our body to support her to stand up and try to grab the ice cream.

See how happy my lil girl is, she will grin NON STOP until the ice-cream is out of her sight! She is really a mummy & daddy’s girl because we love ice-cream too!!!

Scrap credits: Eva Kipler

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cheeky Ern

There is a game Daddy will play with Ern every 'alternate' nights. Why alternate nights?? Because that's the night where we change the bedsheet/pillow casing for Ern and we play a game with her while changing.

The moment Daddy takes out the bedsheet, Ern will stop what she is doing and crawl to Daddy immediately. While she is crawling, you can see she smiles in her usual 'cunning' way. Haha..actually, this is how she shows her excitement...:-)

Once she reaches where Daddy stand, she will stand up by holding on to the mattress and 'bang' her head to 'tell' us she is ready to "play" the game. So, Daddy will 'wrap' Ern inside the mattress and leave some hole for her to peek out. Then, I will call her name.

After then, Daddy will release the mattress and i will say 'cha'. It's more like a peek-a-boo game, actually. Honestly, Ern will laugh and shout so loud in joy. See below, she can 'laugh until see no eye' type..

Sometimes it's amazing to see a daily chores will make our kid so happy!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sipping From A Cup

Yay..yay, Ern knows how to sip from a cup now! She was so excited when I introduced the cup to her yesterday. Yeah, she thought it's another new toy for her!'s the 'drama' between a mummy and her on..

Before I gave her the cup, I did a demo trying to teach her how to sip. I place the straw near my mouth(without touching it, for hygiene purpose) and sip in a exaggerate way! I don't know why I used that teaching method but I do know kids mimic very fast. So I thought I can give it a try and see if it works!

Then, I pass the cup to Ern to hold and push the straw near her mouth. When her mouth first touched the straw, she gave me her 'cunning' grin trying to 'tell' me her happiness. Without sipping, she pushed the straw away and giggled again!

Hmm..first time failed. Nevermind. Second time I pushed the straw to her again and did the 'exaggerate' sipping to tell her to sip. Tadaa, she sipped immediately and followed with a big grin! She did that a few times before she started to bang the cup on her hair chair.

Ern has yet to relate the cup as 'drinking water'. It's more like a toy to her for now. Hopefully, we can slowly transition her to drink water from the cup!

Scrap credits - PYA Heart


Closer view:

See, my lil Princess must 'smell' the corner of her pillow, which has her saliva smell obviously, before she can go into dreamland. None of us taught her that.

I tell you, even we change her pillow casing every alternate days, Ern will make sure she 'creates' the smell before she sleeps. So, she will bite and bite until it is wet! It's either before she sleeps or even with her eye close, she can still bite, smell, bite again and smell, until the smell reaches her 'satisfaction'! Not only that, she will rub the pillow corner to her nose, with her eye close!! It's hilarious to see that...

Daddy said I must have 'pass down' to Ern because I need to sleep with my small pillow before I delivered Ern. Yeah, it's a habit thing. Strangely after delivery, I don't need to sleep with that small pillow AUTOMATICALLY!

See, this is really unexplainable!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Ern's Way of "Mum Mum"

Just last week, MIL bought grapes for the usual "Chor Yak" (1st day of lunar month) prayer session. We gave some to her but she showed us the 'sour face' look even the grapes were VERY sweet! We reckon she did that not because of the real sour but FUN!
After that, she keep on moving her month, like eating something inside the mouth as her way of asking for food.

She doesn't speak the word 'mum mum' but just show us her 'moving mouth'. It's really hilarious to see her moving the mouth. It is as if she is REALLY eating something. LOL

scrap credit: Cwall

Stand Unsupported

We have noticed Ern was able to stand unsupported for < 10 seconds for the past few days. Normally it happened when she is clapping and dancing along the cartoon music and stand unrealized.

Today marks another milestone for Ern. Just right before dinner, Ern was able to stand unsupported for ~ 20 seconds!! Yipee...She was happily clapping and dancing along the "PB & J" cartoon music. Yes, she likes this music and will dance whenever the show begins at 6.30pm.

Will try to capture in a video within this few days...

Car Seat

I am glad we introduced car seat to Ern since birth. Right now, I would say she has no problem sitting in the car seat. In fact, we put her in car seat (most of the time) during our home trip to Hadyai. times she whine but after we divert her attention, then ok. After a while, we also need to pull over and get her down. Else, she will really CRY!!

So how does Ern 'survive' sitting in the car seat for ~ 3 hours distance? She will:
- Sleep
- Play with mummy
- Enjoy the sawah padi view
- Bite the belt
- Suck her finger

During our last home trip to Hadyai, there was a st*pid car driver, just simply cut into the q without put on the signal. So, Daddy was on emergency brake and my body was typically hit the driver seat. Luckily, Ern was inside the car seat and nothing happen to her. Else, I cannot imagine what will happen to Ern.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Count Down...

Count down:
To Ern's birthday party: 16 days (7th July)
To Ern's actual birthday: 22 days (13th July)

Yes, I am throwing a birthday party for Ern, 1 week before her actual day. We prefer to do it on Saturday so that all our guest can make it.

I did a birthday invitation card for Ern, by taking my favourite photo from each month since birth. The card is printed out in photo format, hoping that the guest can keep it in their photo album.

PS: Somehow the color of Ern's name changed to purple. Actually, the real color it's pinkish. Girl mah, that's why choose pink loh...

Short Cut???

3 months ago, I blogged about how Ern learn about the 'cause and effect' not through her 'pop up' toy but from the basin.

Since then, we taught her how to press the button to pop up the animal. She knows how to pop up the 'bear' and 'giraffe' (the 2 shown in the photo above) now because of the way the button was being designed - just press down and it will pop. The other 2 require turning, so she doens't know yet.

Nevertheless, she surprised us one day when we saw all the 4 animal pop up. How she did that?? See the video clip below.

Yeah, she found a short cut..just lift the toy up and throw it on the floor. Then all the 4 animals will pop up!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Magic Word - Kai Kai far I have not seen or heard any kid that doesn’t like the word ‘kai-kai’. It’s really a magic word! Indeed, it is a very powerful word because when you say it, your kid:

- Will stop crying
- Will be very happy
- Behave well (sometimes)
- Even they miss their nap, they will not get cranky (too happy until they forgot to nap??
- Many more...

We had dinner at one of the restaurants in Gurney Plaza last Sat night. Ern behaved extremely well that night. She sat quietly on the high chair throughout the whole dinner session without making any fuss. Other than eating her biscuit, she gets to eat the bun and ice-cream! Maybe that's the main 'motivating factor' to keep her sit long on the high chair! LOL

Kong Kong reckon very soon, his granddaughter will 'demand' him to take her out for kai kai....

Phase of Throwing!!

I bought Ern this toy handphone when she was merely 3+ months at Toys'R'Us. The phone is made of fabric, so it's 'safe' for baby to bite. Also, it comes with ringing tone and the antenna can vibrates if you pull them up.

Well..she played with it BUT only for less than 5 minutes or so. After then, she will throw it away. Yes, she is now at the phase of throwing. Whatever she holds, she will literally throw. Then she will pick it up, hold it for a while before she throw again! She will continue the 'pick and throw' until we take that away from her. This include the McDonald toy phone and my REAL handphone!! *sigh*

So now, Ern is 'shortening' the life span of the McDonald toy phone! She LOVES to throw this phone because the moment it hits the floor, the music will play automatically (supposedly to press the number key). Maybe she has found the 'short cut' way to play the music instead of pressing the key. At the same time, it also fulfill her satisfaction in 'throwing'. So small she knows how to kill 2 birds in 1 stone meh??

Now that we talk about it, Ern seems to find another short cut for her another toy. I will blog about it later.

Ok..ok...luckily we get to use the McDonald phone to teach her something. See the video below and you will know what we have taught her. :-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Ever since Ern started to shake her head for no reason that day, I thought might as well teach her the real meaning of shaking head.

She picked this up pretty fast, I think less than 10 times of demonstrating.

So now, whenever we say 'no no', she will just shake her head. However, when we actually say 'no no' trying to stop her from doing/taking something, she will just ignore us. *slap forehead*

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Suppose to cook but my cousin delivered a big packet of 'full moon' set (her son will turn 1 month old tomorrow), which comes with ang ku, red egg, curry chicken,etc. So, we decided not to cook since the 'full moon' set can't really keep for tomorrow.

Just bought a simple carrot cheese cake for daddy. 3 of us, simple cake cutting yet it's a warmth occasion.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Poh Poh & Ern

Ern is lucky enough to have 2 grandmas to take care of her while mummy/daddy away for work. Ma Ma (Grandma in Cantonese) will take the “morning shift”, ie from 8-10.30am and I guess this is the happiest moment for Ern everyday. Why? Because Ma Ma never say NO to Ern, so you can imagine the 2+ hours is full of laughter, playing, walking in and out the house, etc, as to please the little princess.

By 10.30am, Poh Poh will drive and pick Ern up after her daily routine of “exercise + breakfast + marketing” with her group of friends. Right after they reach home, Poh Poh will bathe her and feed her porridge. By 12+noon, Brenda Che Che will drop by to play with Ern or Poh Poh will take Ern down to wait for Brenda Che Che returning from school. Then, the day will follow by sleep, eat & play.

Sometimes, Poh Poh will take Ern to the fish pond at the apartment, especially when Ern get bored staying inside the house. See, my little princess doesn't like to watch cartoon or TV, so the only way to stop her from whining is to go 'kai-kai'.

If Kong Kong is not around, Poh Poh will solely take care of her while doing the house chores. Usually, it's when Ern taking her nap. Even then, that's has to be done SUPER FAST as Ern can nap as short as 15-30 mins. Sometimes, it's just enough for Poh Poh to take her shower or eat her lunch. :-(

Once mummy get home, that's where Poh Poh will start to prepare dinner for everyone. It's busy and hectic day for Poh Poh. That's how she get to lose 4kg just by taking care of Ern.

Credits on Scrap:
Kathryn Mhire from here.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sneak Preview - Handmade Photo Alburm

This is a 'sneak preview' on some of the pages on Ern's HANDMADE photo album. This album features Ern's first 12 months' photos with nice design on it.
Nice? Nice? Daddy & Mummy like it very much! Of coz it's not done by us but!

If you are interested to get one for your child and don't know how to nice art work, drop me a comment and I can link with you with It's customized and handmade!

The Grandparents...

Ern is in the good hand of Poh Poh and Kong Kong while we are at work. Poh Poh is 'full time' taking care of her while Kong Kong is a part time helper(dad is a semi-retiree).

Other than the daily care routine, i guess the grandparents enjoyed playing with Ern. See the photo above, one is "carrier" while the other is the "chaser". Ern LOVES this very much! She will shout in joy whenever we do this. Yes, she really shout her lung out! :-)

Poh Poh slimmed down almost 4kg ever since taking care of Ern. At times, she was so busy with Ern + house chores that she missed her lunch. However, Poh Poh said this is good because Ern "helped" her to shed some fats away!

Ern, when you are old enough to read this by yourself, remember how much Kong Kong and Poh Poh love you!!

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Video Clip on "Butt Down"

Here goes, the clip of how Ern does her 'butt down". She started by getting down on the right side only. Right now, she is able to get down from both side. Nevertheless, we still have someone beside her to supervisor her, for any 'just in case'.

Ern & Laundry Basket

Whenever Poh Poh is doing her laundry at the balcony, Ern will crawl to the basket excitedly, at her fastest speed! So, we will normally empty the clothes in the basket, place her inside and let her play (with our supervision)

She seems to enjoy sitting and playing inside that 'small' basket. We can hardly see much space left. She will need to curl her leg up and sometimes, her toe is stuck at the basket hold!

Poh Poh will normally leave 1 'laundry ball' for her to play. These are the things she will do whenever she is inside the basket:

- throwing the laundry ball (inside or outside the basket) while babbling to herself
- use her finger to touch every single hold
- Trying to stand up by holding to the edge of the basket but fail (no more space for her to adjust)

Sometimes, I will push the basket (with Ern inside) around the house and she will giggle until I stop pushing. Once you start to push again, she will get and giggle all the way!!

It's so fun doing that but can't afford to do that too frequent. Backache for me! :-)

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

11 Months Old

At 11-months old, a quick summary on Ern's development:

- Weight: 9kg
- Height: sorry, didn't measure becoz her next appointment with PD is when she turns 1
- Meal: 2 solids, 3-4 times of 7oz formula + biscuit/bread whenever we eat.
- Teeth: still 2, lower front
- Nap: 3 times per day, still can be as short as 15 mins to 1 hour!
- Able to cruise (with our support) on a movable object
- Able to get down by moving her butt down first
- Clap her hands (finally!!)
- Able to point on the things we ask her to do
- Likes to take things out from
- Waiving her hand as a sign of good bye and saying hi.
- Able to climb up from her baby chair (those without strap) when she get bored.
- She can't seat on stroller for long. The most 1/2 hour and she will started to whine.
- Loves 'kai-kai' & 'mum mum' (i think all kids like that too!)

Wow..time really flies. In a month time, she will no longer called baby but toddler!

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See how rough Ern is in playing her 'pop up' toy. She doesn't press on it but hit the board real hard. At times, she will just lift the whole thing up, drop it on the floor and all the 4 animals will pop up.

Ern is also very 'talkative' lately. She will 'talk and talk' (babble actually) until she gets tired. After we let her drink some water, it's like her 'battery being recharged" and she will 'talk and talk' non stop again.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Stage of "Take Things Out"

Yes, Ern is in the phase of 'take things out'. Whatever she sees something inside a something, she will surely take them out one-by-one.

Her favourite is my handbag because there are lots of things she will take out. Typically I put all the 'important daily' stuff inside. Other than wallet, i have my camera, cable to download photo to laptop, 2 specs, pen drive, tissue paper, comb, lipstick casing, keys, etc...

I used to match my handbag with my outfit before I have Ern. So, I change my handbag every morning before I leave the house. Yeah, I am a shoes + handbag collector. Can you imagine I am still buying even I already have 50+ handbags? And I can buy 7 pair of shoes at one time!!!

Now, no more! Just stick with 1 handbag and only change when I am getting sick of it! hahaha....

Finally She Claps - 迟来的拍手

Finally, Ern knows how to clap her hand just the day before she turns 11-months-old. She is still at the beginner stage - clap with no sound!

Poh Poh has been teaching her how to clap for the past 6 months! Each time when we tried to take both her hand to clap, she will surely pull her hand away or put her elbow real tight next to her waist to "tell" us "I don't want!".

Strangely, she wasn't excited whenever we clap our hands in praising her. I know most babies like to hear and see the body movement of clapping. Somehow, Ern doesn't get attracted with it.

That's why it took us 6 months to teach her this!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Yiak!! Ern Plays Her Own Saliva...

Lately, Ern likes to play with her own saliva by making bubbles. She will 'blow' and 'blow' until the person next to her also 'kena' her saliva! She really 'blow' her lung out! LOL...See the photo above, she smile to you even her mouth is full of saliva.

The elderly said this is a sign of teething. However, we don't see anything sprout out other than the 2 lower front teeth.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dancing Queen???

This is how Ern dance - bending her knee!

She doesn't shake her butt, swing her hand or move her body. Even we demonstrated to her what is dancing by moving our body, she will still bend her knee and giggle. *slap forehead* Although she was moving her hand in this video clip, she was merely saying hi to Poh Poh. Yeah, her 'hi' and 'bye' are the same movement!

Oh, she doesn't dance whenever we asked her to do so. She only dance when:-

- we play pop music or fast music
- she is in a good mood.

First Play Group

Finally, Ern get to attend her first ever play group. Suppose to bring her last Sunday but we missed it.

By the time we reached Charlotte's house, it was quarter past five. Surpringly we were the first one to arrive. Not long after that, Bryan arrived.

Charlotte's mummy was very thoughtful, she placed floor mat for Ern to avoid falling on the hard floor as Ern is the only one that still can't walk. (Thanks Aunty HL)

Since Ern is the youngest in the play group, I brought her Mula along so that everyone can play together. Guess what, Bryan's mummy also brought the same Mula! Charlotte and Ern played the Mula for a while before the kids diverted their attention to something else.

Well, Ern enjoyed herself very much as she was SO busy taking the toys out from Charlotte's toys basket. In the end, she didn't interact much with Charlotte nor Bryan but just focused on the toys!! She was very much into her own world. :-( This is not healthy as the intend of the play group is to PLAY TOGETHER! Hopefully Ern can interact more after get to know the che che & koh koh.

Oh, Ern get excited when she saw Simba, the Golden Retriver. She was kicking her leg and waiving to the dog.

After almost close to 1+hour of non stop playing and moving, she was so hungry and demanded for the milk before we reached home. Not only that, she was tired too. See below, while drinking her milk, she was almost to her la-la land already.

By the time we reached home, she fell asleep. Ern needs 2 pillows in order to sleep. I will blog about the pillow thing later.

Well, she only get to nap like 20mins before Kong Kong fetched us for dinner. She was whining while I changed her diaper because i woke her up. Luckily manage to stop her by diverting her attention.

Kong Kong wanted to get Ern a pair for shoes as her coming birthday present. Yeah, not only we managed to get the shoes for her, Kong Kong ended up buying 1 dress for her. Ha, they matches well - PINK!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Playful Ern

Lately, Ern likes to do this whenever:

- look out towards the door direction whenever someone entering the house/room
- she wants us to play with her by doing the SAME thing.
- she wants to manja with us
- she wants us to play peek-a-boo with her.

This will normally follow by her giggle!

The "Cruising & Stool" Story

Ern started to cruise when she was 8 months-old. Back then, she cruised by holding on a “non-movable” object eg the edge of the bed, sofa, etc.

Well, I have started to introduce ‘movable” object for her to hold, hoping in mind this will be a good platform for her to:
- Learn how to balance herself better
- Prepare her to walk (kiasu mummy???)

So, the wooden stool is the first thing I introduced to her as it suits her height.

For now, she tends to “lean forward and push” the stool. Thus, she cruises wobbly. If we don’t hold other end of the stool to slow her down and help her to balance herself better, she will fall to the front and hit the stool. She is not standing straight up to cruise but bending slightly towards the front.

Hopefully through this exercise, Ern is able to master the cruising skill better.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


I know it's bad but I couldn't help it but to take this picture.

Here goes, another photo of her doing her 'big business'. hahaha...
She was crusing the living room by holding a stool. I will blog about the 'cruise' in another post.

I just love watching this expression!! weird mummy, huh!!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Let's Shake It Baby!!

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On the way back home last week, Ern did this out of sudden. She did it all from the way from Poh Poh's house to our home, about 15mins. I don't know why she did it as I wasn't playing any pop song but Enya's Irish music.

I cannot resist not to pull over and take video on it. I am glad i took that because after that night, she stop doing it.

Kids change and grow so fast. If we don't document it, I doubt we can remember every single important moment during their growing journey. Yes, blogging helps us to track down this. :-)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Butt Down First

Yipee, finally Ern understands and demonstrates 'butt down first' whenever she wants to get down from sofa/mattress.

I started to teach her last weekend when we were at FIL Hadyai's home. I was using her toy to coax her crawling up and down from our bed to her mattress placed on the floor. During the process, that's where I introduced the 'butt down first' theory to her.

On that day itself, she was still on the 'fly down' method, never pause when she gets near the edge of the bed even I taught her at least 10 times. After then, i taught her once middle of the week (few rounds) and yesterday, she more or less 80% knew what is 'butt down first' already. Kong Kong was so thrilled to see her doing that at the sofa and really made his day!

I wasn't sure if she really knew because i was holding her hand before she got down. So I tried again just now. Yup, she knows finally!! She will pause, turn her body side way, 1 leg down and follow by the next leg. As this is something still new to her, I still need to remind her by saying 'butt down first',

Will take a video when she can do it without us reminding her.

Another milestone for Ern. :-)

Friday, June 1, 2007

Flipping Game

Ever since Ern started to turn to her tummy, we dare not place her on our bed but mattress on the floor. Normally we put 2 mattresses to ensure it's fully padded and Ern doesn't get hurt when she falls.

This "flipping game" started by Kong Kong and Ern giggled so loud. Only God knows how Kong Kong can come out with this creative game!!

I did this myself for 2nd time and after then, I told everyone no more 3rd time as I just don't want to take risk on it. The 'flip' may look as if it is a hard swing but actually, it is not. It's like a faster way of moving our child to the side way. AR....or maybe I am wrong also???

Honestly, Ern really cheers us up whenever she giggles. I guess that's the so called "rewarding" part whenever we preach about parenthood. :-)

Stick Her Tongue Out!!

Yeap,Ern has been doing this for the past few weeks but I only manage to take this photo YESTERDAY! Taking her photos is getting more challenging now.

Actually, she was using her tongue to rub her gum. Must be the itching gum due to teething. So whenever she does this, she drools a lot. After a while, you can smell the saliva all over her mouth and cheek. Yet, we still like to smell and kiss her !!!! :-)

We just simply love the 'baby smell'...