Monday, May 31, 2010

Girls Outing Day 2 - KLCC Aquaria

{ Back-dated post - 29th April }

Although it was weekdays, all the car parks surrounding KLCC were full!! We need to quere up at an open space car park (near the KLCC Park) and waited 30mins for someone to come out before we get to drive in to park our car :-(

We had to walk through the KLCC Park to the KLCC Aquaria. I knew Ern would surely ask for the play at the slides/swing and well, she did!! I have to coax her that we need to get into the aquarium before it's closed! Well, she buys the idea (i am sure the trick can be used for now only!). Phew!

We didn't wait at all to purchase our ticket. Then we started our journey with Ern asking lots of questions. I didn't plan the time of visit but we were lucky enough to catch the noon fish feeding time by the worker at the Aquathetre.

{ Ern posed for me after the show was over. Blur photo as flash light was no allow }

There was a BIG group of primary school children having their field excursion at the aquarium too. Ern joined in the crowd and sat patiently.

The moment the children saw the 2 divers appeared in front of them, lots of 'hoo ha' coming from them. Thrust me, the kids really liked and enjoyed the show! Well, it's a good educational experience for the kids to see (at least I think that way!)

Our visit to the Aquarium ended with a crying Ern as she didn't want to leave!! :-(

Our next stop - Suria KLCC

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Girls Outing - Day 1

( Back Dated Post - 28th April 2010)

The "Girls" Outing definition: Mummy & Daughter Only!

Sean is too small to travel on leisure (although he has gone back Hadyai for many times) and either me or hubb will need to stay with him. Since I was offered a place to stay at my buddy place in KL, I took the opportunity to bring Ern for her first plane and train ride.

I managed to get quite good deal air ticket despite late booking. Knowing I need to:
1) look after Ern
2) manage the luggage alone
3) friend is picking me up from Sentral (for her convenient)

I don't have much choice but KLIA (So you know which airline we flew!)! I only need to walk with "my 2 hands occupied" from the luggage collection point to the KLIA Express train station. The rest of the time, I can have full attention on Ern

Waiting to be board - I started to explain what she would expect when we get into the plane. The air pressure, sit belt, fasten sit belt sign, no running, etc.

Waiting for the plane to take off - she insisted she wanted to fasten her own seat belt. I bought lollipop for her. Didn't tell her what's the real reason (reduce her ear pressure) but just praise her she will be a good girl. When the plane was about to take off, she said "wow, that's very fast!"!! Throughout the flight journey, she didn't show any sign of fear but just keep on asking question! Luckily I downloaded few games for her to play to kill time. Otherwise, I don't know how much more questions she will ask as the questions can be repeated!

The first thing she said when we get off from the plane: Mummy! I like plane ride. Let's go back and sit some more!". She was so thrilled while we walked out to the arrival hall. And of course, I did find challenges to distract her from the TOY SHOP & CANDY SHOP during the walking journey! Our conversation at that short 10mins walks was none other than "Mummy, I want this!", "No, Ching Ern!", "Why no, Mummy"...haha

She happily pose for me!

We waited for <1 min before the next train arrived.

Ern was given a free ride on the train despite she has exceeded the age. I can't recall what was the reason given. Since it was free, mah take it loh!!!

My friend took us for dinner and we called it off a day.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Little Girl...

See how much our little girl has grown up:

1) Day 1 of birth

2) 1 Year Old

3) 2 Years Old

4) 3 Years Old

5) CURRENT at 3 years 9 months old