Monday, June 14, 2010

Whenever We Give Her A Present in Surprise...

This is what Ern will do...LOL

She will close her eyes & reach out both of hands, waiting for us to place the pressie on her hands.

We will see sparking eyes and "wow' from her everytime she opens the eyes...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

She Wrote This...

Kids surprised us everyday, don't you agree...

On 5/26/2010, Ern was scribbled on papers while I was attending on Sean. After then, she showed me this!!!

Actually, my brother already told me she was able to write the word "多" few weeks back. He even jokingly said it looked like a international bank's logo ( "Standard Chart")!!!

In this picture, she wrote the followings characters: 多, 少, 大,小,上,下,口

She wrote the complete alphabets and numbers:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Battles Begins...

The next day after we came back, Ern developed cough. I knew she is going to get it since I didn't bring medicine for her during the KL stay.

It started off with normal cough and she threw up middle of the nights for few nights. This is something normal for Ern. Whenever she is cough, she will SURE throw up 1+hr she dozed off. This is because her airway start to become narrow after the muscle relax.

Few nights of medication, her cough became better but whenever the throat get irritated, she will cough non stop and vomit mouthful!

1 week after of the usual 'drama cough', she threw up badly one of the nights right after dinner. Not only once but 4-5 times within 2 hours. After the last throw up, she was so weak and lembeh! Even 1-2 sips of water, it will come out 10mins later.

Hubb and I decided to send her to see PD as she still show sign of vomitting, the mouthful type. While waiting for PD to come, the nurse administered a anti-diarahhe suppository to stop it. PD gave it another day of monitor. If vomitting still continue, we will need to admit to drip her as she will be close to dyhrated by then.

The next morning, she was all ok but started to lose her appetite. Ate very little. Come late afternoon, the same vomit episod started all over again. This time, fever came in fast!

We took her home first because we need to pack our 'luggage' to 'check in'! While waiting for me to pack OUR (Ern & I) bags, she vomitted again. This time, we can see the greenish liquid and we know, she already empty her stomach.

Right after we get to the hospital, the emergency & accident called our PD and instruction been given to admit & drip Ern. PD won't be able to come in earlier as she was too far from hospital and she wasn't concern on Ern's condition. She spoke to hubb and promised to swing by later.

I was concern to let the nurse to perform the Intravenous Drip (IV) on Ern as she has the same problem like me - our vein is smaller than average people and our vain is way way below our upper skin layer. At the juncture, I was prepared to see they need to poke Ern twice to get the IV done as that's normally the case happened on my. Unless it is performed by a real experience person (I am talking about those > 40years old medical sound person), it's always at least 2 times for me!

The Staff nurse on duty did that for Ern. Prior bringing the little girl to the treatment room, I told her what will be done on her. I explained in brief the procedure and why she has to go through this.

Honestly, I thought she would scream and struggle. To my surprise, I hear NO SOUND at all outside of the room. Oh yeah, parents are not allow to observe as kids tend to struggle, so as the parents. After 5 mins, the nurse opened the door and said this to me - " Ching Ern was so brave. She didn't cry or 'eh" a sound (as in pain) at all. She was chatting with me!!"

At that moment, I was so proud of my girl!! Which mum wouldn't when they see their child achieve something in their growth milestone? :-)

30mins later after the glucose went into her body, Ern became the usual her. The energy is back. She cried twice during the drip days when she saw her own flood backflow into her hand. Not because it's painful but she got scared by herself!!

Fever still came in fiercely for the next 2 days at average of 38-38.5 degrees. PD started antibiotic on the 3rd day as she knew Ern's antibody is too weak to fight for by herself. We stayed for another a week to complete the antibiotic (course of 5 injections) plus nebulizer.

Did I ever mention, whenever Poh Poh is away on vacation, Ern will always fall sick and admitted. We always joke that Poh Poh can't leave Ern for too long as she is Ern's 'Guardian Angel"...

I heart this photo..Ern's expression is so funny and cute, check out her 'tweety' mouth!! LOL

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 4 Girls Outing - Heading Home

We lazed around at the house before we went for brunch with my friend and her parents at a famous Dim Sum place. I forgot the name of the Chinese restaurant but the dim sum was good.

Oh, something that I missed out earlier. Ern was down with fever a day before we flew off. I brought along her medication (liquid one) and totally forgot about the tablet. On the last day, she started to cough and running nose. My friend was teasing her : "Wow, you are clever hor! Only fall sick on the last day." Ern threw up all the dim sum that she ate at the restaurant after a few cough. The cough irritates her throat, I guess.

After brunch, we went to KL Central to catch our train & flight home. It was still early to head to KLIA as I did a online check in a day before. So, I had my daily Latte at Star*buck before catch the train.

Luckily we were there early. The direct train was converted into the multiple stops ride from Central-KLIA. Instead of the usual 28min ride, it become close to 40mins on the journey. Prior to that, we waited close to 30mins on the train before it started to move. Argh!

While waiting for the train to move, she played her games on my iPhone. At least something to keep her occupied!

Nonetheless, we were lucky enough to have a nice train operator to allow Ern to visit the train deck. Worth my waiting, at least! haha

We were the first to board the plane as she was the only small children at the time. The moment we get into the plane, Ern walked her way to the same row of seat when we flew in! She remembered that seat (first seat of econ class). Until I told her we need to sit somewhere else, then she started to ask me why we can't take that seat! I can't recall how i answered her but I knew she took it!

A short and simple trip. I bought nothing for myself but I know the happiness that I see on Ern's face and our bonding time - priceless!

Here's a happy photo of a happy girl + happy mum

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 3 Girls Outing - Zoo Negara

The last zoo trip (which was also her first to the zoo) that we took Ern was back in Oct 2008. I doubt she remembered anything as she never mention about that zoo!

We took our own sweet time before we headed to the zoo. We knew it won't be crowded, no school holiday nor public holiday. However, we did saw several kindy/primary school excursion students were there. By the time we were there, it was close to 11am!

To my surprise, Zoo Negara was well maintained way way above my expectation. It was not too bad overall for my experience. Well, nothing beats the joy and happiness that I see on Ern's face!

Psst, it was not only ERn's first visit to Zoo Negara, it was my first also (shame!).

Other than the usual tiger, lion, elephant, giraffe, there are few animals that catch Ern's attention. One of them is actually the Tapirus. She was so curious why the body has 2 colors and how come so many flies rest on his body! Well, I didn't know how to answer her at that time but just divert her attention!!

We spent close to 2hrs at the zoo. Almost visiting all the zoo except the reptile farm (or something like that). We even made it to the aquarium and a peak of penguin. Little that I know, penguin can really swim VERY VERY fast! I know they swim fast but i didn't know it was that fast!

Although the place is generally shady, we got tired easily as the sun was really shining on top of our head. Ern started to get restless and lost her interest of exploring the zoo. It was time to head home. We stopped by McD to grab a quick lunch for Ern.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Girls' Outing Day 2 - Suria KLCC

Right after KLCC Aquaria, we walked over (via the underground walkway) to Suria KLCC for lunch. It was at my all time favourite - Madam Kwan's! It was packed due to the lunch crowd and we waited for close to 30+mins before we get our table.

Good thing was, food serving was fast! Oh well, i had my Nasi Bojari, one of their signature dishes while I ordered Kids Pasta for Ern! Yummy! That's all that I could described!

We walked around Kinokuniya Bookstore while my friend went to Isetan to grab something. I took Ern to the kids corner, wanted to find her some books. My little ended up with a Princess Picture Puzzle book!

I brought her to Star*buck as she wanted to open the book to do her 'homework" (that's what she claimed!) while I also wanted my daily dose of Hot Latte! We were at there for ~ 1hr before we call it off a day!

On our way back, Ern slept on the car. Well, I have to say she took all her naps in the car!!!

Dinner was with my friend & her parents at one of the Chinese restaurant. We had the mini version of "Buddha Jumped Over the Wall" (佛跳墙) ! Delicious and we even need to 'ta pao" as we couldn't finish them!