Monday, July 12, 2010

Princess Party - Part 1

** Long Post - I want to take down what I did for Ern in her 4th birthday party!**

I have started planning Ern's 4th birthday party few months back. Well, I love planning on my personal thing!! *grin* I enjoy the entire planning process, from the thought process, research, to the actual day!

I didn't have to think at all on the birthday theme as my girl is in the "Princess" phase. I know throwing a Princess Theme party will never get me wrong! LOL

As the theme speak, I only get to invite girls over. Based on the age, I only invite those girls that are close to Ern's age, ie 3+ till 5 years old. As I don't intend to make it a big party like how I did it for her during her 1 year old party, the guess list came out to be 3 only!

After then, I started goo*gle on the theme decoration ideas, princess games, goodie bag, etc and the shopping spree begin. Fun & excited, i tell you during the shopping on the items! Aiyoh, princess related items are too cute not to buy.

I didn't tell Ern about the party until the day before! You know, I just don't want to disappoint her if for whatever reason, I need to cancel the party. She was so EXCITED and look forward for the party.

Oh ya, the party was held at home on 11th July 2010, Sunday afternoon. Party started at 10am!

On the day, I woke up at 5am and started to cook at 6am till 7+am. After then, decorated the house with balloons, put up the birthday banner and bunting. Nothing fancy actually but I managed to buy princess theme's banner & bunting. Oh, to be exact, I get EVERYTHING with a princess print on top! hehe

Outside of the house:

Living room:

When Ern woke up and get down to the living room, she was thrilled to see the decoration that I put up. My sweet girl even thanked me!! *sweet girl*

The little guess (together with their mummies) started to arrive at 9+am. The Games/Activities started the moment they stepped in the house!

Game/Activity # 1: Autograph & Tea

I used the jewelry box that daddy got for Ern and the small stool that I purchased from market and turned them into the 'autograph area". The girls were suppose to write their own name in each card like below with a princess pencil.

The girls: Yan, Wei Xuan & Ern as she wrote her name much earlier and I forgot to snap picture! *slap forehead*

Then, I placed them on the wall to turn it into their respective "dressing area"!!

Oh ya, the guest were greeted with a 'tea biscuit' too, in a princess wrapper! LOL

Game/Activity # 2: The Dress Up & Royal "Parade"

The girls were given a 'briefing' prior to the game. See, they were so focused listening to my instructions!! After I count "1,2,3", they ran to their 'dressing area" to check out the pink bag.

I got the girls a pink color bag, with a dress, tiara, ring & nail sticker in it! All the mummies (including myself) were having fun changing the girls into their Princess outfit. I tell you, it was as if we were in the backstage of a model contest!

After that, I put on light nail polish on their little toe! Then, the mummies put on the nail sticker to complete the dress up!

I have gotten the girls stand at their respective "dressing area" and asked them to close their eyes for a 'mystery gift' - a magic wand!! They really listened to the instruction and close their eyes tight!

When I told them they can open their eye to see (in 1,2,3 again), all 4 gave us the same reaction - WOW!!! See their mouth in the picture below. Love it!

Next it's the "Royal Parade" time...the girls were asked to walk and pose with their outfit & wand! The best "poser" walk away with a prize! Oh ya, I have prepared a BIG bag of goodies bag on the prize! See the girls in action.

Charlotte won the first prize as she posed very well! Actually, all the girls were 'rewarded' as I just don't want to make the other 3 disappointed! It's just that Charlotte can to take her prize first!

Finally, a group pictures of the girls.

Stay tuned for more updates on the party...:-)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ultra Man...Girls' Version

As the title speaks, Ern self declared she is Ultra Man...:-)

Ah, pose also pose wrongly as the hand is not completely right! LOL

Saturday, July 3, 2010


For quite a while, Ern had been requesting me to take her for a "Picnic with many food"! I don't know where she get the idea from but she has been consistently asking for picnic.

I procrastinated it for several weeks until the guilt's kicks in!!! :-) So, I planned the picnic day on Sunday (06/27/2010), having a venue in mind. I decided to bring the kids to the nearby park for 2 reasons - safety & convenience. The kids get to picnic and play at the playground, it's killing 2 birds in 1 stone. Why not??!!! :-)

On the day before, I told Ern about the plan but with a condition - no rain! She nodded her head okay, accepting the fact if it rains, we will call off the picnic plan.

So the next day, she woke up early as what I expected. Kids are kids huh!!! Happily finished her morning milk in the fastest time, changed and off we went.

That's the so called 'food' that I prepared for the picnic. To be exact, I didn't prepare anything but just buy from the market! *LOL* Other than all the nyonya kuih, I bought chee cheong fun for Ern as it's easy to eat. I just need to add soya sauce and it's ready to serve and eat! Easy work! Then I carried the pink rattan basket and tell my girl that's our 'picnic bag'!

Ern ate almost 90% of the chee cheong fan and I think she ate 1-2 pieces of the kuih! I let the kids (oh ya, Sean was with us also) run on the big green field, without need to worry whenever they fall!

After a good 5-10mins of running & chasing, Ern went to explore the playground. She love the 'tunnel' as it comes various sizes. She walked passed through every single one, from the 'S" size to the "XL" size...

The next stop was this swing. She has not gotten the guts to swing up high. So, I need to help a bit to push!

I spent a good 1+ hour at the park! The kids had fun, so the mummy is happy :-)

Friday, July 2, 2010


Ern is currently in the stage of liking to dress up for herself. It started off with skirt/dress that we bought for her. Then moved into the the Princess dress that Poh Poh bought for her and now ------> Hair & Body Accessory

The current hit is hairband & ring!!!

Anything that she can put on her hair, she will do it, esp hairband that is so easy for her to put on.

On the ring itself, she will wear 24X7 until her teachers teased her it is as if she is attending a fashion school!! She is not only wearing 1 but few on her little fingers.

On the hair accessory part, I need to be blamed because I couldn't resist not to buy when I saw them here! Okay, I saw lots of 'buy me, buy me" when I walked into the shop!! hahaha...

I admit, I bought a lot of hair accessories because they are too cute not to buy! So now, I will surely put on either clips or hairband on Ern whenever we go out. So eventually, she knows these will make her look prettier, I think!! LOL

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Interesting Conversation

My girl is growing so fast until I started to lost track of her growth milestone..thanks to FB, helping me to take down those funny conversation via my mobile almost within the day or two.

The things that she said that amaze/surprise me:

Conversation # 1:
Ern: Mum, Are you Kidding me?

Conversation # 2:
Ern: mummy, I am a Superhero...Superhero save the day!!"

Conversation # 3:
Ern: I'm going to (attend) wedding!
Me: Who is getting married,Ern?
Ern: Oh, she is my friend, Sarry!!"

Conversation # 4:
Ern: Mummy, I already delivered 2 babies!" (me in shocked!)
Me: Okay, where is your baby?
Ern: They are Sammi(point to her Tigger on the floor) & Smarty(soft toy dog)

Conversation # 5:
Me: Ern, Are you happy because mummy make your dreams come through? We watched movie yesterday and now picnic!"
Ern: Yes, Mummy! BUT... I still have 1 more wish. I want to turn into Princess wor!

Conversation # 6:
Ern: Mummy, I want to get married already!
Me: Where is your Prince?
Ern: Oh, He is sick today!!"

Conversation # 7:
While adding water & powder into her playdough...
Ern: Mum, I am busy doing potion! I am a witch!