Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Other Mean Of Capturing Kids Growth Milestone

I have decided to close this blog as I really can't find the time and mood to update. For those of you who are connected with me via Facebook, you can see Ern's progress there.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jewelry Person

Well, well, I have to admit we influenced her a lot when it comes to jewelry wearing as both Grandma and Mummy love wearing necklace.

So without surprise, we also bought her lots of these stuff. Over times, it has become a 'routine' that she will wear 3 things - hair band, bracelet and ring right from the moment she took her morning bath till she changed into her PJ.

See this picture, she was wearing 2 bracelet, ring and hairband.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Beach | Castle | Sand

It was very long time we didn't take the kids to the beach. Honestly, it was simply for one reason, we were skeptical of history repeat on Ern from her spiritual experience. You know, this is like a 'love and hate' thingy.

Well, I took the risk to bring Ern and Sean. Ern has started to chant and pray regularly after we sent her to Buddhism Sunday School since 2010 and I believe it has made her strong spiritually. Well, everything turned out well after the event!   *phew*

I brought along the sand playing tools (spade, mold, etc) and kids had real fun playing. We found a place with very good shades and it's just right behind a hotel. I chillax on the deck chairs, snapping photos on the kids while and kids played with sands and collect sea-shells.

Fun, that's for sure.

Back Again...

After a LONG hiatus, I am pushing myself to get back to blog again. Hopefully I see some progress before spider web build up again. *grin* I will be posting some photos took last year (shame on me!) and update from here.

Right after the Cameron trip, we were back to the usual daily routine. I tried to chip in 'excited' things whenever possible to the kids. Picnic is something kids love. They wanted more at the playground but considering weather,safety,caretakers at that moment, at times I got to 'convince' the kids to picnic at home.

This was how we ended up with. Well, kids happy, me happy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Family Vacation Trip

Finally, we took the kids for our FIRST ever family vacation - Cameron Highlands!

Kids survived through the journey as they slept 1/2 of the winding journey. Well, I actually 'timed and planned' it that way. Ideally it's for them to sleep all the way during the winding journey but didn't turn out 100%. Ok lah, 50% pun boleh jadi!

We booked a 2-rooms apartment with Equatorial Hotel. Until they renovate the place, I wouldn't recommend the place. It was quite run down. :-( Just right before we turned in to the hotel, we saw a strawberry farm. So we took the kids to experience strawberry plugging. We were taught not to pull the whole stem but pinch the stem halfway.

Ern had so much fun plugging until we bought 3 trays of strawberry. Then, we stopped at the cafe for strawberry ice stick. It taste good, actually!! I love it personally.

We went to one of the steamboat restaurant at Cangkat Cering for dinner. Nothing special, honestly. It's a nice weather to eat steamboat outside of our own house, you know without perspiring kinda meal.

It was very down pour when we had our dinner. So we took our own sweet time to enjoy our meal until the rains stopped. We proceeded to Pasar Malam but it started to drizzle. Only hubb went down to buy supper and snack.

We went back to our apartments. Took a rest before we called it off a night.

The next day, we had our breakfast at the hotel and wanted to stop by Boh Tea Plantation. The rains was playing "hide and seek' with us. When we were about to leave, it started to rain. So we get stranded at the lobby and i started to take silly pictures of the kids. I especially like this picture as it so naturally. Priceless!

After a good 1hr, we went back to the apartment, packed and checked out. It was still drizzling and we decided to drop Boh Tea visit. Instead, we wanted to take the kids for Chocolate Factory along the journey, at least it's indoor and hopping kids get to see how chocolate was made. Manatau, the production is on break when we were there. :-( Well, we still came back with few packets of strawberry chocolate..

We detour to Ipoh for famous Ngah Choi Hor Fun before heading home.

Short 2D1N trip, but kids love it every pieces.