Thursday, May 31, 2007

Separation Anxiety???

Ern is giving us mixed message and we are clueless if she has separation anxiety.

Scenario # 1:
Poh Poh was carrying Ern while we were in a shop. We didn't take the stroller along as we know it won't take long.

It was a hot afternoon and I parked the car quite far. So, I told Poh Poh to wait for me inside the shop (since it's air-conditioned) instead of walking back to the car. Also, I don't need to carry the item all the way back but just get the shop owner to help me to carry the box to the car.

The moment I turned and walked towards the door direction, Ern started to whine.

Scenario # 2:
Every evening, Poh Poh will help carry Ern and place her on the car seat. I can't carry her myself as my hand is full of bags (handbag, laptop bag and Ern's bag). Once we fastened her car seat's belt and asked her to wave buy buy, she will wave. At times, she waves happily by giving Poh Poh a sweet grin. Sometimes, she will whine and keep reaching her hand out to Poh Poh to carry her.

See, when we are in public, she looks for me. When we are home, she looks for Poh Poh.

Scenario # 3:
She will never whine or look for anyone of us when Ma Ma (MIL) is carrying her. She knows Ma Ma really play with her and pleased (pampered?) her needs.

Scenario # 4:
When Daddy is carrying her, especially night time, she will whine and whine. Sometimes, she even cry with big tears. She is looking for me or MIL. Sometimes, she will play with Daddy but still check on our 'existence'. At times, she will crawl away from Daddy and want us (MIL or me) to carry her.

Do you think she has separation anxiety?


I used this teddy bear* to teach Ern what is 'sayang' (love) as it is one of her favourite toys. It was a gift from Aunty Hooi Lim (Mummy's high school mate) when she visited Stockholm.

Mummy: Ern, look! Mummy sayang bear bear. (kiss the bear's nose)
Mummy: Ern Ern, sayang bear bear! (pass the bear to Ern)
Ern: (Bang her head on the bear)
Ern: (Pass the bear back to Mummy with a grin. This indicates she wants me to do the same thing all over again)

Normally, I will repeat for few times until I can see sign of boredom from her. After then, we have to play other things. Else, she will crawl away or look for other things.

So far, whenever we asked Ern to sayang us, she will bang her head on us. She doesn't know how to kiss us yet. We are still teaching us, hopefully soon she will know. :-)

* I was amazed to find out the bear actually has a name. It was writ en on a card with the content as below:

The name of the bear is Ellen/Evald (it falls under the Ebba's category)

Ebba is a typical Scandinavian baby bear. She needs a lot of love and tenderness, diaper changes when needed and long walks every evening. Remember that a teddy's first years are very important for the teddy's personality, therefore it is essential that you act as a good role model for her. If she should keep you awake all night, you can always get a baby rug.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Silent Conversation Between Daddy & Mummy...

Few weeks ago, there was a conversation between hubby and I while i was reading some blogs.

Me: Come, come, read this (pointing to my laptop)
Hubby: What's so interesting?? (but already start reading)
Me: Men can never understand how a women think (while hubby reading the blog)
Me: I think women also don't understand how a men think, at times.
Hubby: (look up and give me a 'agree' look.)
Me: I kena tag.
Hubby: And?
Me: I don't think you will let me write this, right?
Hubby: (He just give me the cunning expression of 'what do you think?")
Me: (returned with a "ok, i know!" expression)

Lights off after then.

Sleeping Posture

This photo was taken when Ern was 1-month-old. Very weird sleeping posture.

It freaked us out, I even took this photo and showed it to PD. Both PD and her nurse laughed but I was assured it's nothing wrong.

Until today, she still sleeps this way but not that extreme anymore. Just lift her head slightly up.

Monday, May 28, 2007


See my weird kiddo, likes to play things in a 'terbalik' manner.

Yes, she likes to turn things the other way round and play with it. Anything you give her, she will "terbalik' it!

Friday, May 25, 2007

My Way (世間路)

Kong Kong has been following this Taiwan's Hokkien drama called "My Way" (世間路) shown in NTV 7, Monday to Friday at 4pm. According to Poh Poh, it is just another typical 'Taiwan drama' that comes with many episodes and 'long winded & complicated' story line.

You may wonder why I want to blog about it?

Tada..that's because Ern likes to listen to the songs feature in this drama, the theme song and postlude (主题曲和片尾曲)! So much so until she will stop what she is doing, turn to the TV direction and glue on it until the song ends.

I never get the chance to see this funny moment as this drama is played during working hours and no replay like the usual Astro channels. Hopefully I still get to witness this myself before Ern get bored with the songs!

PS: Honestly, I don't find the songs nice. Don't know why my little kiddo likes it so much!

Theme song (主题曲) - 真心只爱你

Postlude (片尾曲) - 再会夜都市
Drama Story:

MY WAY is a story about family values. By gathering a great 3 generation of actors, the story talks very much about the connection among human beings, such as family, friendship, love etc, which are deeply touching and mesmerizing. Chen Mei Feng was nominated by the Golden Bell Awards for best actress in a TV series.

It is a long path down the journey of life, and as we look back a century ago seems just like yesterday. Between fame and wealth, love and passion, men are always torn in temptations. Only the ones who can look pass all vanity shall live the true meaning of life.



Source & Photo: NTV 7

Shower Time

Ern enjoys shower, I think most kids like to shower or rather playing the water, to be exact. :-)

When she started to know how to sit, that's it. Whoever that shower her, will be equally wet like her. She will splash (or hit?) the water using her palm the moment we put her in the bath tub. Non stop until we get her out!

So, we introduced the shower duck and this also lasted for few weeks only. Then the 'splashing' started again.

Now, the shower duck doesn't work anymore but this!!!

She knows when we are about done in showering her, she will stand up automatically. Holding onto the wall and 'piak piak' on it!!

Meaning of Ching Ern's Name

Got tagged by Evan's mummy about the meaning of Ching Ern's name.

I wrote about it when I started blogging last December. So, here goes the meaning behind Ching Ern.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cheng Cheng???

This is how Ern pay respect to Buddha. Whenever we say the word "cheng cheng", she will look up for the Buddha and move her hand.

Don't ask me why "cheng cheng" because Poh Poh taught her that. I did asked Poh Poh why but was told it's a 'kiddy' word. So, it's just like we say 'mum mum' for eating.

Obviously, she didn't get the act right, ie to put both palm together (双手合十). To me, it's more like paying respect to the Emperor during the Man Dynasty, the "Wong Seong Kat Chiong" thingy. LOL!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Stunt Girl!

When Ern started to crawl and cruise, she will climb that is within her 'capability'.
See below on the new stunt she did over the walker placed at the corner of the house.

1) First, stand on roller bar

2) Next, ready to climb up

3) OMG, she is trying to 'dive' into the seat!

If you look at picture # 1, i need to place my feet on the roller bar. Else, the walker moves easily. Of coz when I took this picture, we have someone beside watching and carry her right after I take the photo.

It's dangerous when we found out Ern knows how to climb on it. That's it, first time and also last time.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Give & Take

Ern started to understand what is "give" & "take". I know she doesn't know the real meaning but just thought mummy is playing game with her. Well, I think this is a good start before the real value (to share things) get to instil in her.

This is how the 'game' being played.

Mummy: "Mummy give Ern Ern!" (pass her the object, usually it's her toy)
Ern: She will grab the toy from mummy
Mummy: "Ern Ern give Mummy!" (place my palm face up in front of her)
Ern: She will try to put the toy near my hand and follow with a grin
Mummy: "Good girl!"
Ern: Waiting for Mummy to repeat :-)

While Daddy Was Away....

These were the photos taken while Daddy away on business trip whole of last was quite a while since the last time everyone took individual picture with Ern.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Why So Serious???

Guess why her face turned so serious??

She is not angry...
She is not confused over something.....
She is not throwing tantrum....
There is no stranger in the house whom she normally stare....
She is just doing her 'big business'...pushing hard!! hahaha

My Teeth!

Finally, I managed to take a photo of Ern's teeth, after many attempts. Have to admit taking photo on her is getting tougher and tougher these days. She MOVES a lot!

How do I get to take this? Well, I was munching something while carrying her. So, she used her finger trying to open my mouth as she wanna eat as well! LOL

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Date With Th'ng Tai Fong 我和鼎泰丰有个约会

After introduced House of Dumping aka Th'ng Tai Fong to Kong Kong, he fell in love with this place, especially the Xian Long Pao.

Ever since, Kong Kong will go back to have his dumpling regularly. To me, it taste 'so so' only, nothing spectacular. Maybe I have tried the Th'ng Tai Fong in Taiwan, so i only rate a 'so so'.

Last Friday, we went again. Ern has her share of pau (of coz without the filling) while also eating her own biscuit.

Then, Poh Poh showed us something she taught her just 1 day before - BANG HEAD! I like the photo when Ern played with Brandon (2nd photo). It looks so 'pure & innocent' on both kids. :-)

Favourite Spots While Crawling

Ern has 4 favourite spots to go when we put her crawling in Poh Poh's living room:

1) TV Cabinet
Maybe the height of the cabinet just 'ngam ngam' her current height to place her hand on top and get herself up. Moreover, they are many drawers for her to pull and bang. Yes, we are aware it's dangerous to pull the drawer as it will hit her badly. So, we will still let her 'pull' but we put our hand pressing against it. After a while, she get bored/tired and crawl to other spot. LOL

2) Underneath the dining table
All kids that come to Poh Poh's house love this place, dunno why! Once someone is tall enough, this dining table will become a 'swing'. Kids will hold the table, curl up their feet and start swinging. For now, Ern doesn't know how to swing but she loves to put her hand on the of the dining table. Yeah, she has the 'potential'.

3) Fridge
She will bang and bang and bang. :-(

4) Drawer attached to the dining table
Again, this is another "all kids' favourite spot" and the best thing is, only the 2nd drawer attract the kid's interest although there are 3 drawers together.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Get to Wear My Mummy's Blouse

Yes, I am NOT kidding. My Poh Poh kept these blouses for 30+ years!!

They were my mummy's blouses back then. Poh Poh didn't tell my mum until I was in my mummy's womb almost 7+ months.

I have outgrown them now as it's getting tighter on the tummy area. Yeah, yeah, my mummy is right. I have a BIG tummy...hahaha

She will be keeping them for my children. Hopeful another 30+ years from now, the blouse will not kaput or what. It will be sentimental if my child get to wear a 60+ year blouse from his/her grandma.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Passport Face

Ching Ern has first passport made when she was 3+ months old. Her first "international" trip was going to Yeh Yeh's (my FIL) house in Hadyai.

See the photo below. She was really chubby!!! Back then, i need to hold her neck in order to take the photo. That's why you can to see my hand. :-)

Time flies..

Sunday, May 13, 2007

1st Mother's Day Celebration + Ern is 10 months old

Today is a special day for me - 1st Mother's Day Celebration+ Ern turns 10 months old!!

No celebration on Mother's Day as Daddy was away on business trip. So Ern and I stayed over at Poh Poh's place. No celebration for Poh Poh as well as she had dinners to attend too. So,left only Kong Kong and Kau Foo accompanied us.

Quick updates on Ern:
- 1 teeth up on lower front teeth and see white spot next to it.
- Weight: Her weight went down a bit during dengue. Now at 8.6kg
- Height: 73cm
- Food: 2 solids + 3-4 times of 7oz milk. Her snack is fruits + bread/biscuit
- Nap: 3-4 times a day with the range from 15mins to 1 hour. To achieve 1 hour, we need to be at her side as she will open her eye almost every 20mins :-(
- Sleep: Go to lala-land around 9.30 - 10pm. Open her eye the next morning around 7.30 - 8am.
- Prefer to crawl than cruise now.
- Understands what is "kai kai" (outing) and "mum mum" (eating)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Who Loves Baby?

Ching Ern received this book from Aunty Fay (ex-colleague of mummy) all the way from Singapore. In fact, it was given before Ern was borned.

It's a baby friendly soft plastic photo book. Why I say baby friend because the edge of the book is round and the plastic material is very soft.

The objective of the book is to teach your baby to recognize family members or anyone you wish your baby to know. 90% of the time, Ern will bite this book (what else!) Occasionally, when we read out the names to her, she will show some interest by flipping the page.

I guess we need to wait for a while before she can really flip the book and point to us. Let's see.

Watching Cartoon

I believe most kids like to watch cartoon but not Ching Ern. I don't know if this is something good or bad.

Ya, she will sit quietly and watch the screen.

While watching, not forgetting biting her photo book.

2 minutes later, the 'bum bum' cannot sit still. Start moving

The nearest is the TV cabinet. So, she stand by holding the edge to support her balancing while the other hand is trying to grab something on the cabinet.

Not tall enough, tip toe some more!!

So now, whenever we placed her on the floor, we need to keep an eye on her. She started to hit here and hit there while cruising.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ern & Mula

I blogged about how havoc when we gave Ern the Mula to play.

Other than biting the rail, she also tried to pull the rail real hard. It's like using all her energy to pull!

Can you imagine she was pulling the rail until she lost her balance?

Luckily the wooden platform didn't hit her leg. Else, it would surely bring blue black to Ern. rough girl!

Fabric Books

I bought 2 fabric books for Ern online.

1) Lullaby and Goodnight

2) Right At Home

I have to admit i got carried away when I first saw it and as usual, finding 'good excuses' to convince myself this is something "good and useful" for Ern to learn. LOL!!

For now, I simply create a storyline and demonstrate the act when I flip the book to Ern. For example, I will open the fridge and take out the milk to feed the bear while talking. Or put the fish inside the fish tank.

It's kinda fun as it reminded my childhood day of playing 'mamasak'. Obviously, Ern doesn't know what is what, except grabbing the animal (those that will not choke her) from me and BITE. Yes, she bites everything now! She does show some interest though. At least she will sit quietly in between my leg, listen to the mummy talk 'nonsense" and babble along the way.

PS: I bought the book at RM38 each. I bought 4 together as Joshua's mummy also buy the same 2 books. I happened to see a baby shop down town, selling at RM46.90 each! Oh, btw, check out the "Clear Stock Corner" from the web, it has many good deal!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Counting 1,2,3...

We have been teaching Ern counting 1,2,3 in our daily routine.

We will count when we:

1) Walking up/down the staircase - i count 1-10 for 2 times. Actually, the steps in our house don't have 20 steps, i just make up the number. I will make sure I count till 10 when we reach the middle platform and jump once. Ern will grin whenever I do that.

2) Lift/carry her up from the bed/car seat - this one, we only count 1-3 to give her an 'indication' so that she can put in energy to get up as well. When she was 3+months, we used this method to lift her body up from sleeping position (by holding her hands).

3) Place the Ikea's Mula Bead Rollercoaster in front of her. This one havoc!! Instead of moving the bead or let us count, she will move away our hands and EAT the 'pathway' (sorry, don't know what is it call, but it's the string that move the bead). I will write a post separately about it.

Throwing Tantrum

Sigh...Ern knows how to throw tantrum if we take away things from her now :-(
Obviously, the whine is FAKE one. Once you give back her thing, she will stop and even smile (at times) to you immediately. It's like her secret 'weapon".

If we don't give her back like 5 minutes, she will cry. Real cry with tears out.

I can imagine the day to come when she does that in public, over a toy or something.

Is this part of parenting "package"???

Monday, May 7, 2007

Waving Bye Bye

Yay, Ern knows how to wave bye bye after Poh Poh taught (by showing) her for few weeks.

A Normal Weekend

A "normal weekend" for Ern means:

While waiting for daddy from his badminton game, we will be at Poh Poh's place for the usual "eat, sleep, play" routine.

By evening, it will follow by a dinner + shopping at one of the malls.

At least one outing in the mall or car ride. The rest of the day is staying at home and we entertain her.

Smile that Melt Your Heart

This is how Ern laugh now - "open mouth" type. No more "cunning" type. :-)

A simple monkey face, tickle, dancing or peek-a-book will make her laugh. It was so loud at times, we can even hear from the next room.

It just melt our hearts. I am sure the smile/laughter from your child will melt your heart as well.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Play Mat - Part 2

After i blogged about this play mat, all the mummies shared their experience when they first introduced the mat to their kids:
1) Baby will chew/Bite
2) Or tear
3) Not so hygiene - people step on it
4) Troublesome - need to rearrange

Ern is no different. Trying to take out and chew. I have removed it and keep inside the drawer now. :-( See below video clip and you will know.

A Visit to Aquarium

Hooray, both my mummy and daddy didn't work on 1st May, over a what "labour day" celebration. Anyway, when they "no work", means i can go kai kai.

My mummy dressed me in this dress for 2 reasons:
1) She took me to Chou Tian Yang Aquarium to see fish. So, she said blue color matches well wor. *slap head*
2) If I don't wear it, i doubt I can fit in anymore in months time. Now, ngam ngam my size.

Too bad the aquarium doesn't allow camera. Mummy was so disappointed and kept the camera inside her bag. But hor, I saw one uncle took photo with his family. Not fair!

The aquarium has many type of fishes, from small to big, cheap to expensive, dark to colorful, etc. However, I don't really fancy them because i am a faithful fan of Nemo. Yeah, it's the same fish my mummy always showed me at Dr Hwang's clinic.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Baby Gate

Ever since Ern started to turn at 3+ months, we bought this baby gate. Maybe a bit "kiasu" but we just don't know if Ern will turn and turn from the matress inside the room ( see the purple mattress on the floor).

Now, it has to be locked if Ern is taking her nap unsupervised. I mean, we need to walk away from the room to do something else.

Well, when she is awake, this is her new favourite spot. She just love climbing!