Monday, March 23, 2009

Protective Che Che

Yes, Ern is very protective over her Sean.

If there are strangers come to see her didi, she would run to them and say "shh", the sign of being quiet. She doesn't mean to ask you to lower down the voice but that's her way of telling people "don't play play with my didi". However, if someone she knows talk/look at her didi, she is ok with it.

When Sean cries:
1) Ern will find and take the pacifier to sooth him. She would 'hold' the pacifier for a while until Sean really suckle on it

2) If pacifier doesn't work on Sean, she would say "Didi, cannot cry". (at times,she get mix up over "Cannot" vs "don't want")
3) If the above 2 didn't work, she would run to us and tell us "didi is crying".

Well, that's something I am very happy with and proud of because it tells us how much she loves and cares about her didi :- )

PS: Oh ya, Ern loves to place her head over Sean, a sign of love from a sister to a brother

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Are They Alike??

Some friends said Ern and Sean looked alike. What do you think?



PS: Both photos were taken during their full moon and slept on the same bouncer. :-)

Monday, March 9, 2009

My 2 Beautiful Children

Ern cried before we took this picture because she insisted to hold the camera to take picture. After ‘negotiation”, she agreed (unwilling a bit still) to let Poh Poh take this picture! So, you can see tears on her eyes.

Ern adores her brother so far, which is something very happy to see. She likes to put her face near Sean and let Sean stroked her face. She will say “ Didi touch my face”. When she gets back from her play school, she would run to the room, stand beside the playpen and talked to her didi.

When Sean is crying, she would comfort him by saying “don’t cry, didi” and touch his head. We have taught her in such a way that she needs to be gentle in touching her didi. So far she has been very gentle in touching her didi but we still watch over her very carefully.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Quality Time With Ern

I know the time spent with Ern will reduce tremendously with Sean’s arrival, especially when I need to breastfeed him exclusively. The feeding, pumping and washing take up easily 1+ hour.

So whenever possible, I get Poh Poh’s help to feed Sean via bottle during Ern’s afternoon nap time so that I can tuck her while also catching my sleep.

Every evening, I spend 1+ hour with Ern in coloring, tracing and other drawing activities that I printed out from the web. She loved it so much that she reminded me everyday right after her evening bath. She doesn’t know time yet but she knows after evening bath means ‘it’s drawing + crayon” time.

For the past 3 weeks, I have seen great improvement in her coloring and tracing skills. Although still out of line, it has far better than her earlier coloring skill. Obviously the improved motoring skill came from school and home practices.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Teacher Khoo...

Ever since we started Ern on playschool, we noticed she learn to speak and act like a teacher. Hence, we can always see her wanted to teach.

With Sean's arrival, it is just the right timing for her! See, she is using the flash card to teach her didi. I tell you, she really enjoyed doing so!

Phew, hopefully next time I can count on her to teach her didi in his school work.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Brother - Ching Sean

Finally, my brother has a name - Ching Sean.

You can hop over to his blog to read more about his story. Mummy has created the blog way before he was born.

Happy Reading!

You may also find the link on the top right panel of this blog.

Sibling Love

Ever since Didi was born, I need to admit Ern react way better that we expect. She didn't show much jealousy but love her didi very much. Infect, she is able to tell people didi belongs to her and no one can take away from her!

Prior giving birth to the brother, I have prepared Ern that she is going to be a Che Che (sister) soon.

At the beginning, when I told her she is going to be a "Big Che Che", she confused the "BIG" as "BEAT" (slap forehead!). So whenever we said "big che che", she will repeat after us as "beat che che" and raise up her 'beating' hand sign. Because of that, I changed to "Good Che Che" so that she won't confused again and really beat her didi up! Well, only towards to the end of my 3rd trimester, she started to understand the real meaning of big and ever since, she kept on saying she is a "Big Che Che".

When I did my laundry on baby, I got her involved. When I did my shopping, I got her involved too. Infect, I even told her the pacifier that we got for Didi, it's the present she is going to give to Didi. She was very happy about giving that pacifier to her didi. Whenever possible, I will remind her when didi is out from mummy's tummy, she will help me to take diaper, milk bottle, pacifier to didi from our nightly story telling session.

Now that we are back home, she wanted to involve everything we do, like feeding her didi (holding the bottle), burp her did (we let her pat on the didi by close monitoring on her palm strength), change diaper ( take new one for us), touch her didi from head to toe and even remember to say bye bye to didi every night before she follows daddy back home.

She loves the way when we placed didi's face against her face and having didi to stroke her face. You can see from her facial expression that she enjoyed that moment. When we placed didi on the bed for a change, she would automatically jump up to the bed and place her head against her didi.

As Ern is having mild flu and cough, we were asked by PD not to let her kiss the brother so that he can be free from the virus spread. We were very careful and tactful in handling this situation. While we want Ern to feel 'secured', we also want to avoid spreading the virus to the didi.

Ern, when you are old enough to read this. Daddy and Mummy are very proud of you. We can surely count on you to take care of your didi when you grow up! :-)