Sunday, August 31, 2008

Presenting Miss Saigon...

The Malaysia version...:-)

Daddy got Ern a Vietnamese costume during his recent Vietnam business trip. It just fit her nicely for now and we reckon Ern can only fit on it for another 1-2 months only.

Nevermind,daddy will be in Vietname very often due to his new assignment. Wonder if Daddy can bring us some Phur home...LOL

Scrap credit:
Quickpage by Anita Quilts

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wooden Frame - # 5

Have not been doing scrapping (both digital & paper) lately. No mood... :-(

This is the 4th Ikea wooden frame I did...I just realized I have another 7 wooden frames to scrap...hoo hoo...

A close-up view on the wording.

My 1st wooden frame - here
2nd - 4th frame - here

Friday, August 29, 2008

More Expressive!!

Ern must have observed what we (the adults) been talking...lately she surprised us with few expressive words like..

1) "Oh no,Mummy!!"
2) "Oh yes, good!" (when she ate delicious food)
3) "Yumnmy, yummy!" (and raise both her thumbs up!)
4) "Big bike, (drive) VERY FAST!" (a annoying loud motorbike passed by our house one day)
5) "Bless you!" (whenever we sneeze)

There are more but i can only recall this few special one...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Half Hanging

When I entered into the room to check on the Khoo's one of the early Sundays morning, I found my Small Khoo slept on our bed like the picture above.

Couldn't resist to snap picture as I find it so funny. It is as if our bed is like her bolster, with her right leg still supporting her weight from her own mattress.

When I checked with Big Khoo later of the day, he said Ern climbed up and down few times, with her eye half opened before she dozed off again in this manner.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


When Ern is hungry, she keeps on bugging you to feed her if we are slow in feeding her. The "Mummy, arm arm" (arm means eat in the baby language) will continue until she is almost full, then it stops. If we continue to feed, she still eat. However, we get to see a lot of 'nonsense' coming out from her, like sitting with her leg up on the tray of her high chair, turned her body backward and play peek-a-boo with us, etc.

Just last Sunday, she started all these nonsense again and she was stuck with one of her at the front while the other on the side. She can't curl her leg up and move around freely. So, we laughed at her and told her this : "Haha, Ern. You are stuck!"

She learn the meaning of stuck as we left her sitting in that position for 10mins until she whined. Right in that evening, she jumped onto our bed after we changed her into her PJ, put both her legs into our pillow and told us this : "Shark"!

PS: She pronounced stuck as shark!

Scrap credit:
Frame: Danielle Engebretson
The rest: Anita Quilts

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh My...

We got Ern lots of these stickers, the cheapo one from the market at RM0.80 - RM1 each.

We started to teach her to stick them on a note book. She followed.

Then, she explored the story book, which is ok for us still.

But lately, she found it's more interesting to stick on our legs!!!

She would stick on our leg, take the sticker out, stick back again...repeat couple of times until the glue of the sticker is worn off....but one good thing about this repeat process, it can easily keep her occupy for like good 30mins or so.

We find the RM0.80 'investment' worth as it gives us 30mins of stress-free of running around the house chasing after an active toddler, not to do this or touch that! LOL

Monday, August 25, 2008

Chinese Gasing

Kong Kong recently bought a new toy for Ern during his recent China trip - a Chinese Gasing/Top. It's wooden made as you can tell it's not light to carry for a toddler. It comes with a plastic "spinner" to spin off the Top (via twisting)

What's attract Ern is the lighting when it is spin on the ground. It has like 3-4 colors, as if we are in disco. LOL On the first turn, Ern freaked out! Haha...She must have thought "what is this?"!!!! After Kong Kong showed her the light and stand near to the spin to allow the light to shine on the leg, she sort of reckon 'oh, it's safe' and accepted this toy.

Whenever she wants the spin, she tells us " Mummy, chuan chuan chuan" (chuan in Mandarin means spin).

Here's a video clip of Ern standing close to the top.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


These are the 5 mascot for Beijing 2008 Olympic - Fuwa. They are 4 of China's most popular animals - Fish, Panda, Tibetan Antelope, Swallow & the Olympic Flame.

I like the name of these Mascot as there are underlying meanings behind each name. Each of this Fuwa has a rhyming two-syllable name, a traditional way of expressing names for Children in China. When you put their names together -- Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni, they meant "Welcome to Beijing".

Prior to the opening of the Beijing Olympic, Poh Poh had been buying Fuwa stickers for Ern(the cheapo one from market). Infect, Poh Poh even taught Ern the name Fuwa. So when the Games started, every time we turned on the TV with the mascot shown, Ern will point and shout out loud - "FUWA"!!!!

Because the family members like sports so much, our little girl get little chance to see her usual cartoon. Of coz she complaint and keep saying "Mummy, see cartoon!" but we didn't give in.

Sorry Ern. the Olympic games only happen once every 4 years. So we have to forgo your cartoon for now....

Picture & Information Source: Here

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I don't know if I should laugh and get angry with my tell me..

Ern: *Took something that is not suppose to*
Mummy: No, Ern. You cannot take it. Put it back
Ern: *Still take, of coz!*
Mummy: *Ran to her and grab it away from her*
Ern: *Throw tantrum by crying and throw her toy (whichever that is near to her) on the floor*
Mummy: You cannot throw your toy, go pick it up!
Ern: *walk to the toy, pick it up and throw AGAIN!*
Mummy: Fine, you don't want your toy right? Mummy throw in the dustbin! *walk to the toy and really throw inside the dustbin*
Ern: *Whine and cry even louder*
Mummy: What must you say to Mummy? *Show angry face to Ern*
Ern: Soli, Mummy *walk up and hug me*
Mummy: Next time no more throwing,ok?
Ern: Ok *still hug me real tight*

3 seconds after with tears still flowing down on her cheek, this is what Ern did to me...

Ern: Mummy, tickle, tickle, tickle (tickle on my hand and giggle)
Mummy: *Stunt!*

Gosh, my girl knows how to turn the tense situation by playing the tickle game with me, hoping I won't mad at her and continue to love her...

Now, you tell me should I laugh or what.....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Girl Version of Bob

Ern loves the cartoon of "Bob The Build*er". We also don't know why she loves that!

Everytime when she requested us to turn on the TV, she would bring us the Astro & TV remote controls and said " Mummy, open..(watch) cartoon". When we asked her back what cartoon she wants to watch, the first that come into her mind is Bob.

Few nights ago, while I was changing her into her PJ, she saw a little hole on our blanket.

Ern: Mummy, hole *pointing at it*
Mummy: Oh is it? Ya loh.
Ern: Fixed it!
Mummy: Who fixed it?
Ern: Bob
Mummy: Are you sure?
Ern: *think for a while* Ern!!

Just yesterday night, another 'episode' of Bob came into our conversation. I was teaching her about counting by pointing to the object. She is able to recite 1-10 but still not there to count accurately. While we were on this Number 8 page:

Mummy: Count how many cracked eggs
Ern: Egg 破了! (broken in Mandarin)
Mummy: Ya loh, cracked egg
Ern: Fixed it
Mummy: Who fixed it?
Ern: Bob
Mummy: Are you sure?
Ern: Yes, Bob!
Mummy: *speechless*

Monday, August 4, 2008

When You Ask Her To Smile...

This is what Ern showed us. Look so 'fake & tense', right??!! LOL

Tried to capture some nice shots on Ern but can't really get good one with her smiling. In the end, I asked her to pose this for me. At least better than the top photo. At least look a bit 'lui yan" (feminine) haha