Monday, October 26, 2009

My Friend Walter

{ This is NOT a paid post }

No...Walter is not Ern's school mates but it's a audio speaker that comes with this series of books. It was a surprise gift not only for Ching Ern, also for me as well.

When Daddy first told me his purchase and the price, the first question that I asked him was this: "The salesperson is a leng lui and you kena con kah??" LOL

Putting aside the price, they are indeed very very useful books. More like children encyclopedia, if I look at it. Even now that I am going through the book with Ern, I am learning at the same time, more in explaining the knowledge in simple terms to our child. For example:

- Why our nails is hard when it is part of our skin?
- Why do our legs go to sleep after sitting in the same position for long time?

Each topic comes with children friendly pictorial explanation and by pointing at the dots, Walter will explained in details as thousands of files being embedded into the books.

Ern likes it very much! That's really worth the investment!

You can find the website (picture source) here

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Toy Fighting

This is the rare occasion to see, when my 2 kids play on their own! Most of the time (9.5 times out of 10), Sean will crawl to his Che Che to fight for the same toy. The next thing we hear would be:

"Mummy, Di Di grab my book"

"Daddy, Di Di crawl to my body!"

Ern has no problem to share her toys if we ask her to share. Of course, she will usually say no in the beginning but after we tell her so, she would share.


Her brother, Sean is on the opposite side. Whatever we gave him, he hardly wants it but he wants whatever his sister is 7+ months-old.

Daddy and I already 'mentally prepare' the fighting and screaming from both kids when Sean is able to walk and talk!

Well, this is part of the 'package' of parenting! :-)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

For The First Time...

Ern misbehave outside of the house!! Our definition of 'misbehave' is something that we as her parents can't tolerant!

We were attending the birthday party of Kelvin & Kaitlyn at their house. Everything was all ok and kids were happily playing. After cake cutting, somehow Ern wanted to eat the cake by herself. Under normal circumstance, we would let her eat. As it was near to Sean's sleeping hour, we were in a rush to get back home. Hence, Daddy told Ern that he will feed.

Daddy hit to the 'right button' of Ern, in getting into her 'nerves' (I think). She started to throw tantrum, kept saying "no" and even walked away. Even we tried to talk nicely to her (knowing she was misbehave), she didn't buy in.

After like 3-4 times of 'sweet talk', our little STILL didn't buy in and kept saying "no" in her angry tone, Daddy and I lost our patience on her. We didn't score her but just told her "fine, we are going home now!".


The crying drama started after she heard the 'going home'!! Cried so loud until Daddy has to bring her to the back of the kitchen. After round 1 of 'sweet time', she stopped! Mana tau, cry again later until VOMIT!

Even after vomit, she was still in her stubborn and angry mood. In the end, we decided to go home while the little girl still showing her 'big pau' face to everyone!!

While we were in the car, Ern knew she was wrong and trying to apologize by calling our names. She didn't say the word 'sorry' but trying to divert our attention to something else and though we can forget about it. To her dismay, daddy and I didn't response to her at all. Then, she kept quiet until we reached home and made her milk (since she threw up).

While she was drinking her milk, Daddy and I were in conversation to sync up what's the best way to correct her behaviour. In the end, I asked Daddy to be the 'bad person' and I just stay quiet. We agreed not to have any 'good guy' so that the message can really deliver to her.

Right after her milk, Daddy started to question her in a VERY fierce and loud tone. She admitted all her acts were wrong and promise not to repeat. She wanted in burst into tears but daddy stopped her. She hold on not to cry (but tears falling down from her red watery eyes) when she apologize to us, knowing that if she cry, things are just going to get worst.

Daddy really did a good job in 'lecturing' our girl. He spoke with the right tone as message really sent across. When Daddy was busy setting up her bed, I asked her what had happened:

Mummy: Do you know why Daddy angry?
Ern: Yes, because I cry.
Mummy: Why you cry?
Ern: Because I make Daddy angry
Mummy: Why Daddy angry?
Ern: Because i no eat cake.
Mummy: Do you know why Daddy say no 'self' (self feeding)?
Ern: Because I will spill the cake, dirty Aunty's house...Aunty angry and mummy has to clean the house. Then...Ern Ern cannot come back home.
Mummy: Next time be good girl, ok?
Ern: YES! (nodd her head few times)

PS: Sorry to Aunty Joanne. Dirty your place and some more have to use your name to 'cross the bridge" in discipline my girl! haha

Thursday, October 1, 2009

H is for??

Just last Sunday morning, I was doing an English exercise worksheet with Ern while Sean taking his morning nap.

We started from alphabet "A" and as we moved to letter "H", below were our conversation:

Mummy: Ern, tell Mummy, H is for?
Ern: H is for H-E-L-A-N-G!! (She said that without much thinking)
Mummy: *paused for a while as I was blank in answering her!*
Mummy: Correct, Ern! H is also for Hammer!

That's why you see 2 circles on the row of H.

PS: After I looked at this photo, I just realize the answer for "G" is wrong. The correct answer should be the 2nd object (ie Ginger) instead of the 3rd one (deer). I think I must be overlooked the deer as "GOAT"!! *shame*