Monday, July 27, 2009

How We Keep Her Busy

During weekend???

1) Coloring

We do this few rounds with her - on water color, crayon & color pencil

2) Art Craft
I just simply draw a picture, tear out magazine paper into small pieces and asked her to stick on it. Also, I let her touch on glue because to certain extend, she has minor cleanliness obsession. :-)

3) Swimming

I got her a pool during her 3rd birthday. She was so thrilled about it. Now that our weather is so hot, this is definitely a good idea to cool herself off. (also an exercise to ask Daddy to water the plant after then)

4) Paper Folding

Daddy taught her to fold aeroplane while I taught her on paper fan. She has yet to master to fold the aeroplane and as for the fan, you just get to see a uneven shape of fan!! :-)

4) Reading
I have started the Ladybird's Peter & Jane series. So far, she has completed 2 books within 3 weeks period. Consider not bad since I don't do it daily with her.

5) Phonics
My friend got her a Leap Frog Fridge Phonics magnet set. Since her school taught her phonics (via singing), I let the toy teach her while I am doing the laundry. Multi-task, you may call it! LOL

6) Flash Card
I bought cheap English flash card from Tes*co and I teach both kids. Ern is looking at the words while her didi, Sean is looking at the picture (he sits on my lap). So 1 effort, I get to teach both!! She is able to recognized a lot of the fruit names and I am starting on the transportation.

Also, I also did the Mandarin card with her too. To my surprise, she knew some of the complicated word like 明 (clear), 丽 (beautiful), 拍 (pat), 球 (ball) which she learnt from school.

7) TV
She loves her TV. Her current favourite are Animal Mechanical & OSO from Channel 613.

Sound a lot?? No..because each session only lasted for like 15mins only (except TV & pool session). Her concentration span is still short.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Why" Phase...

Finally, the 'why' phase has arrived, just 1+ month before Ern turned 3. Actually, I anticipated it to come much earlier.

Like any other kid, whatever you answered, there is a 'why' question coming right after it. So far, the record of 'why' questions was 5 times in a go. After then, she was convinced on my answer and settled with it. LOL

I wonder how long this will last...

Scrap credit:
Quickpage by KHALB

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spice Market

[ Back-dated Post ]

After the Penang Hill outing, Ern and Yan met again at Spice Market Cafe @ Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa.

Well, it was more for the mothers to meet and makan, rathan then for the little girls to meet!!! We went for the "buy 1 free 1" promotion.

Good food, good catch up for the mothers. And of course, the little girls enjoyed each other company too. See proof below, they even shared their coloring/exercise book!

Ern was doing Yan's exercise book! :-)

PS: free low of lollipop. That's why you see both girls had 3 in their hand.

Monday, July 20, 2009

On An Ordinary Day...

I just love the color of the brings out the effect that I want although photos were taken using my cheapo camera...haha...

Daddy and his Princess:

Ern and I:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

1st Half School Assessment

It has been 8+ months that Ern started school. She didn't cry on Day 1 but the drama of 'cry + no school' happened 3 months after that, just 1 month before I delivered Sean. It was due to sibling jealousy and attention seeking.

The school organized a Teacher-Parenting session 2 weeks ago, to enable the parents to know how their children behave and learning development. I went alone to meet her teacher while leaving both children to Daddy. It was early slot they scheduled for me - 8.50am!

The moment I looked at her report card, I was happy with her progress because it was really what I expected. She didn't score any A but mostly B and C (The grading: A = Good Performance ; B = Average and C = Need More Improvement). I don't expect her to be able to master everything well. After all, my intention of sending her to school is to learn and have fun, especially at this age.

The comments that I get from her teachers:

- She showed the most interest in maths & coloring. She won't run around during this 2 lessons.

- She "dreamed" (her teacher used the term short concentration span) in class, especially on the lessons she has less interest.

- She needs improvement in her reading skill in all 3 languages - Mandarin, English & BM

- She doesn't like to write (i know this very well).

- She can't write the number and alphabet but can trace them very well.

- She is able to recognized numbers (1-10) and alphabet (upper and lower case)

- She hardly sing and dance but just sit down and watch their friends (guess she enjoyed to be audience than being a performer. LOL)

- She is playful and talkative in class.

- Her sensorial skill need improvement. She can't stag the ring or arrange things in the right manner (from big to small or tall to short).

I know right after she starts primary school, no more fun in school but just homework and exam. So, better let her enjoy now! hahaha...

Some of her work in school:

Friday, July 17, 2009

On Her Actual Birthday...

We celebrated at the school, together with her friends.

A day before that, I have prepared the goodies bags for her classmates (11 of them, including Ern) Nothing fancy but a small packet of Milo, Rockey biscuit, raisin, kit-kat and lollipop (i got this free)! I put them in the transparent box and tie with a violet color ribbon. I find this simple and nice. What's more, the mummies can re-use the container.

Coincidentally, there is another 4yo girl had the same birthday as Ern. So, both celebrated together.

The children is like a pro, they know what needs to be done. None of them run up to the table, trying to blow the candle or cut the cake. They just sit down, sing the birthday song real loud and clapped while singing. Then, all of them waited patiently for the teachers to give them a piece of cake as their morning snack. It's really well discipline and sometimes, we (parents) need to salute the teachers how they trained the kids.

I guess they have done it many times. Most children celebrated birthday in school because I often see Ern brought her goodie bags. Almost once every month!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Few Days Before Ern's Actual Birthday...

We had a GOOD dinner at the Chinese restaurant at Red Rock Hotel. We invited Sean's babysitter + family, My godfather and Brendon (the boy that my mum used to babysit when he was a bb but he is 11 years old now).

We ordered 8 course dinner since we have such a big group and all of us enjoyed the food every much. Ern took most of the dishes but what make her happy is her Bar*bie Doll cake.

A week prior to the dinner, we brought her to the cake house. Dear, she chose a bigger cake that will cost me RM150 (it's very nice actually). Luckily, I managed to coax her to settle with this Bar*bie Doll cake that cost me RM70.

The moment we presented her cake, I tell you, she was so thrilled and she smiled like from ear to ear!

She happily sang along on the birthday song and she blow the candles by herself this time. Last year, daddy has to help her a bit! Big girl liao, had enough energy to blow. haha

She finished 2 slices of cake and asked for more. We proceed back home since it was a weekday and she had school the next day.

Simple dinner but everyone is happy. The adults enjoyed the food while Ern enjoyed the celebration and her cake!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to Ching Ern! She turns 3 years old today!

Time flies, it is as if yesterday we were celebrating her 1st birthday and 2-years-old birthday.
I am sure "soon" I will blog about her 4 years old birthday. *grin*

We celebrated twice for her this year, one with the family members and the other one at school.

Her 1st birthday cake, a 3D Bar*bie Doll. It was family members dinner and we did it last Wed before Daddy fly off for his overseas trip.

Her 2nd birthday cake, a Strawberry Short*cake, which we celebrated at the school this morning together with her friends. Actually, the design is a bit out as the face looked more like a witch (esp the eye) than the cartoon character. Luckily, the cake taste GOOD.

Stay tuned. More details of the both events coming up.

PS: This is primary for Daddy to see.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Father & Daughter Moment

When I asked hubb to pose for me, he gave me the "want meh?" + eye open wide look.

I insisted him bring the children to stand in front of a yellow wall for me to snap pictures because I know the effect would be nice.

See, daddy. Isn't it sweet? At least I thought so.

Check out Sean's blog for "Daddy & Son Moment" too. :-)

Scrap credit:
Paper & frame: Digitreat
Doodle: Jenna Desai

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What A Monday...

It's common to see your kids doze off in the car, right? OK, same for Ern.

Well, my little girl not only sleep in the car, she slept in her class, halfway through the lesson! It happened yesterday at 10am+, her school principal called me.

Miss J: Hi WS, do you want to ask your mum to pick up Ching Ern?
Me: * suddenly go into kan chiong mode* Why?
Miss J: Because Ching Ern fell asleep just now. *she laughed*
Me: * I cannot stop laughing*
Miss J: Did she sleep late last night?
Me: Yeah
Me: So now she is awake or still sleeping?
Miss J: We woke her up already.
Me: Then never mind. Leave her until her usual pick up time

She slept late on the night before, because she insisted want to sleep with MIL. Although lights were off by 10.30pm, we got to hear both of them sembang kuat don't know till what time.

After then, Poh Poh picked her up from school and went home. Gave her snack, including a chewy gum without realizing it! My little girl also makan and swallow the gum. Yes, it's gum!

The story was this. Poh Poh saw a bar of sweet in KL over the weekend, which was very similar to the one she bought from Japan. So, she happily purchased 3 bars. Luckily, Poh Poh gave Ern half of the gum (like 1cm X 1cm wide).

It wasn't really Poh Poh's faulty. Since it's imported from Japan, no Mandarin but only Japanese and English words on the wrappers. Poh Poh can't read English.

After Poh Poh chewed, only realized it's gum. By the time she asked Ern to spilt it out, it was too late. Ern already swallow it down!

Poh Poh was SO guilty and worried. Couldn't slept last night until I told her it's common and our stomach asic is able to dissolve it.

What a day...

Monday, July 6, 2009


I have been scrapping on Ern (also started on Sean) whenever I have the time, be it day, night or wee hour. I find 'sense of achievement' whenever I completed one, although my work is very 'lau beh'. Simple & Clean, this is what I can do best.

After all, recording down the milestone and stories are most important to me. I am so glad I started blogging and scrapbooking. Else, I really can't remember their development because children grow up SO FAST!!! :-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

While Mummy Packing Her Swim Bag...

Ern spotted my swim cap and goggle. She requested me to put them on her..Then, she started her 'show'...I shall let the pictures speak for itself what had happened next...:-)

She needs help on the cap but she wants to wear the google by herself. Noticed the t-shirt she is wearing? It's already ~ 30 years. Ah Kong bought it in US Disney*land 30 years ago for me! My mum keep it for her grandchildren!

Of course I asked her to stand still and pose for me. She looked so 'soh chai"..LOL

I couldn't get a really good picture because Ern kept on moving. So I need to continue to snap, snap and snap. Until the time she 'beh tahan', she put a stop!

Before I called off, she kesian me and said: : ok mummy, i pose this for you!"

The "Zoro" pose!!! LOL