Monday, June 30, 2008

Hair Cutting

This is Ern's new look, after I took her for a hair cut over the weekend. What were the comment from the family members on her new look??

Daddy: Neat but....a bit 'tempurung'...
Mummy: Neat and make Ern look more chubby
Poh Poh: Typical "Wah Wa look" (娃娃妝)...after the hair cut, she resembles more like daddy!

2 days prior to the hair cut, I already prepared Ern about the hair cut thingy. I told her "Aunty will cut your hair like this, this, this!". I even added the 'sound effect" of the scissor cutting sound to let her know hair cutting comes with this sound.

I placed my fingers (as if like a pair of scissor) on her forehead, ear and back...showed her how Aunty will cut her hair. When I asked her 'want to cut hair?", she nodded her head.

The 2 days preparation paid off!!

Ern sat on the stool obediently & quietly throughout the whole 30 mins session. At first, the stylist didn't want to cut the 'Wa Wa Look" as it's too dangerous on a young toddler like Ern. She said she can only trim on front and back, which I was fine...

After seeing Ern sat quietly and still, she also took the opportunity to cut the "Wa Wa Look" for me...

Bravo Ching Ern! You have improved from the last round, where you need mummy to carry you to now sit on the stool on your own without any whine or tears!! We are proud of you!

PS: This photo was taken under the fan. So her hair 'fly up' a bit...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Conversation 我们的悄悄话

Lately, we started to have short (real short one) conversation with Ern. Of all, I can remembered the 2 as they were so funny!

Conversation 1:
Mummy: Ern, don't take XX. It's dirty!!!
Ern: * hands-off *
Mummy: It's dirty. Ern, say 'dirty'! *this is how I probed her to speak*
Ern: Ah-ti
Mummy: It's "the-ti"...remember your puzzle set - clean & dirty..
Mummy: Say again "the-ti".....Ern, clean and???
Ern: Aik Aik (the baby language of dirty)
Mummy: * laugh non stop*

It reminds me of An*num advertisement on "flower & orkid"!

Conversation 2:
One of the nights when I tugged Ern to bed, after I switched off the light and lie down on our beds, suddenly Ern stood up from her bed and walked close to my bed.

Ern: Mummy, he-sui (drink water in Mandarin)
Mummy: You want to drink water?
Ern: Yes (she answered in English)
Mummy: *Got up and walked towards the table to get her water bottle*
Ern: * Took my pillow and placed it next to her pillow*
Mummy: Ern, why you take Mummy's pillow?
Ern: *Pat on pillow (indicate to sleep next to her) & gave me a cheeky smile*
Mummy: *Speechless yet heart melts to see all this*

You tell me she tricky bor??

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another Episode of " Believe It Or Not"!!!

Heads-up: The below post touches on 'spiritual' topic. If you are uncomfortable, please do not read on.

We brought Ern for another round of “beach + swimming” after she had so much fun on the first trip.

Before we left the house, she was a bit cranky when I tried to change her into her swim suit. Don’t know what reason but she cried for a while. Only when we gave her the “dig dig” (beach tool set), she settled down and happily told us “Bit*ch” (beach).

When we arrived at the beach, she hugged me a little tight. I think she has fear over the wave sound. After a while, she got diverted from the fear but focus on the ‘dig dig” & sand. I went for my swim and once done, I brought her into the pool for a dip too. She was as happy as few days ago.

Everything ok until the next day (Sunday) when we started to realize her body was warm. Checked and it was already at 37.8 degrees. Feed PCM and started our “round the clock” temperature check. Between 2-6am, she waked up crying, wanted us to carry her, cranky and only got back to sleep after we rocked her to sleep. It repeated for at least 2-3 times on that night.

During day time, she was ok and active like normal although her body temperature was like roller-coaster. We continue to feed PCM. Night time, she repeated the routine of “cry + carry + cranky + sleep” between 2-6am for few times. It started from Monday and the whole drama continued until Friday morning before hubby discovered something unusual on Ern.

- Why only 2-6am?
- Why she cried in fear for consecutive nights already?

The trigger point was when Ern rejected the holly water and wanted to get out from our room! She cried for MIL and told MIL she wanted to watch TV!! It took MIL almost 2+ hours to put Ern back to sleep after the “cartoon + play” sessions.

On Friday evening, we brought her to see the Burmese monk, the same monk I have seen since pregnant! When we were at the temple, nothing unusual happened but she didn’t want to pay homage to the Buddha. Luckily when she saw the monk, she automatically kneel down and pay 3 times homepage to him!

I told the monk briefly what had happened, the monk started the blessing session for all of us. He even requested us to take down the rubber band that we tie on Ern’s hair so that he can blessed on it too. We can really see the difference “before and after” blessing on Ern. Can you imagine half way through the praying session, Ern was happily singing and walking in joy at the hall!!! You can tell she was so happy and relieve. So as we!!!!

No comment given by the monk, which is a good sign. We are affaid to hear another "her eyes are clear now!". I also seek advise from the monk, as in what can I do to minimize all ‘these unnecessary” on Ern. His advise is to give Ern some holly water before we leave the house and bring along the bottle (not necessary) if feel needed. The monk also taught me what verse to chant to ‘avoid’ all these. The other option is to tie the ‘blessed rubber band’ on Ern.

Phew…although this isn’t as bad as the last one, it is enough to worry us….looks like Ern is “sensitive” child and something I need to be careful off. :-(

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mini Album for Poh Poh

Finally, I completed this mini album for Poh Poh, the left over papers from the Exploding Box. Nothing fancy but plain and simple one. :-)

Cover Page

Insides pages

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ern Freaks Out When...

1) There is a thunder storm

2) The sound of wave splashing on the shore

3) The ticking sound of heavy rain on the roof of the car

4) Firework

She will cry in fear and hug us very very tightly. You can tell she really freak out!!! LOL

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Masak-Masak Set

When I was a little girl, I LOVE playing the 'mamasak' set. Like what Charlotte's Mummy said, it is an imaginary play. Back then, I was busy serving tea, preparing food, had my doll as my guest, etc. Fun fun fun, that was all I can remembered. *grin*

With so many 'good memory', how could I not introduce the mamasak set to Ern. haha...

There you go, I got her 2 sets. One for home and one at Poh Poh's house. She fell in love with it after I showed her how can we (yes, we played together sometimes) played with it. Few days after, she can played on her own.

From the mamasak set, I also taught some words like spoon, fork, knife, etc. She can't pronounce all of them correct except egg, knife, pot & pan. The rest, you will hear like "Staff" (stove), Poon (spoon), fart (fork), ba-ger (burger), vart (vege)...LOL

See the top picture, she was busy cutting the vege. She will shout for us and say "mummy, cut cut cut".

Monday, June 16, 2008


{ Back-dated Post }

Sigh, whenever Ern sees camera now, she will pose like this. "Thanks" to daddy, I need to find ways to break this routine.

Back to the topic I want to share.

We were at Queensbay Mall for dinner and there was a booth from one of the foreign banks to promote their credit cards. Other than give away bag (if you sign up), they also hired a clown for their event.

I was totally surprised to know Ern is not afraid of clown, at least for now!! I don't know if it was because the clown she saw was blowing and giving away balloon that divert her attention or what. She kept on saying "Mummy, be-loom, be-loom" (her version of balloon) When I asked her if she wants the balloon from Che Che (it was a lady clown), she nodded and said "yes" and immediately she walked up to Che Che.

Actually, the Che Che 'sau kong' (finish work) already but after heard Ern said "Che Che, Plee (Ern's version of Please), she cannot resist not to blow another balloon for Ern!!

After gave Che Che a hug and wave bye bye, Ern walked away happily with a dog shape balloon. However, before we reached home, the dog shape was out in order and left with the "head" in the original shape. She twisted and turned the balloon during the journey home.

Should test her another time if she is not afraid of clown.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

No special celebration for Daddy as we prefer to avoid the crowd at the restaurants. :-)

This is the 2nd year for Daddy to celebrate Fathers Day. Hopefully by next year, Ern would be able to make a card for Daddy.

Happy Fathers Day, Daddy!

Scrap credit:
Quickpage by Shannon Boyd

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy 23-Months-Old

Coping to write on Ern's monthly post is getting more challenging :-( Not only money is not enough, time also not enough!! * argh*

At 23 Months-Old

Vital Stats:
Height: 86++cm (didn't measure but noticed her dress is getting shorter
Weight: Should be back to 11kg as only Daddy can carry her for long period.

- Spicy Food: Ern get take a little spicy food like green pepper, local chips with chili powder, fried rice with pepper & Oxtail Soup. She must have gotten the 'gene' from Daddy in enjoying spicy food.

- Speech: started to form sentences although not in the right manner. For example, when daddy was away on biz trip, she said "papa...kai" (daddy takes airplane to work). Able to count 1-10 except 5 and 7.

- Almost potty trained: Finally, she is able to 'poo' on potty even she prefers to squad on her favourite spot. When she is not too playful, she would tell us when she wants to wee. Hopefully within the next few weeks, she can be 100% potty trained.

- Sleep pattern: She is able to sleep alone by herself (still in the same room with us). It all started when I told her "Mummy back pain pain, cannot sleep down down with Ern" and showed her the 'sad & pain" look. She buys the idea!!

- Kindermusik: She enjoys her 'school' very much and we decided to send her to playgroup end of the year or beginning next, depending on when the school semester starts. We have not decide which school to go since we still have ample time.

Scrap credit:
Quickpage by Andreagold

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beach + Swimming

Ern started her Monday morning “not so smoothly” by ‘ter-kepit’ her feet on our bathroom’s sliding door. Poh Poh was inside and Ern was pushing the door outside, obviously she didn't want to be left alone ! She pushed too hard on the door till the sliding door bounced back and ‘ter-kepit’ her feet.

She cried loudly outside while Poh Poh was panic inside! Poh Poh reckoned Ern must be stuck and quickly, she lifted the sliding door and opened it slowly. Ern pulled her feet out but Poh Poh’s heart sank when she saw (from far without her spec) Ern’s feet like below.

After look at the wound more careful, thank goodness no bleeding or deep cut. It was ‘nearly there” type actually. Just the top layer skin was peeled off but you can see the reddish fresh. *phew*

We were supposed to meet with Bryan & Wei Xuan for beach + swimming session but we called it off due to heavy down pour at 1pm++. At 4pm+, weather turned good, not too sunny yet cooling. So, I decided to proceed with the plan but without her friends. Instead of cover beach + swimming, I thought it’s should be ok to just let her play at the beach. Digging sands with her beach tool set.

We covered the wound with plaster, just to make sure the sand doesn’t get in.

We put on her swim suit and off we leave the house. During the road journey, I told Ern we are taking her to the beach. When I asked her to repeat the word ‘beach’ after me, she pronounced it as “bit*ch”. *roll eyes*

You may be wondering why she looked so BLUR in the picture. Shame on mummy, it was the FIRST time I took her to the beach, stand bare-footed on sand!! She was puzzled, I tell you. But in no time, she happily enjoyed digging sands from her beach tool. She doesn’t know how to make use of the animal molds but just used the shovel & spade.

She freaked out when I walked her to the shore, to let her feel the wave splashed on her feet. She shouted in fear and wanted to get out from the shore! Maybe she is not ready for ‘why BIG water splash on feet”.

After the good 15mins, it started to drizzle and I have to drag Ern out from beach. She whined, of coz!! But when she saw the pool on the way to the bathroom, she walked straight towards the pool! I was hesitated to bring her to the pool with her wound on her feet but I knew if I turned her down, she would be disappointed and cry. In the end, I still took her down to the pool, with the thought of “swim dula, belakang kira”! When I hold her hand and walked to the pool, I can felt she was literally running in joy. Before I asked her to jump into the pool, she terus jumped without her float on. Luckily, I managed to grasp her in time. Else, she would surely gulp down the pool water before she sank! She was so happily shouting in the pool, I guess she is expressing her joy to me!

It was ok when I told her to go home. No struggle at all. Guess she already puas (satisfied) and maybe exhausted after all the kicking and jumping.

Oh ya, she "ter-kepit" again on the same sliding door again just before we changed her into her pajamas. This time is her finger but minor cut only.

Guess she knows the Chinese proverbs well – A Person must be “Yao Tao Yao Mei” (Cantonese) !!! That's how she started and ended her day in the same way! LOL

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Grown Up...

Incident # 1:
She was rubbing her eyes one of the evenings due to her fringe. I was suppose to bring her for a hair cut but we missed it. In the end, I decided to trim the fringe myself!

I brought her to the bath room, took out the scissor and before i put one of my hands on her chin to 'hold' her face, she shut her eyes tight automatically without me telling her. When I saw that, the first reaction that came to my mind was "oh, my girl has grown up!".

I brought her to saloon for hair cut twice and I think i trimmed her fringe not more than 5 times since birth. When she was younger, i can only trimmed when she drank her milk because she would be in still position. So I thought it would be less struggle for her and more easy for me to trim.

After then, I stopped doing the "trim during milk time" in the last round as she is big enough to take instruction from me. So, we did the trimming at the bath room and i can shower her immediately right after the hair cut. Back then, I need to show her what is 'shut your eye' before I started the trimming process.

Incident 2:
All of the family members are wearing spectacle except hubby. Normally, we will place our spec on the table before we take our shower. Few days ago when Gong Gong (grandpa) walked out from the bath room, Ern walked to him and pass him the spec. A day after, Ern did the same thing for me!!

Guess she has observed what we have been doing huh!! :-)

My girl really grown up...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Choo Choo Train or Dog Barking??

The theme for Kindermusik that Ern is going through right now is on Train. So, what she learned mostly from school relates to train, including the songs.

Whenever we play a particular song from the CD, this is what she will 'sing' to us. She relates the song as if the train was puffing down thr track that has the 'Choo Choo" sound! Honestly, I find it hilarious because it is more like mimic a dog bark then a "Choo Choo Train"....LOL

Sometimes, she will "sing" without us asking when she is in a good mood, only in her car seat and day time. Never in the house, night time or else where. :-)