Thursday, March 25, 2010

Future Model???

God knows how did Ern pick up to pose this way:
Eye: look side way
leg: lift out one side
Hand: lift side way in 90 degrees

Funny, isn't it???

Girl memang girl!! hahaha...

This is something memorable for Ern to see when she grows up!! I am sure she will feel 'malu' looking at it!!! hahaha

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

She Did It!!

[ Back-dated post ]

Ern doesn't like the moving kiddy ride since small. Don't know why!

Whenever we are at the mall, she won't ask to ride but just asked us to bring her there to see other people ride!

Until 12th March 2010, she finally overcome her fear!!

Well, all credits goes to her friend Jie Yan. It was the 'peer pressure' that push Ern to overcome her fear.

The mummies met up for dinner + gathering for the girl. After dinner, Yan's Mummy suggested kiddy ride. My little girl was excited when she heard about it, without remembering she has fear on it previously.

When we walked towards the indoor playground, Yan already ran towards the Marry-Go-Round, leaving Ern behind chasing her!


Ern stopped!! She gave me the"oh, i dare not ride Mummy!" look!!

This was our conversation at that point of time:

Me: Ern, are you sure you want to ride? It will move one!
Ern: Oh, no i don't want
Yan: You come, Ching Ern! You sit behind me. We ride together
Me: Ern, you want to ride together with Yan?
Ern: * she nodded her head and jump up to the horse ride!*

Right after Yan's Mummy inserted the coin, Ern jerk a little bit when the ride started to move. I was prepared to take her down and just let her watch Yan ride it.

I was wrong!!! My little girl finally overcome her fear and enjoyed the ride VERY MUCH!!!

So the next thing I get to see is, both the girls running from one ride to another until we used up the coins!! Of course, we need to coax them to leave the place :-)

It is a breakthrough for Ern. Peer pressure is very powerful!

The next fear that I want to overcome is DENTIST!! Read her dramatic cry here.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Princess Dress

This will be the last post(for now) that I am going to blog about Ern's princess thingy...kekeke

Poh Poh bought her 2 "pasar-type" of Bar*bie/Snow*White dresses, knowing her granddautgher is so into 'princess' now.

Trust me, she has been asking to wear this dress EVERYDAY, without fail. Until the stage we have to hide the dress!! LOL

The happiness we see on Ern's face = PRICELESS!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

What A "Princess" Has???

For those who know me and Ern in person, you would know my little vain pot is in the phase of "princess". Everything must be "princess"...

So, what she has in her Princess world??

1) Water tumbler (it was a gift for her 3yo birthday)

2) School bag ( a gift too from my childhood friend)

3) Jewelry box (daddy bought this from Singapore)

Inside view of the jewelry box. Actually, pretty cool! :-P

4) Sticker doll book (I bought for her as I know she will be crazy over it!)

Inside view of the book -> obviously, she doesn't have good sense in matching YET! *grin*

5)Tiara, crown & magic wand

6)Market type of Cro*cs Mary Jane (a gift from Poh Poh)

So, is your own girl after these things also??

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Things She Writes & Draws

One day, I asked Ern to write and draw me something. These were what she gave me...

1) Fish

2) Aeroplane

3) Some alphabets

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sticker Doll

When I was a little girl, i LOVE playing the paper doll very much. The joy of mix and match the dress, shoes, jewelry, hat,'s really fun!

I can still remembered very well every July of the lunar calender, I loved to go to my grandma's house. This is the time where the Chinese Opera will be held for the "you know who" and there was this old Ah Pek sitting below the stage to sell all kinds of toys. One of the things was my favourite paper doll. If I remembered right, a sheet of paper doll cost like RM0.50 each, with a least 10 costume to mix and match around.

Well, obviously I can't find this for Ern anymore! When I was at the market last week, I saw the same thing but it's in a sticker form. Without much thinking, I bought for Ern! I know very well Ern will like it!!

Well, she FELL IN LOVE playing it. :-) Too bad the sticker book left only 1, now I need to go to other stall and look for her.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In the phase of "Princess World"...

The first time when I asked Ern how a princess looked stand and hold the dress, she showed me this!! Very funny, I tell you!! I managed to snap a picture before I taught her the RIGHT way!

Ern is in the phase of "PRINCESS"...if we ask her what she wants, sure it will link to princess...

" I want to wear Princess dress"

" I want Princess tumbler"

" I want Princess sticker"

"I want Princess jewelry box"

" I want XXX in pink color because that's Princess color"

After checking with my friends who has girl like Ern's age, they are also in the same "Princess" phase. So, I feel much better that Ern is going through a normal thingy! :-)

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Name: erN

Honestly, I pay lesser attention on the academic side of Ern after Sean is getting more mobile. Saying "NO TIME" is just an excuse. As much as I could in "MAKING TIME", it's limited since Daddy is on the road very frequent and his work schedule is unpredictable.

Anyway, one day, I asked Ern if she still remember how to spell her name. She nodded her head and spelled it out! It was spelled correctly: "E-R-N"

Then, I asked her if she could write on the doodle board.This was what she gave me. Combination of upper and lower case in writing the 3 alphabet.

Until my extra helper is here, I cannot ask for more :-)