Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Babble vs Shouting

Lately, Ern started to babble like "mama, papa, tata", on top of the "ng, ar and er" sound. Obviously, she doesn't mean "mama" means Mummy, "papa" means daddy. It's merely coincidence!!

At the same time, she started to shout as shared in earlier post. Happen to take a video clip during CNY as she was "shouting" non stop, like 45 minutes! Energetic girl!

PS: You may find the video clip look funny as I recorded by holding the camera vertically. If anyone know how to rotate it back, please share the tips with me ya.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Frog Leap

This is how Ern crawls now. She will swing and swing before she does the 'frog leap' stunt. Look at the last few seconds of the video clip, you will know what i mean :-)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Thnee Kong Seh - 天公诞

Photo taken this morning on the journey to Poh Poh's place. Ern was sleeping soundly even it's 8am (she normally gets up like 7am+) and only woke up when I placed her on the car seat. Why? Read below to find out more.

It is a tradition for the Chinese, especially the Hokkien community in Penang, to celebrate the birthday of Jade Emperor (Thnee Kong Seh) that falls on the ninth day of the first lunar month. The prayer begins right on the dot of 12 midnight with fruits, sugar canes, miku (red bun), pomelo, pineapples and etc as the offerings. At the same time, playing firecrackers is also another "must have" during prayer.

Well, it is a lively and exciting event as the Chinese celebrates another "small version" of CNY. At the same time, it is also a nightmare to parents who have infant/babies - the firecrackers!!!

Firecrackers at 12+am used to be something ok for me (even it's forbidden by law) but NOT NOW, after having Ern!! Our housing area is like a "war zone", bustling with loud noises from firecrackers. Ern woke up 2 times from the sleep. Thank god she just opened her eyes and didn't cry in fear. I just gave her some water to sip and pacifier (under supervision for sure), she went back to her dreamland within 10 minutes. *phew* KK and I took turn to pat her shoulder/butt/back to ensure she feels our existence and secure. It was 2am+ before we get to zzzzzzzz.........

Personal Portrait - Mummy's Version

Well, well, obviously these photos were not taken in studio but at home, by mummy, using Sony T30 camera, auto mode & no flash light.

Friday, February 23, 2007


There is a Chinese proverb that says "when there is an elderly at home, it's as if you are having a treasure" (家有一老,如有一宝)

To my family,it's the reverse. Having Ern as our little one, it's like having the treasure. :-) Ern brings lots of joy and fun to the family. She is the centre of attention now, and she is the priority!

1. Ng, Ar,Er??
Ern will make lots of "ng,ar,er" sound when she is HAPPY or COMPLAINING. When we take away something from what she is holding, she will make these sound. Or when is the delighted (normally when we make funny face or sound), she will make the same sound also. No doubt the family can tell which is which, I think it will confuse those whom are not close to her. Happy and Complaining pun sama sound, mana boleh??!!

2. Sit Up
It's getting harder to change her clothes or diaper these days. The only time where she can lie still is when we give her something to hold, which eventually the thing will go into her mouth! Alternatively, I will let her sit on my lap and change her (only on clothes).

3. Stick out her tongue
Actually, she started to stick her tongue out when she was small (can't recall which month). However, we noticed lately whenever she sticks her tongue out, it's always on the right side. Never on the left, so funny! It's hard to take photo as it happens so fast. Sorry..

Well, well, our little Princess Khoo... :-)

Day 1 of CNY - 年初一

Surprisingly, the fireworks wasn't as much as we thought for this year. So, Ern slept soundly like 9+pm on the eve till 8am the next morning. *Phew*

We went to Poh Poh's house for our brunch and Ern took her wheat cereal before we headed to "Tai Poh" (great grandma in Hakka) house to meet the relatives. Ern is the 4th generation in the family, together with Baby Yan Xin (whom is 2 months younger). My grandma was the happiest person in the family, can you imagine one day you get to see your great granddaughter??

Ern and Baby Yan Xin happened to wear the suit bought by Irene Ku Poh, same fabric & material just different patterns. So, they stole the limelight as everyone were trying to take pictures or carry them. So, I was a little free to catch up with my uncles, aunties and cousins.

Right after 3+pm, we headed to Tai Yee Poh (eldest grand-aunty in Hakka) house for another round of family reunion. This time, Ern didn't get to meet cousin Ting Wei as both of them took their nap at the same time. Right after Ern woke up from the nap, we headed back home and called it off a day.

Overall, Ern didn't cry throughout the whole day when we went to the 2 houses. Well, she did stared and looked around the house for a while, but soon after the "warm up", it was OK!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Moment with Kong Kong - Eve of CNY

Kong Kong: What do you one, Ern Ern?
Ern: Kong Kong, get me out from the stroller! I 'sian' already lah...

Well, this was the "grandpa and granddaughter" moment on the eve of CNY at Gurney Plaza. Visiting Gurney Plaza on the eve has been the "tradition" to my family ever since the mall opened. Our family CNY reunion is a lunch so we are free by evening.

We have additional family member this year - lil Ching Ern. Well, we didn't get to sit and eat together with lil Ern around as we need to take turn to look after her. However, she certainly bring lots of joy and laughter to the family, especially with the facial expression she made, blowing the bubble (actually her saliva),etc

Lil Ern posed and smiled to mummy when she was asked to, BUT with her 3 fingers inside the mouth! Huh, our girl! :-)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Me & Yeh Yeh

Do you see some resemblence between this old man and I? Well, he is my Yeh Yeh (grandpa). Daddy brought me to Hadyai to visit Yeh Yeh on Valentines Day. Yeh Yeh is too old to travel to Penang to see me. Yup, my Daddy is a half Thai. It was sort of a CNY visit and of coz, i received my first ang pow from Yeh Yeh.

Few months down the road, Mummy will allow me to jump into the pool and swim like a fish! :-) Let me show you a virtual tour of Yeh Yeh's house and his work area, which happen to be on the same piece of land.

Yeh Yeh, Happy Valentines Day and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I went for a hair trimming on Sunday, just in time for CNY look. As I need to attend a wedding dinner on the same evening, I saja ask my hairstylist whether he can "do something different" on my hair. And the result...

It took me 10mins to accept my "new" look! This is the first time (also the last time!) I am in this hair style. Well, I told myself this - "aiyah, nvm..for an experience as a fat version of 辣妈!!!" So, happily dressed up and attended the wedding dinner. Of coz, everyone was "shock" to see me.

Before I left the house, purposely take a picture with Ern for remembrance.

PS: Ern - Don't pengsan when you know how to read this post!!

PPS: 辣妈 means "spice mum"! A direct translation but i think quite close to the meaning. If anyone has better word, please enlighten me yeah..

Disposable Diaper Can Cause Cancer

This came as a shocking articles to read on Velentine Day!

According to the President of Comsumer Association of Penang, disposable diaper may cause cancer. For details, please read here.

So sad, sickness everywhere...:-(

PS: Sorry, I can only find the Mandarin article. If you happen to see English one, please share with me.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

7 Months Old

Ern turns 7 months old today. Here's a summary on Ern's development:

1) Growth:
- Weight: 8.05kg
- Height: 68cm
- Head circumference: 43.5cm

2) Can sit unsupported for a while

3) Hold her milk bottle unsupported till she finishes the milk except last & first feeding (she is half asleep and forgot about the bottle holding)

4) Pull out milk bottle when finish (same thing, not the first and last feeding)

5) Recognize and turn to the direction when we call her name

6) Clap hand at her own way (clap on her wrist)

7) Crawl pretty fast (the commando crawl)

8) Stand and climb up on our tummy/stomach to reach for something when she is carried

9) Able to associate lights off means sleep. She meets her "Prince Chow" within 5 min.

10) Recognize stranger and turn her body facing the person when someone try to carry her.

11) Started to cry if a stranger carries her or if we stay in their house too long.

12) When we clap and say "pau pau" (carry), she will reach out her hand and move the body towards the person (if she wants you)

13) Prefers porriage than rice cereal/wheat

New Smile

For the past 1 week, we noticed Ern smiled differently. The family concluded she looks more cunning and fake in the new smile (although it's a true smile). You judge! :-)

Before: open mouth wide

Now: squeeze everything

Ha Mou Kong - 蛤蟆功

Kau Foo said Ern is practising her "Ha Mou Kong" (蛤蟆功), a.k.a Kungfu of Toad!!! That's because when she does that, she will lift her butt high, head down and push herself forward. So, it looks like a leaping toad :-) Actually, this is how Ern does her commondo crawl.

PS: Picture a bit blur as it's hard to take clear picture on this act!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ern's Month 6 Photos

Check out Ern's Month 6 photos...

Happy Viewing :-)

Frown - 皱眉头

Since birth, Ern already know how to frown. Even now, she still frowns. Is this the way how she sees things?? Only she and God knows! LOL



Traditional Still the Best!

Ern likes to sit in this traditional stroller (my neighbour borrowed us). So far, we haven't heard any fuss from her whenever we placed her on this stroller. Poh Poh said it is windy, that's why Ern likes it. Moreover, the seat doesn't recline and no cover on the side of the stroller. I guess that's why Ern loves this because she gets to see and touch everything!

Every 12noon, Ern will seat on this stroller and wait for Brenda Che Che to be back from her school. She gets extremely happy when she sees Brenda, especially when Brenda jumps! Brenda is the only one that can make Ern giggles EVERY TIME! Amazing huh..well, they just clicked well, I think.

Friday, February 9, 2007

After 72 Hours!

Ern is reacting normal after 72 hours from the fall. I think she should be ok..

We are thankful for that. Of all, we would like to thank all of you who keep Ern in your prayer for recovery. Thank you!!!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

This is How Ern Creep!

This is to share with you how Ern creep. Poh Poh said Ern is about to crawl soon, from the way she pushed her hand and knee up.

Btw, the soft toy (it's a TY) is her all time favourite. Daddy named in as Dino.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

First Fall!

Ern fell down from our bed and hit right at the floor this morning. To cut the story short, it was the adult’s fault, obviously. We felt extremely guilty!! :-(

She cried (pain for sure) but when we hold her in our arms, she stopped immediately (phew, thank god!). 10 mins later, she slept soundly and "manja-ly" in my arms.

When she woke up from her nap, she was still as playful as before. Giggling when we played "char" ( peek-a-boo in Hokkien) with her!

Brought her to see paed. No fracture found but just need to monitor her for next 48 hours - no vomit & dizziness!

Let's pray everything is ok for Ern. Poor baby. Hopefully no nightmare for her tonight!

The elderly used to say when a child falls, it symbolizes another growth milestone!

Dumb & Dumber Part # 2

After incident # 1, the "Dumb & Dumber" (D&D) couple did another D&D act on Sunday:

1) Hair Trimming
Poh Poh reminded me to trim Ern's hair (fringe) as it's getting long and about kena the eye already. Not to say i wanted an easy way out, but i just to make sure it's "hassleless" to both Ern and I. So, Ern turned out to be so FUNNY after the cut! *slap head* Daddy "complimented" on Ern's hair by saying " Wow Ern, you received a hair cut from Philip Sume huh!!"

2) Cloth Diaper Clip
It is a challenge to change clothes/diaper for Ern right now! The moment you put her on the bed, she will turn over to her tummy IMMEDIATELY! It is as if she has been "programmed"! The only time when she will stay still is if you are playing or talking to her. Ok..ok..let me go into the topic. While changing the cloth diaper, Daddy unintentionally put the clip just next to her. When she turned, the face (in between the mouth & neck) kena the clip. Luckily, it was gone 24 hours later! :-)

Monday, February 5, 2007

Handmade Gift

Ern received this handmade gift when Aunty Yen Nee visited her in hospital. It may look simple but it has meaning to it:

1) Ern was borned on the "dog" year
2) Mummy loves pink color
3) Another new item to Ern's toy collection
4) It's handmade!!

2 weeks ago, Ern received a CNY gift from Aunty Yen Nee while visiting her stall at Upper Penang Road. It is just a perfect gift because:

1) Red color - it attracts Ern's attention
2) There is a stick for Ern to hold
3) The bell at the tail creates sound, which attracts Ern as well
4) Another handmade!

Yen Nee is an old friend of Mummy and we were friends since primary school!! Back in school, Yen Nee already excelled in art work. Since then, she has blossomed by transforming her creativity into fine art work. See below, it was a wedding gift from her. It's 100% handmade, including the tuxedo and wedding gown on the doll!!!

I am currently working with Yen Nee to create a 100% handmade photo album for Ern. It will be a 12 pages photo album, featuring the month-to-month photos of Ern! I want to make it memorable yet special for Ern, at least for her first 12 months in life. So, stay tuned!

If you are interested on Yen Nee's art work, you can:
1) Visit her website (co share with another friend) - it is still a WIP web site, more pictures will be uploaded.
2) Visit her stall at Upper Penang Road on the last Sunday of every month.
3) Contact me.

Friday, February 2, 2007


Ern will look at you (to be exact, it's actually the mouth) "this way" if you are eating. What's more, she will look at you "this way" until you finish the last piece of the food!!!

If you are holding something, she will grab the "something" you hold!! See here.

Kau Foo took this picture as he thinks it's a sweet me, it reminds me of the famous song by "Loi Fong" - Lei Hon Chiok Ngo, Ngo Hon Chiok Lei (你看着我,我看着你 ~吕方)....hahaha