Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Romance vs Boyfriend

I heart this photo of Ching Ern.It comes in so naturally. :-)

There is this funny conversation we had few nights ago.

Ern: Mummy, I want romance
Mummy: Oh..what is romance?
Ern: You know, the love..love..love..
Mummy: Oh is it! Who do you want to 'romance' with?
Ern: Er...I want Ken to be my boyfriend (she got to know the name Ken from Barbie movie)
Mummy: Who is Ken?
Ern: My boyfriend Ken loh!!!
Mummy: Ken from Barbie hor??
Ern: *shy* Yes

She is STILL in the "princess" and "barbie" phase. Never tired of them! Girls always girl!