Saturday, May 30, 2009

She is on EBM too!!

Ever since I have established my breast milk flow like 1+ month after delivering Sean, I have been 'secretly' adding 3-4oz of EBM in her milk since I have excess. Her PD encouraged that because I can passed my antibody to her too. true enough, we have seen better immune system and faster recovery.

It needs to be done secretly because she knows my breast milk is meant for her Di Di. When she saw me expressing breast milk, she would say "Di Di drink(s) mummy milk milk ; Ern Ern drink(s) An*mum!!"

I have tested and offered her if she wants to drink the EBM and she said no. Kept on repeating the above sentence - Di Di drink one! So far the answer been consistent! :-)

If you happen to bump into Ern, don't tell her she is taking mummy's nen nen ya..LOL

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Papers: Digitreat
Flower: Shabby Princess
Stitch: Annie V
Clip: June S

Monday, May 25, 2009

Me & Di Di

This pair of sheep is from Ern's new pyjamas that Poh Poh bought for her. Nothing special about this sheep or the PJ. It's just an ordinary PJ. However, I want to write down for Ern to read.

Ern, mummy is proud of you! Because when you first discover this sheep, the first thing you said were "One is Ern Ern, One Is Di Di" by pointing at it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Want Take Picture

First, she wants to be in the picture whenever I tried to take Sean's pictures. After than, she would say "Mummy, I Want Take Picture!" because she wants to HOLD the camera and snap pictures. LOL

A few candid shots of both my children:

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day

This is the simple scrapbook that I get Ern to do it with me. It's a gift for her class teacher for Teacher's Day which fall on 16th May. However, we gave it to her teacher on 15th as the school only operates during weekdays.

Well, it could have been done better BUT I kept on postpone it. Bleah, turned out the color combination is so poor! Nevertheless, I am sure it's the heart that counts ya :-) (what a lousy excuse!)

I printed out the wording, drew a big heart shape on the paper and get Ern to stick the buttons and circles punch out (with my instruction of coz). After then, just put them into the wooden frame (none other than from I*kea). Voila, easy art work for a Soon-To-Be-3year old kiddo to complete.

On the night before we presented this to her class teacher, I told Ern she must wished all her teacher 'happy teacher's day' and she repeated after me. Meanwhile, I also bought the teacher a 1/2kg cake for all the teachers at the school. Though she has a class teacher, the rest of the teachers also helped out one way or another.

On Friday morning, it started the day with a heavy down pour! It didn't dampen us on this 'special' (for Ern, anything with cake means special) day. She presented the frame to her class teacher and wished her as told! Then I saw her teacher hugged and give her a kiss on her cheek!! A very warm scene to see, at least to me. :-)

Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers out there. 辛苦了, 老师们!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

[Back-dated Post]

It was my 3rd Mother's Day celebration BUT first time received a gift from Ching Ern. Like any other schools, the children made some art work to present to their mothers.

Last Friday (8th May), Ern came back school with a handmade flower and a piece of chocolate moitz cake for me. The art teacher recycled the toilet paper roll and turned it into the stem. Simple art work for a 3-year-old kiddo to do, with the teacher's supervision.

She then wished all of us "happy mother's day" for the next 2 days. Yes, not only to me and Poh Poh, she also said the same thing to Kong Kong and Kau Foo (my brother). This is what happened during the conversation:

Ern: Mummy, Happy Mother's Day!
Me: Thank You Ching Ern *give her a hug*
Ern: Poh Poh, Happy Mother's Day
Poh Poh: Thank You Ching Ern. *give her a hug too*
Ern: *she repeated the same thing to Kong Kong & Kau Foo
* then everyone quiet down as we were in the car *
Ern: Mummy, you say Happy Mother's Day to me lah!!!

All of us burst into laughter after hearing this! Of coz I said Happy Mother's Day to her and she was SO delighted!

Scrap credit:
All by Anita Quilts

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Story of Lizard & Mouse

Like what Jie Yan/Shan's Mummy said, occasional white lies need to come into our parenting life. I know, I know...we are not suppose to tell lies but honestly, it's like our "secret weapon' in handling them! Infect, I even tell and show (we have a Chinese story book) Ching Ern she is not suppose to tell lie as her nose will grow long like Pinocchio. I tell you, only once and she remembered that!

So our common white lies are "Lizard" and "Mouse" to Ching Ern.

She is afraid of lizard (very) because she gets to see them frequently either at our house or at Poh Poh's house. We all know lizard moves very fast and thus, really freak her out! So right now when she is not behaving, we will use lizard to ask her to do things like:

- Keep her toys
- Going to nap/bed time
- Climbing up staircase unsupervised
- many more

Ern has no problem in past motion everyday but she can 'keep it' if we didn't ask her to do so. Ya, she is the type that can 'deposit her gold"! LOL

One night while we are remind her to 'do business', she did sat quietly on the potty but her mind and soul had done don't know where! After several 'sweet talk' by daddy, it didn't work. So daddy introduced "The Mouse" story to her. Well, it wasn't really a real story but daddy just came out with this:

Daddy: Ern, come...touch here (pointing to the chest)
Ern: *reach out her hand and touch*
Daddy: *Move his chest muscle *
Daddy: Can you feel something is moving?
Ern: *Nod her head and start to show worried face*
Daddy: See, that's because there are mouse inside..because daddy didn't 'ng ng' (past motion in baby language)! So if you don't 'ng ng', mouse will grow inside and move like this..
Ern: * poo immediately *

I tell you, I was sitting next to them nursing Sean and I couldn't stop laughing. In order to stay 'align' with daddy, I quickly turned my head and laughed.

Scrap credit:
Quickpage by SindiegoMR+Cra-Z-cat