Thursday, January 31, 2008

Run, Ching Ern, Run

As the title speaks...Enjoy!! :-)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fish Pond

There is a small garden and fish pond (with some simple landscaping) at Poh Poh's apartment. Since Ern was small, it has become a 'we only' moment between the grandfather and granddaughter. Kong Kong will bring Ern down for a stroll at the garden and rest at the fish pond. Back then, Ern doesn't know anything but just delighted because of 'kai kai'.

Now that she is almost 19-months-old soon, she knows what is fish and able to associate it with fish pond. Her mood will swing from a crying/cranky/whatever you name it to a HAPPY girl when we ask her "wanna see fish pond'?

With Kong Kong, she gets to stand very close to the pond and put her little hand down inside the water. Then, she would 'stir' the water till the fish swim away. Ya, called it spoilt when she is with her Kong Kong but Kong Kong said only through this way, she gets to learn by 'touching' *roll eyes*

Whatever it is, we get to see a joyful grandpa & a thrilled granddaughter!! :-)

Scrap credit:
Frame: a little scrap of me
Paper, flower, button, ribbon: Amelia Scrap
Tag: Chamuel
Staple:Janice Oliveria

Monday, January 28, 2008


{ Back-dated Post }

Everyday, we will play a game with Ching Ern before we undress her for shower/change. It all started because Ern would sometime say no (run away or shake her head) to us when we asked her to change.

Here's how the game being played. First, we will ask her if she wants 'mei mei' (pretty). Very rare she would turn us down, obviously she has the girlish nature in her. Once she nodd her head, we will say 'hands-up' and immediately she would lift both her hands up. Then, we will need to lift the shirt up but need to leave them on her head as HEADBAND.

After that, we praised her 'mei mei' in an exegerate way (to make it exciting) and we will ask her if she wants to see herself at the mirror. So far, she hasn't say no on this (to see mirror)!! We then bring her to the nearest mirror and my girl will smile in delight seeing her reflection.

Trust me, she really think she looks pretty (or cool) in this way.

Scrap credit: Quickpage by Digitreats

Friday, January 25, 2008

Pom Pom

So far, Ern loves to take her bath, be it in her baby tub or standing holding against the wall. Occasionally when her mood is at the up swing, she would shake her head to signal "no". After we coaxed her by telling her ' we play water' or 'we play bubble', she would change her mind immediately and happily allow us to undress her and walked into the bath room. *phew*

Somehow, it has become a habit that she needs to hold something while taking her shower. It will be either the shower duck (at our house) or the shampoo/shower gel bottle (at Poh Poh's house). We allow her to do that so that we can shower her without being wet. Else, she would splash water to us!

Just few days ago, she found out that sipping water from the bath tub is something 'fun' *slap head*

**Updated: I have received several phone calls/mail (thanks pals!) to remove the photo and video clip on this post for Ern's privacy future interest.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brush My Teeth - Part 2

We have stopped Ern from brushing her teeth because it's such a struggle for all of us (including Ern) to end the 'tooth brushing episode'. I think by now, she totally forgot she has a toothbrush sitting inside the bathroom.

In the end, she found a substitute to brush her teeth!

No more fighting for toothbrush and crying kid at home, at least for now. Well, I plan to restart once I found a trick to take away her toothbrush without having her crying madly.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sofa Climbing

For the past weeks, Ching Ern fell in love in "Sofa Climbing'.

First, she will push a stool near the sofa, then used it as a stepper to help her to climb up to the sofa. Ya, the sofa is too tall for her leg to reach up.

Once she is up on the sofa, she will stand and ajak us to play peek-a-boo with her. Means, we will need to hide behind the sofa and play with her. After a few 'cha', she will slide down from the sofa. Yes, she finds it thrill to slide down from the 'leg rest' (not sure if there is such word). Occasationaly, she will climb down to the stool before reach out her leg on the floor.

Just yesterday, she fell down from the stool and hit the floor quite badly as we can hear the sound 'pok'. She cried loudly(of cause) but stop immediately once we gave her some food (like her parents, food lover) to divert her attention over the pain on her head.

Once she finished the food, she started to climb the sofa again. *sigh* Totally forgot the pain and no matter how exaggerate we tried complicated the pain she will suffer from the fall, she tak kisah but continue her climbing stunt.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ah Kang

Finally, Ern knows how to call Kong Kong but at her own version - Ah Kang!! LOL

It started when I had a conversation with Poh Poh and we mentioned that word "Ah Kong'. Immediately, we asked Ern to repeat. She repeated after us obediently but in a very soft tone.

We tried to ask her to say in front of Ah Kong but too bad, Kong Kong can't hear it (due to his hearing problem)!

Kong Kong was patience enough and he confidently said, one day Ern will call him and ask for ice-cream!

Bravo, Ching Ern!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Pearly White

Yup, I spoted another pearly white spouting out from her upper left 1st bicuspid. No wonder her body was slighly warmer than usual. We all thought it was due to the warm weather and her running activities.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cousin Ting Wei

We brought Ern along to the airport to send daddy off to Taiwan at 6.30am. Right after that, we headed to Botanical Garden for a morning stroll. She dozed off half way through the journey but the moment when I said "Ern, do you want to see monkey", she opened her eyes and reached both her hands out indicating to get her out from her car seat.

She enjoyed the stroll because I kept on telling her we are going to see monkey. To our disappointment, we didn't get to see any monkey at all. Maybe it's still early or the monkey is taking their 'rest day'.

Then, we went to look for Poh Poh and it was just right timing because Poh Poh just finished her Yuan Chi dance. I decided not the join Poh Poh and her friends for breakfast as Ern was showing sign of sleepiness. She dozed off in no time right after I gave her a warm bath.

Once we were done with lunch, we went to Tai Yee Poh(大姨婆)house at Butterworth to meet up with the other Yee Poh and other relatives. It is the regular routine for all the Sisters and brothers( Poh Poh's siblings) to meet every Sunday.

Thank goodness Ern didn't show any sign of discomfort entering the house and meet up with her cousin brothers and sisters. It took her no time to mingle well with them. She liked to play (especially) with cousin Ting Wei, whom is just 3 months younger than Ern.

We managed to put 2 toddlers together to snap photos. Trust me, not an easy job!

Scrap credit: Pillowgirl

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Just a day before daddy left for Taiwan, Ern picked up this hand sign from her daddy. We didn't meant to teach her but somehow, she just pick it up. Must be a sign that daddy showed to her frequently..

What is the sign then?

She is waving her index finger, just like how we (the adult) told her 'no no no'.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Brush My Teeth

Bought an infant (meant for 0-2 years old) toothbrush for Ern. Thought it's time to introduce

She was so thrilled to hold the brush and when I told her to put inside her mouth, she followed without hesitant. I showed her the techniques through self demonstration.

I even gave her a cup filled with boiled water for her to 'dip'. Actually, it's meant to gaggle but I haven't gone into the process of gargling and spiting.

See a video clip. She is literally biting the brush more than brushing although she knows the hand movement suppose to be 'up and down'.

It is a struggling for us to take away the brush + cup from her as she would whine and cry eventually. We have to distract her but it took her a while to refocus to some other things. Poor girl, every night crying now. Fighting with mummy over a toothbrush! LOL

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


For those of you who have firm belief in religion, when your child (just one teaching) knows how to:

- kneel down (the act as in to say a prayer)
- do the Cross sign
- Put both palms together on the forehead
- Or the following as what Ching Ern did

I am sure you will be PROUD of them, from religion perspective.

Ching Ern was paying homage to the Buddha. She will do this whenever we asked her:

- How to do 'Pujemi"? (paying homage in Pali language)
- When you see Buddha (refer to statue), what must you do?
- When you see Saidor (refer to chief monk), what must you do?

For us, we were very gratified to see this. What is even more heartwarming when Ern prefers the Puja Book (something like a bible) over her Animal Lift & Flap book.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

At 18 Months, Ern is...

Vital Stats:
Height: 83cm
Weight: 10.5kg
Teeth: 12 ( so far didn't see any new sprouting out)

Proper Solid: 3 times per day ( noon, 5+pm & 7+pm)
We have introduced Mee Sua and Lou Swee Fun on her afternoon meal. She loves Mee Sua but dislike the texture of Lou Swee Fun although she finished what was being given to her.

Light Solid/Snack: Round the clock whenever she is awake or we are eating/munching

Milk: Same (1X of 6oz at Poh Poh’s house & 2X of 8oz when she is with us)

- She is able to remember and recognize the object (especially on animal) even I just flashed to her once. So, the puzzle sets (so far 3) I bought really worth the money (LOL)! Honestly as a mother, I was very proud and happy to see that.

- Ern received 2 doodle boards (Christmas gift) and ever since, she LOVES to *draw*. Once she is bored with her *art work*, she would bring the board to us, asked us to draw something for her. With none of us are good in arts, she is really testing our art skill!!

- She finally bite and chew on her food.

- She loves to *brush* ( bite, to be exact) her teeth and refused to give us back the toothbrush. Every night, we need to dig out our 'trick bag' to find ways to divert her attention.

- She remembers when the aeroplane will fly cross Poh Poh's house. I was so amazed when she signal the aeroplane hand sign when the sound of the plane was very very soft. Trust me, if you don't pay attention or focus, you typically can't hear it.

- More ladylike: she loves carrying handbag around the house. Sometimes, even 2 at the same time - one on her neck and one on her arm.

- Drama Queen: She starts her drama by doing the "fake cry" when MIL leaves her behind. Somehow she is extremely clingy to MIL, partly because MIL never say no to her.

- Ma (mummy)
- Muah Muah ( MIL)
- Ah Pa (Daddy)
- Ma Ma (the rest of the family members)
- Pa Er (flower)
- Up
- Ar Er ( Aeroplane)
- There (where she is trying to tell us the location on the things we asked her)

Scrap Credit:
Quickpage: Valjs
Wordart: Misty Cato

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Caught You Red-Handed

If we forget to tie the string (Poh Poh's self invent cabinet safety lock) to lock the cabinet, Ching Ern would easily ransacked everything out.

Prior moving things out, she would move the rice container out first, without fail! Then, she sits on it, as if it is like her little stool before she starts to move all the things out.

Somehow, we noticed she likes oval or round shape things over others. Don't know why..maybe it's easy for her hold!

When we spoted her doing that, she would give us the 'innocent' look if we 'hep' on her! Just like the photo showns in the scrap.

Not that we don't want to let her play, but some of the containers are heavy and we are worried if it falls, it will hit on her toe badly.

Scrap credit:
Papers & Maroon frame: Annie V
Purple ribbon frame: Sharon Kenealy

Friday, January 11, 2008


{ Backdated-Post }

Ching Ern is a big 'fan-see" (fans in Cantonese) of Little Einstein.

When this cartoon was first introduced to her, she only liked the song and able to associate "pat = clap on thigh" (only when we asked her).

Over the months, she started to watch the cartoon, laughed and followed the movement along the way. Sometimes, she would pat her thigh to 'tell' us she wants to watch this show!

She gets really excited during the 'pat pat & blast off' scene, the part where all the cartoon characters get themselves ready for the rocket to take off. She would pat her knee and before the 'blast off' word is said by Leo, she would raise her hand up to sky! Well, it took us a while to teach her to listen to introduction in order to raise her hand at the right timing.

Hand Bag

I bought this handbag for Ern during my Taiwan trip. Couldn't resist not to buy because it is so cute and what's more, cost me RM3. Tell me, buy right!!

MIL helped to sew the strap a little shorter so that the hand bag fits perfectly to Ern's height. Now, my vain pot carries this bag whenever she sees it. The next thing you know, she carries it every where.

Sometimes, she even placed her soft toy inside the bag, trying to mimic us in putting our keys, wallets. Kids not only learn fast, they also learn via observation.

Scrap credit: Quickpage Love

Thursday, January 10, 2008

*Updated* - Maze Book for Ern

Finally, I found a theme to the Maze Book
I did earlier - My Dad

The Maze Book in standing position:

The layouts inside:

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

May I Present...

The newly crown (by mummy) --- Miss After Pom Pom

The cheeky pose:

The cool pose:

Do you think she has the potential to be a future swim suit model??!! LOL

PS: Pom Pom means shower in child language.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Miss Stone

When Ern is under Poh Poh's care, she would normally walk out from the room with her pacifier still in her mouth and her small pillow whenever she woke up from her noon/evening nap. Then, she will climb up to the sofa or sit on the floor with the same face shown - stone!

If the TV is on, she would stare with this 'stone' look.

Sometimes, she lie down but her eyes still glue with the tv.

For sure, we will expect to see this. She loves to smell the corner of the pillow!!! *yiak*

Monday, January 7, 2008


It is now a routine for us to tie 2 ponytails on Ern because:

- Weather is hot and she sweats a lot
- She keeps rubbing her eyes when the wind blow her hair (side fringe)
- Sometimes, she eats her own hair (wind again) during feeding (LOL)
- She looks more girlish with the 2 ponytail

It is a challenge to tie an active moving toddler’s hair. At times, we ended up tieing the 2 ponytails upside down. LOL

Hence, to keep her sit still, we will need to give her something (to occupy her) and tie her hair within the shortest time.

Scrap credit:
Papers: Digitreat
Flower: Scrapkut

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mini Album For Ern's Hadyai Trip

I did a simple 6X6 mini album for Ern's Hadyai Trip. Thought it's something meaningful to scrap it. Maybe in our next trip home, can show to Yeh Yeh. :-)

Close up shot on the front cover page. The ribbon acts like a hander.

Some of the layouts I did:

I used the leftover from the Christmas wrappers to decorate the page. Thanks to my sifu of sharing the tips.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Boxing Day

{ Back-dated Post }

Curious Mummy can't wait till Boxing Day to open Ern's Christmas pressies...
Thanks to all the Aunties & Uncles..Ern loves them!

Kong Kong bought Ern a sneaker while I get her a sandal. A little bigger in size but should be able to fit in for CNY.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Celebration

{ Back-dated Post}

Late wishes to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Slacked in updating Ern's blog as we were out of town (without taking Ern along) to attend a friend's wedding.

On Christmas Eve, Ern was 'almost down' with flu as she was sneezing the whole day and towards the evening, we started to see mucus flowing down. We got her to drink lots of water and eat more fruits (more than her regular serving) , hoping that this would help her to fight with the virus.

Before we put her to bed, fed her flu medicine and rubbed Vick's Baby Rub on her chest, back and feet. I have heard many mummies share the tips of rubbing Vicks on the feet and put up a socks. I thought no harm trying since the Baby Rubs smells so good! In fact, Ern liked it so much.

Obviously, we didn't celebrate any Christmas countdown because the flu medicine knocked Ern out so fast! Round the clock, Daddy checked and monitored on her temperature.

Luckily on the Christmas day morning itself, Ern woke up with no sign of fever and cough. Mucus stopped running down although her nose was still blocked. We were thankful to see her in the usual active mode(running around the house) and normal appetite.

With that, we decided to bring Ern to QB Mall for a short walk since Daddy wanted to check things out at Harvey. Ern was so delighted when we let her walk on her own because she gets to:
Hugged the balloons (at the entrance)

Climbing up and down on the sofa

Not to miss the rattan chair

Lastly, she was so thrilled when she spotted the 'moving' paper camera display.

Scrap credit: Creativity Victorian