Monday, February 23, 2009

Ern's Reaction Towards Her Didi

During last Christmas, I have gotten Ern some markers, crayon, special coloring books and special water paint from Crayola as the "presents" from her brother to her. I have told (by a closed friend) this will help Ern to accept her didi easily.

On Day 1, Ern missed seeing her didi as he needed to put under warmer to help him adjust to room temperature.

Finally on Day 2, she got to see her didi. I took out the present and told her it was from didi. I tell you, she was so thrilled and HAPPY to receive the present and I was so pleased to see that. Of course during the journey back home, she kept on bugging Daddy to open the present. She stayed up a little late than her usual bed time COLORING!

Subsequently, I always asked Ern to show and guide others (family members & friends) to the nursery to see her didi. She was happily and willingly obliged to do that!

Once we were back home, I explained to her why I need to nurse baby, why baby cry, why Mummy can't go home with her, etc. So far she is able to leave me and didi at my mum's place and willingly follow Daddy home every night. (phew!)

Daddy did called up school to talk to her teacher, to see if she was any 'unusual' behavior at school on Day 2. So far the feedback given from her class teacher - " She tell everyone her didi is in hospital!" *grin*

Daddy and Ern had developed closer bonding ever since Khoo Jr was born, although tiring for Daddy to cope (heavy work load + running hospital + taking care of Ern).Daddy had gone extra mile to care more on Ern since I can't really spend time with her right now. Thanks Daddy! You did an excellent job!!! *muak*

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Welcome Khoo Junior

We are thrilled to announce Ern's brother, Khoo Junior.

Born: 4.55pm 16th February
Weight: 3.5 kg.
Height: 51cm
Delivery: Normal

Both baby and I were back home on Thursday after baby is put under light for 1 day (jaundice).

Che Che Ching Ern is coping well with the arrival of her brother. Infect, it is far above my expectation (I hope I don't jinx it by saying so :-p ). She was very happy to be a little helper to us, like taking diaper, wet tissue, etc whenever we changed didi. We are trying to get her involved as much as possible so that she won't feel neglected.

More updates coming up. Stay tuned.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I know..I know...we need to get Ern a piano. Of cause not the full size adult type but a toy version.

Ever since Ern started her playschool, we noticed Ern like singing. Although the pronunciation is not 100% accurate, she can repeat singing the same song for few times and sing many times within a day! She is not camera shy at all when it comes to recording her singing!

This is the xylophone that MIL got for her. She has been telling me "it's Ern Ern piano". I guess she must have seen her music teacher playing the portable keyboard as I don't remember there is a full size piano at the school.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

CNY Updates

[ photo taken on the 1st day of CNY ]

While I was so tired during CNY, my little Princess enjoyed her CNY very much.

- She played with her cousins, aunties and uncles non stop.
- She was the 'center of attention' and I think she likes that feeling. She sang "Gong Xi Fa Cai" song and danced even she has not met them before.

{ Video recorded separately during one of the nights )
- No school
- Eat junk food
- Sleep and wake up late (both night and afternoon nap)

Because of all these, her 'biological clock' ran out of schedule. She wet her bed 3 times during the CNY week, so we put her back on diaper at night to ensure she has a good rest.

After 3 nights of observation, she is back to 'normal schedule' now. Will take her diaper off tonight. :-)