Friday, October 21, 2011

Part 2: Birthday Card Invitation

Oh Ya, one of the things that I found during the googling process is this special INVITATION CARD!

I love it the moment I saw it!! I find it so cool and interesting! It is like a movie ticket as it comes with bar code and special message --> VIP

I just need to print it out and paste them on a thicker cardboard paper. Viola!

Then, I get Ern to write the guest name and her own name. She really thought her mummy is going to fix a bar code scanner upon guest arrival with this card! LOL

When I distributed to the mummies of her friends, I told them to inform their girls to bring. I wanted the girls to start feel the excitement the moment they received the card!!! Vain, I know I know!

Isn't this fun??!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Part 1: Pre-Party Preparation

For many nights when I tugged the kids to bed, I asked Ching Ern (during our girls talks!) what she wanted for her 5yo birthday party theme. Her answer has been consistent --> Hello Kitty!

About 1+ month prior to the party, I have decided to do a 'art and craft' session with the girls. Btw, her friends are all girls, so that make things much easy to plan! Being a scrapbooker myself, I have lots of scrapbook material with me. So I thought it should be easy.

Well, it turned out not as easy as I thought since I wanted things to go along with the Hello Kitty theme. I started to google for ideas on craft work, how to decorate the house, party food, etc. It turned out either the idea is too complicated for 5-6 yo to handle or I personally find it too complicated to do it myself!! :-)

In the end, I have to look for simple craft ideas and 'customized' myself. I started to do 1 sample of each craft work to have a feel how it looks like. At the same time, I know sample will create more "visual excitement" for the girls. Oh well, a sample also help me to explain the steps easier.

Then I started to prepare six sets of material for the girls. The measuring, cutting, sticking took a while and luckily, I have helper to help me.

As there were quite a number of craft work to do, I have packed them nicely in individual bags and label them accordingly. Ha, take it as I am an organized person :-)

If you see the box clearly, it's actually a shoes box. So, I packed all the staff into a shoe box and printed out a photo and stick on top.

Stay tuned for more...