Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Wishing you and your family a Happy, Joyful and wonderful 2010!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Gift for Her School...

While shopping for Christmas gift, I saw this cute candy cane from Hershey's. I couldn't resist not to buy and ended up buying a box (with 12 candy) and six small packets of Ferroro Rocher.

The candy cane is for Ern's class mates and the chocolates for the teachers. Well, we don't celebrate Christmas but just a gift for everyone to lift up the Christmas mood.

I printed the Christmas tag from here as it's simple and nice. For the candy cane, I just tie the tag with a white rick racks. As for the chocolate, I just glue the tag on the plastic bag. Viola.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009 Christmas Gift Exchange!

It's Christmas time...

To the kids, they love this season of unwrapping and receiving gift.

To the mothers, happy shopping for their kids' gift exchange and wrapping.

In 2008 Christmas, we got them stand behind a wall to take this picture.

In 2009, we get all of them to sit on the sofa. Ern fell in love with this Bar*bie camera that belong to Yee Jie (the girl sitting on her right) While I took their picture, she also busy took hers, which is on ME! mother like daughter!

Look how much the children had grown up!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Her 1st School Concert...

( Back-dated & LONG Post )

Yay, I am way way behind blogging about my kids...luckily I already developed the habit of bringing my compact camera everywhere I go! It is really handy to snap photos for blogging as well as my other personal hobby, scrapbooking!

The school concert on was held on 6th Dec at Komtar Auditorium A. It has been ages since I last went and the first time I took Ern for her rehearsal, we were lost!! haha

Ok, back track a bit on the preparation. Few months before, we have been notified about the concert and paid the money for Ern's costume and entrance ticket.

I knew what songs she was going to sing as she has been singing the same songs for the past few months. As we get near to the actual dates, this little came home 'complaining" she get 'scolded' because she kept on forgetting her steps!! LOL

2 weeks before the actual concert, we (the parents) were asked to bring our kids for rehearsal at the actual venue of the concert (ie Auditorium A) and we were not allowed to enter and see. After I dropped her off, I went shopping with my friend while waiting to pick her up. Had a good retail therapy before picked her up.

On the actual day, we were suppose to apply HEAVY make up and based on what I have, this is the best that I can 'produced'! I am a big fan of Bobbi Brown person, so you can expect what kind of colors in my cosmetic collection. Of course, my little princess was so excited about her make over!

As I was suppose to drop her off earlier, I went alone with her while Daddy drove another car with Sean. Yup, we brought him along and jump over to his blog to read.

I have prepared to see Ern 'chicken out' (stage fight) prior or ha way through the performance. Well, this little girl completed all her performance although she missed out few steps in one of the songs because she was busy kay-poh watching the stage decoration! LOL

After looking through the itinerary, only I realized she had 3 performances. Yup, all along we thought she had 2, based on what she told and showed us!

Daddy was late as Sean was cranky that afternoon. Took him longer to settle than usual. Also, Daddy was lost in finding his way to the Auditorium despite telling him the location! He missed 2/3 of his girl's performance and you can gauge how bad he felt!!

This is her costume for her 1st performance: Remix of "Bla Bla Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star & ABC"

2nd Performance: Ni Wa Wa (泥娃娃)
This is also her first time wearing a tutu! I love it!

3rd Song: "XX lompat' song, I think. Forgot the actual title.
See her happy. No sign of stage fight!

She surprised us with an award, being the 2nd most "Outstanding Student". This is a photo with her friends and Teacher Tan, one of the her class teachers.

This was the part Daddy missed again as Didi was sleepy and Daddy left earlier. All the students were out singing Auld Lang Syne (友谊万岁) in 3 languages - English, Mandarin and Bahasa.

All kids were recognized by receiving a present from her principal!

Certainly a happy day for Ern, so as her Mummy to see her daughter didn't 'chicken out'!! haha

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Her 4th Time...

( Back-dated Post )

Celebrating daddy's birthday!

This time round, we have didi, Sean to make our family into 4!

Nothing fancy but just a delicious dinner at one of the local Chinese restaurants. This time round, Ern started to enjoy the food like us. She started to know what good food taste like! LOL

Of course, she still get to cut and blow cakes 7 times a year, until the day when didi knows! Then I will need to get 2 candles for them to blow already! haha

Little girl is so 'pro' and understand the birthday "SOP" (standard operation procedure) well. Right after the birthday song, she immediately blew the candle (no surprise) . What surprised us was, she took the cake knife and cut the cake within 5 seconds! The next thing I know, she asked me to distribute the cake and she requested a BIG piece! I think she must have seen this very frequent in school since most kids celebrated birthday in school!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

While Poh Poh Is Away...Part 3

One the those days, Ern was sicked - flu (managed to stay away from cough after giving her EBM)

So, she was excused from school for 2 days and she was SO happy! No school means I have to cook lunch for her. While preparing for dinner, I have decided to cook porridge for her. Easiest and fastest way!

See...if she stays home, most of the time she would request to watch her cartoon. :-(

With one full day at home, the hours are simply too long. So, I have to come out with activities/plan to keep her occupied.

One of them is to let her cook her own porridge. Of course, she was much obliged to do it when I told her "You want to play cooking?"

I just let her wash the rice and vegetables. That's good enough to make her happy. On the days when she was home with me, she finished her porridge because I "reminded' her that was her own cooking. I bet she find it extra "delicious"!! LOL

Monday, December 14, 2009

While Poh Poh Is Away...Part 2

I also managed to take Ern along to attend a wedding reception. After confirmation with Yan's Mummy (she was invited too) that we both planned to bring our girls to attend, only then we 'dare' to tell them whom they are going to meet during the reception. While the mummies chilling and talking with our friends, the little princesses busy:

1) Dancing (now you can tell Ern isn't a dancing person!)

2) Playing "Make Up" by using the wedding favor (a personalized wrapper on a Polo Mint) as their brush

3) Coloring -

4) Playing matching cards

Happy for everybody! :-)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

While Poh Poh Is Away...

I actually made plans to do the following for Ern while Poh Poh is away for 11 days for vacation:

- Trishaw Ride
- Ferry (Penang to Butterworth) + Train (Butterworth to Bukit Mertajam) ride
- Re-visit the Butterfly Farm
- Public bus ride

Now that Poh Poh is home, let's see what did we accomplished:

- Trishaw Ride (checked!)
- Ferry + Train ride (tak jadi!)
- Butterfly Farm (Ern was sicked!)
- Public bus ride (Mummy tight up with work!)

I didn't tell Ern up front all these plans to avoid the unnecessary disapppintment. Nevertheless, she was very happy when I took her on the trishaw for the second time.

It was noon time and guess what, she slept during the ride. LOL The best part was, she was sipping her water and just dozed off!!!

I signed up 30mins ride for RM15 and asked the Malay Uncle to pusing pusing around Georgetown before dropped us at a nearly mall (we meet Daddy there). The weather was so HOT until Ern cannot tahan and dozed off. I can understand why because I was sleepy too! haha