Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Wishing you and your family a Happy, Joyful and wonderful 2010!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Gift for Her School...

While shopping for Christmas gift, I saw this cute candy cane from Hershey's. I couldn't resist not to buy and ended up buying a box (with 12 candy) and six small packets of Ferroro Rocher.

The candy cane is for Ern's class mates and the chocolates for the teachers. Well, we don't celebrate Christmas but just a gift for everyone to lift up the Christmas mood.

I printed the Christmas tag from here as it's simple and nice. For the candy cane, I just tie the tag with a white rick racks. As for the chocolate, I just glue the tag on the plastic bag. Viola.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009 Christmas Gift Exchange!

It's Christmas time...

To the kids, they love this season of unwrapping and receiving gift.

To the mothers, happy shopping for their kids' gift exchange and wrapping.

In 2008 Christmas, we got them stand behind a wall to take this picture.

In 2009, we get all of them to sit on the sofa. Ern fell in love with this Bar*bie camera that belong to Yee Jie (the girl sitting on her right) While I took their picture, she also busy took hers, which is on ME! mother like daughter!

Look how much the children had grown up!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Her 1st School Concert...

( Back-dated & LONG Post )

Yay, I am way way behind blogging about my kids...luckily I already developed the habit of bringing my compact camera everywhere I go! It is really handy to snap photos for blogging as well as my other personal hobby, scrapbooking!

The school concert on was held on 6th Dec at Komtar Auditorium A. It has been ages since I last went and the first time I took Ern for her rehearsal, we were lost!! haha

Ok, back track a bit on the preparation. Few months before, we have been notified about the concert and paid the money for Ern's costume and entrance ticket.

I knew what songs she was going to sing as she has been singing the same songs for the past few months. As we get near to the actual dates, this little came home 'complaining" she get 'scolded' because she kept on forgetting her steps!! LOL

2 weeks before the actual concert, we (the parents) were asked to bring our kids for rehearsal at the actual venue of the concert (ie Auditorium A) and we were not allowed to enter and see. After I dropped her off, I went shopping with my friend while waiting to pick her up. Had a good retail therapy before picked her up.

On the actual day, we were suppose to apply HEAVY make up and based on what I have, this is the best that I can 'produced'! I am a big fan of Bobbi Brown person, so you can expect what kind of colors in my cosmetic collection. Of course, my little princess was so excited about her make over!

As I was suppose to drop her off earlier, I went alone with her while Daddy drove another car with Sean. Yup, we brought him along and jump over to his blog to read.

I have prepared to see Ern 'chicken out' (stage fight) prior or ha way through the performance. Well, this little girl completed all her performance although she missed out few steps in one of the songs because she was busy kay-poh watching the stage decoration! LOL

After looking through the itinerary, only I realized she had 3 performances. Yup, all along we thought she had 2, based on what she told and showed us!

Daddy was late as Sean was cranky that afternoon. Took him longer to settle than usual. Also, Daddy was lost in finding his way to the Auditorium despite telling him the location! He missed 2/3 of his girl's performance and you can gauge how bad he felt!!

This is her costume for her 1st performance: Remix of "Bla Bla Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star & ABC"

2nd Performance: Ni Wa Wa (泥娃娃)
This is also her first time wearing a tutu! I love it!

3rd Song: "XX lompat' song, I think. Forgot the actual title.
See her happy. No sign of stage fight!

She surprised us with an award, being the 2nd most "Outstanding Student". This is a photo with her friends and Teacher Tan, one of the her class teachers.

This was the part Daddy missed again as Didi was sleepy and Daddy left earlier. All the students were out singing Auld Lang Syne (友谊万岁) in 3 languages - English, Mandarin and Bahasa.

All kids were recognized by receiving a present from her principal!

Certainly a happy day for Ern, so as her Mummy to see her daughter didn't 'chicken out'!! haha

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Her 4th Time...

( Back-dated Post )

Celebrating daddy's birthday!

This time round, we have didi, Sean to make our family into 4!

Nothing fancy but just a delicious dinner at one of the local Chinese restaurants. This time round, Ern started to enjoy the food like us. She started to know what good food taste like! LOL

Of course, she still get to cut and blow cakes 7 times a year, until the day when didi knows! Then I will need to get 2 candles for them to blow already! haha

Little girl is so 'pro' and understand the birthday "SOP" (standard operation procedure) well. Right after the birthday song, she immediately blew the candle (no surprise) . What surprised us was, she took the cake knife and cut the cake within 5 seconds! The next thing I know, she asked me to distribute the cake and she requested a BIG piece! I think she must have seen this very frequent in school since most kids celebrated birthday in school!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

While Poh Poh Is Away...Part 3

One the those days, Ern was sicked - flu (managed to stay away from cough after giving her EBM)

So, she was excused from school for 2 days and she was SO happy! No school means I have to cook lunch for her. While preparing for dinner, I have decided to cook porridge for her. Easiest and fastest way!

See...if she stays home, most of the time she would request to watch her cartoon. :-(

With one full day at home, the hours are simply too long. So, I have to come out with activities/plan to keep her occupied.

One of them is to let her cook her own porridge. Of course, she was much obliged to do it when I told her "You want to play cooking?"

I just let her wash the rice and vegetables. That's good enough to make her happy. On the days when she was home with me, she finished her porridge because I "reminded' her that was her own cooking. I bet she find it extra "delicious"!! LOL

Monday, December 14, 2009

While Poh Poh Is Away...Part 2

I also managed to take Ern along to attend a wedding reception. After confirmation with Yan's Mummy (she was invited too) that we both planned to bring our girls to attend, only then we 'dare' to tell them whom they are going to meet during the reception. While the mummies chilling and talking with our friends, the little princesses busy:

1) Dancing (now you can tell Ern isn't a dancing person!)

2) Playing "Make Up" by using the wedding favor (a personalized wrapper on a Polo Mint) as their brush

3) Coloring -

4) Playing matching cards

Happy for everybody! :-)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

While Poh Poh Is Away...

I actually made plans to do the following for Ern while Poh Poh is away for 11 days for vacation:

- Trishaw Ride
- Ferry (Penang to Butterworth) + Train (Butterworth to Bukit Mertajam) ride
- Re-visit the Butterfly Farm
- Public bus ride

Now that Poh Poh is home, let's see what did we accomplished:

- Trishaw Ride (checked!)
- Ferry + Train ride (tak jadi!)
- Butterfly Farm (Ern was sicked!)
- Public bus ride (Mummy tight up with work!)

I didn't tell Ern up front all these plans to avoid the unnecessary disapppintment. Nevertheless, she was very happy when I took her on the trishaw for the second time.

It was noon time and guess what, she slept during the ride. LOL The best part was, she was sipping her water and just dozed off!!!

I signed up 30mins ride for RM15 and asked the Malay Uncle to pusing pusing around Georgetown before dropped us at a nearly mall (we meet Daddy there). The weather was so HOT until Ern cannot tahan and dozed off. I can understand why because I was sleepy too! haha

Friday, November 20, 2009


3 years ago.....
they were little girl and baby. They can't play nor communicate to each other.

3 years after....
they are good play mates!

Look how much they have changed!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Sunny Day, Mummy

That's her 'justification' insisting I should take out her sunglass and let her wear!

I brought her along to meet a friend for lunch downtown. While driving to the restaurant, she saw me wearing my sunglass. So naturally she wanted hers. So, I gave her.

After I parked my car, I told her to take off because the distance from the parking lot to the restaurant just like 50m away. But this lil vain pot insisted to wear it!
Until we got into the restaurant, she only took off after asking me this question "mummy, why so dark inside here?!" LOL

Friday, November 13, 2009

Swing oh Swing...

At 3.2 years-old, my little princess only overcome her fear on swing! You read it right, Ern has fear sitting on swing all along. We are equally clueless as you. There wasn't any incident where she fell off from the swing or other incidents that traumatized her. Ever since we started to introduce playground to her, she just never take swing!

Only recently when I took her to the park for a photo shoot, she was only convinced to try after many rounds of coaxing from me.

I let her try the 'baby swing' first, with the front and back covered with a 'seat' (don't know what is the real term, sorry!) so that it will help her to feel more 'secure'. She was doubtful at first, must be thinking if she has made the right decision to try!

The moment she get to try on the swing, she just fell in love. So the next thing i expect (in which I am sure you all know), she didn't want to get down!

More trips to the park, I am sure! Must 'create time" liao...haha

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First Trishaw Ride

I think only 2 states in Malaysia have trishaw - Penang & Malacca

For the first time, I took Ern for a trishaw ride. Just 2 of us, leaving Sean behind with his daddy. We had a good lunch at one of the restaurants down town with my friend and followed by the trishaw ride.

Weather was good that afternoon and more importantly, the little girl was so THRILLED!!!! That's the best word to describe her! It was just a short ride (just make one circle from where our restaurant is) like 15mins but like what my friend said: as if the clock had stopped! brought back memory for me as my last ride was like 20+ years ago! Back then, my mum took me and my brother for the ride, from the jetty to her dentist near Data Kramat Road.
Same old type of trishaw but this time, I am with my daughter. Isn't it would be more meaningful if I can have 3 generations of women in the trishaw?? A note to self - bring mum along and MUST take photo!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

She Overcome Some of Her Fear!!

Not only her brother is achieving one after another growth milestone for the past few days, Che Che also "mm chap sui' ( not losing behind)

She used to have strong fear on thunder, rain drops and firework. But now no more liao!! Yay!!

It rained heavily last week but the little girl showed no sign of fear nor asking for 'protection'(need us to hug her) Then, there was a day where the firework was played at Poh Poh's house and Ern started to appreciate it. Although she dare not go near, she viewed in by standing near to us and kept saying " beautiful!".

After "striking off" 3 items from her so called fear list, there are still couple to go...LOL

- Lizard
- Mouse
- Mosquito Fogging
- Drive through car wash
- Naughty Corner --> I pray hard this one will NOT go away!! haha

Scrap credit:
Quickpage by Dream’s Pieces

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Friend Walter

{ This is NOT a paid post }

No...Walter is not Ern's school mates but it's a audio speaker that comes with this series of books. It was a surprise gift not only for Ching Ern, also for me as well.

When Daddy first told me his purchase and the price, the first question that I asked him was this: "The salesperson is a leng lui and you kena con kah??" LOL

Putting aside the price, they are indeed very very useful books. More like children encyclopedia, if I look at it. Even now that I am going through the book with Ern, I am learning at the same time, more in explaining the knowledge in simple terms to our child. For example:

- Why our nails is hard when it is part of our skin?
- Why do our legs go to sleep after sitting in the same position for long time?

Each topic comes with children friendly pictorial explanation and by pointing at the dots, Walter will explained in details as thousands of files being embedded into the books.

Ern likes it very much! That's really worth the investment!

You can find the website (picture source) here

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Toy Fighting

This is the rare occasion to see, when my 2 kids play on their own! Most of the time (9.5 times out of 10), Sean will crawl to his Che Che to fight for the same toy. The next thing we hear would be:

"Mummy, Di Di grab my book"

"Daddy, Di Di crawl to my body!"

Ern has no problem to share her toys if we ask her to share. Of course, she will usually say no in the beginning but after we tell her so, she would share.


Her brother, Sean is on the opposite side. Whatever we gave him, he hardly wants it but he wants whatever his sister is 7+ months-old.

Daddy and I already 'mentally prepare' the fighting and screaming from both kids when Sean is able to walk and talk!

Well, this is part of the 'package' of parenting! :-)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

For The First Time...

Ern misbehave outside of the house!! Our definition of 'misbehave' is something that we as her parents can't tolerant!

We were attending the birthday party of Kelvin & Kaitlyn at their house. Everything was all ok and kids were happily playing. After cake cutting, somehow Ern wanted to eat the cake by herself. Under normal circumstance, we would let her eat. As it was near to Sean's sleeping hour, we were in a rush to get back home. Hence, Daddy told Ern that he will feed.

Daddy hit to the 'right button' of Ern, in getting into her 'nerves' (I think). She started to throw tantrum, kept saying "no" and even walked away. Even we tried to talk nicely to her (knowing she was misbehave), she didn't buy in.

After like 3-4 times of 'sweet talk', our little STILL didn't buy in and kept saying "no" in her angry tone, Daddy and I lost our patience on her. We didn't score her but just told her "fine, we are going home now!".


The crying drama started after she heard the 'going home'!! Cried so loud until Daddy has to bring her to the back of the kitchen. After round 1 of 'sweet time', she stopped! Mana tau, cry again later until VOMIT!

Even after vomit, she was still in her stubborn and angry mood. In the end, we decided to go home while the little girl still showing her 'big pau' face to everyone!!

While we were in the car, Ern knew she was wrong and trying to apologize by calling our names. She didn't say the word 'sorry' but trying to divert our attention to something else and though we can forget about it. To her dismay, daddy and I didn't response to her at all. Then, she kept quiet until we reached home and made her milk (since she threw up).

While she was drinking her milk, Daddy and I were in conversation to sync up what's the best way to correct her behaviour. In the end, I asked Daddy to be the 'bad person' and I just stay quiet. We agreed not to have any 'good guy' so that the message can really deliver to her.

Right after her milk, Daddy started to question her in a VERY fierce and loud tone. She admitted all her acts were wrong and promise not to repeat. She wanted in burst into tears but daddy stopped her. She hold on not to cry (but tears falling down from her red watery eyes) when she apologize to us, knowing that if she cry, things are just going to get worst.

Daddy really did a good job in 'lecturing' our girl. He spoke with the right tone as message really sent across. When Daddy was busy setting up her bed, I asked her what had happened:

Mummy: Do you know why Daddy angry?
Ern: Yes, because I cry.
Mummy: Why you cry?
Ern: Because I make Daddy angry
Mummy: Why Daddy angry?
Ern: Because i no eat cake.
Mummy: Do you know why Daddy say no 'self' (self feeding)?
Ern: Because I will spill the cake, dirty Aunty's house...Aunty angry and mummy has to clean the house. Then...Ern Ern cannot come back home.
Mummy: Next time be good girl, ok?
Ern: YES! (nodd her head few times)

PS: Sorry to Aunty Joanne. Dirty your place and some more have to use your name to 'cross the bridge" in discipline my girl! haha

Thursday, October 1, 2009

H is for??

Just last Sunday morning, I was doing an English exercise worksheet with Ern while Sean taking his morning nap.

We started from alphabet "A" and as we moved to letter "H", below were our conversation:

Mummy: Ern, tell Mummy, H is for?
Ern: H is for H-E-L-A-N-G!! (She said that without much thinking)
Mummy: *paused for a while as I was blank in answering her!*
Mummy: Correct, Ern! H is also for Hammer!

That's why you see 2 circles on the row of H.

PS: After I looked at this photo, I just realize the answer for "G" is wrong. The correct answer should be the 2nd object (ie Ginger) instead of the 3rd one (deer). I think I must be overlooked the deer as "GOAT"!! *shame*

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Little Girl

It has been a while since I last blogged on Ern. Not that I don't have anything to blog but just don't know what to start.

Ever since she started school, her vocab had improved A LOT! She is able to speak the right language at different person. She just surprised us everyday on the things that she speak. Btw, I am in the midst of writing down her conversation and plan to scrap a book about those funny conversation. You know, if I don't write, for sure I can never remember.

"No" phase -> she is starting to challenge us on the things that we asked her to do, especially those that to her dislike. She would either say 'no' directly or came out with all sorts of nonsense excuse. At times, it can really drives us to the wall!

Request for Kai-kai -> she is pampered by her god-grandpa like 1-2 times per week to go kai-kai. My goddad will fetch her from school and bring her to the mall. So on the days when Poh Poh fetched her, the first question she would asked Poh Poh : "Why X Ah Kong Not here?"

Swing -> finally, this little girl overcome her fear in swing. Yup, she never want to take a swing whenever we are at the park. Only the swing, the rest she is pretty ok. Don't ask me why because we also clueless why she didn't want to take.

Sharing -> Most of the time, she has no problem sharing her stuff with her didi.

Shy -> She started to feel shy lately, especially seeing a strange man. She would stay close with us when we meet someone or run away!

Meaty --> She is a "meat" person. She loves eating meat than anything. So, we need to make sure she either take enough fibre or drink lots of water. Else, surely run into constipation problem.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Yellow + Pink Bicycle

The photo was taken on 30th Aug, the next day right after Daddy got Ern her first ever bicycle. It was her belated birthday present from Daddy!

Of course the little girl was thrilled about her new 'toy'. Kept on asking us to let her ride her bicycle. Daddy taught her how to paddle, starting with "half circle paddle" way, means pedal up half way then push down again type (if you know what I mean)

Ern didn't really get the concept right but instead, she kept on playing on the bell that is on the handle. Or she used both her legs to move the bicycle instead of paddling, you know the "flintstones" way. After a good 30mins, Daddy was so exhausted because of the bending up and down movement. So, we called it off her first so called ride.

Then, no bicycle ride until the following weekend. Same thing Daddy taught her. She got a bit of it but still paying more attention on the bell instead.

Finally just last weekend, she got the idea of 'half circle paddling' and been moving around. Slow moving like turtle but progressing well. Let's see this coming weekend if she is able to paddle full cycle.

Scrap credit:
Red Paper: Curso ValGouveia
Ribbon: melanie ann
Folder paper, doodle: Danielle Corbitt
Frame: Sarah Möller
Note: Fran
Stapler: Scrapkut

Monday, September 7, 2009

Big Sis...Little Brother

Ern loves her didi. I think to certain extend, she protects Sean. Just over the weekend while Daddy and I had a coffee at Star*buck (with 2 kids around), a little girl maybe her age stopped at Sean's stroller to peak on him. The Big Sis stopped the girl by saying : "You cannot see my Didi!" LOL

Nevertheless, Ern had some 'mild' sibling rivalry with Sean. I used the word 'mild' because no fighting so far (hope not in the near future), no argument (I am sure this will come by when Sean is able to talk) but just attention seeking from from us.

She would just call after me to attend to her when I am busy attending to her Didi. If I can attend to her, I will do so by having a good 'mum + daughter' time. If not, it will be a 2:1, with the left leg carrying Sean, the right hand for Ern to do:

- Coloring
- Drawing
- Playing flash card
- Holding story book and read to her
- Doing some exercise books with her

If I really can't (especially during Sean's nap time), Daddy has to come in to distract her away, play with her or let her watch her favourite Astro 613 channel.

Honestly, I feel bad. Very bad because I know I have not been spending really good time with her ever since delivered Sean. I have been telling myself that's something normal once you have more than 1 kid but seeing her playing alone, the heart ache!

Must CREATE TIME to spend good moments with her. Aunty Lim will be back this week and I have booked her much earlier to take good photos for Ern. Let's see if I can take her to Butterfly Farm because I know she loves this place!

Scrap credit:
Papers, Frame & flower: whimsy
Wordart: Elegant

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still Her Fear..

I blogged about what freaked Ern out before she turned 2. They were:

- Thunder
- Wave
- Rain drop
- Firework

Well, she has yet to overcome the fear but added more into her 'fear list' :-(

- Lizard
- Mouse
- Mosquito Fogging
- Drive through car wash
- Naughty Corner

So, naughty corner works for me in discipline her. Before I put her down at the corner, she will start to cry the moment i show her the angry face and say the word "go to your naughty corner!". haha

Scrap credit:
Quickpage by Kate Fairlie

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Lizard Still Works...

Ever since Daddy created the Lizard's white lies, it has stayed as a scary thingy within Ching Ern till now!! Bad, you may say but it works on us in getting/stopping her to stop doing something.

We have added the list on top of what we shared earlier:

1) Ern has the bad habit of peeling her upper lips skin whenever she is free. So most of the time, you will see there is slight reddish on her upper lips. There were several occasion she peeled till bleed :-( So one night, after we saw her peeling he skin, we 'threaten' her if she continue to peel, then the 'hole' on the lips will grow bigger in which, big enough for Lizard to stay inside.

She panic for a while but still can't change the habit! *argh!*

Scrap credit:
Quickpage by Jady Days Studio

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hadyai Home Trip

{ Back-dated Post }

I brought my camera during our first trip going back as 4! Dang, didn't take any photo as I was so occupied with Sean and Ern!

2nd time , I snapped pictures from our journey from Penang to Kayu Hitam border, then no more. Same reason, too preoccupied with Sean.

I hope the 3rd trip, I am able to snap pictures of the children with their grandfather!

Going back as 4, means more things to pack, load and unload & unpack. The whole truck was literally full with bags, 1 stroller and 1 high chair.

This time round, Ern has to sit at the front together with Daddy while Sean with me at the back. Ern enjoyed her bread & cheesecake before she dozed off almost the same time as Sean, just when we were about to reach Sungai Petani.

We made a stop at Changlun for toilet break, changed money and get our immigration card processing done. Yup, just pay RM1 each person, the card will be nicely print and ready to be endorsed by the immigration.

It was crowded when we reached the border, which was something unexpected. Knowing how the spreading of A(H1N1) , no school holiday nor public holiday, we expect it should be quick in getting our passport and vehicle entering permit endorsed. We saw BIG bikes and scooters parked at the road side. All of them in their biking gear, black leather jacket, boots, etc. Hmm, that caused the long quere.

Daddy took Ern with him for car permit processing while Sean and I sat at the bench nearby. Boy, I can't carry him long because he is big size for his age.

We stopped at Tung Lung (half way between Hadyai and Kayu Hitam) for the famous chicken rice. We hardly miss eating and thus, most of the helpers and bosses can recognized us. One of them even commented Sean had grown up so much!

When we reached Yeh Yeh's house, it was closed to 1+pm. The kids had a great time with their grandpa before they took their quick shower for their afternoon nap. By the time I settled both of them and put them to sleep, I was tired!

We didn't go anywhere since the H1N1 spreading was quite bad. Just stayed home for the entire nights and the next day. The housekeepers prepared home cooked food for all the meals. Delicious is all I can say on the authentic Thai food we get to eat..

PS: I accidentally deleted some photos during uploading process. Argh!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Create Time

We often hear people say -> I will find time to do X.
One of the managers in my ex-company used to say this -> We create time to do X because you may not 'found' the time at times :-)

Yup, I 'created' time to do scrapbook for my kids. So the 'time' can be late at nights, as in after both kids go to bed and after I settled the house chores like 11+pm. Or during the weekends, it will be during their nap time (if happened to be the same)

So mummies out there, if you can't find your 'me only' time, CREATE it! :-)

My latest 2 layouts on Ern.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Because of Love...

A Father wants to show to his daughter, he spent X hour to fix a new puzzle for his girl.

When I asked the father why he started to pour out the puzzle pieces from the box, he just replied me:

"Do for her since she said she doesn't know!"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Saturday Night Fever"???

The real John Travolta in his famous "Saturday Night Fever" Pose:

Ern's Version (Psst...wrong side of the hand):

Photo was taken over the weekend, just right before we departed for our Hadyai trip. Will blog about the details on the trip later. She just pose this for me when I asked her to look at the camera!

Photo credit on John is here

Friday, August 7, 2009


This is how Ern learn her phonics in school, ie via singing.

Her Version:
Bong Sa Bouncing Ber Ber Ber X3
Ber is the sound of B

The right version:
Balls Are Bouncing Ber Ber Ber X3
Ber is the sound of B

Her Vision:
Dong Sa Dancing Der Der Der X3
Der is the sound of D

The right version:
Dogs Are Dancing Der Der Der X3
Der is the sound of D

Actually, I have heard this some time back but I was clueless what was that until during the recent Parent-Teacher Review Session, I just got to know this is how the school taught them on phonics.

Monday, July 27, 2009

How We Keep Her Busy

During weekend???

1) Coloring

We do this few rounds with her - on water color, crayon & color pencil

2) Art Craft
I just simply draw a picture, tear out magazine paper into small pieces and asked her to stick on it. Also, I let her touch on glue because to certain extend, she has minor cleanliness obsession. :-)

3) Swimming

I got her a pool during her 3rd birthday. She was so thrilled about it. Now that our weather is so hot, this is definitely a good idea to cool herself off. (also an exercise to ask Daddy to water the plant after then)

4) Paper Folding

Daddy taught her to fold aeroplane while I taught her on paper fan. She has yet to master to fold the aeroplane and as for the fan, you just get to see a uneven shape of fan!! :-)

4) Reading
I have started the Ladybird's Peter & Jane series. So far, she has completed 2 books within 3 weeks period. Consider not bad since I don't do it daily with her.

5) Phonics
My friend got her a Leap Frog Fridge Phonics magnet set. Since her school taught her phonics (via singing), I let the toy teach her while I am doing the laundry. Multi-task, you may call it! LOL

6) Flash Card
I bought cheap English flash card from Tes*co and I teach both kids. Ern is looking at the words while her didi, Sean is looking at the picture (he sits on my lap). So 1 effort, I get to teach both!! She is able to recognized a lot of the fruit names and I am starting on the transportation.

Also, I also did the Mandarin card with her too. To my surprise, she knew some of the complicated word like 明 (clear), 丽 (beautiful), 拍 (pat), 球 (ball) which she learnt from school.

7) TV
She loves her TV. Her current favourite are Animal Mechanical & OSO from Channel 613.

Sound a lot?? No..because each session only lasted for like 15mins only (except TV & pool session). Her concentration span is still short.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Why" Phase...

Finally, the 'why' phase has arrived, just 1+ month before Ern turned 3. Actually, I anticipated it to come much earlier.

Like any other kid, whatever you answered, there is a 'why' question coming right after it. So far, the record of 'why' questions was 5 times in a go. After then, she was convinced on my answer and settled with it. LOL

I wonder how long this will last...

Scrap credit:
Quickpage by KHALB

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spice Market

[ Back-dated Post ]

After the Penang Hill outing, Ern and Yan met again at Spice Market Cafe @ Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa.

Well, it was more for the mothers to meet and makan, rathan then for the little girls to meet!!! We went for the "buy 1 free 1" promotion.

Good food, good catch up for the mothers. And of course, the little girls enjoyed each other company too. See proof below, they even shared their coloring/exercise book!

Ern was doing Yan's exercise book! :-)

PS: free low of lollipop. That's why you see both girls had 3 in their hand.

Monday, July 20, 2009

On An Ordinary Day...

I just love the color of the brings out the effect that I want although photos were taken using my cheapo camera...haha...

Daddy and his Princess:

Ern and I:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

1st Half School Assessment

It has been 8+ months that Ern started school. She didn't cry on Day 1 but the drama of 'cry + no school' happened 3 months after that, just 1 month before I delivered Sean. It was due to sibling jealousy and attention seeking.

The school organized a Teacher-Parenting session 2 weeks ago, to enable the parents to know how their children behave and learning development. I went alone to meet her teacher while leaving both children to Daddy. It was early slot they scheduled for me - 8.50am!

The moment I looked at her report card, I was happy with her progress because it was really what I expected. She didn't score any A but mostly B and C (The grading: A = Good Performance ; B = Average and C = Need More Improvement). I don't expect her to be able to master everything well. After all, my intention of sending her to school is to learn and have fun, especially at this age.

The comments that I get from her teachers:

- She showed the most interest in maths & coloring. She won't run around during this 2 lessons.

- She "dreamed" (her teacher used the term short concentration span) in class, especially on the lessons she has less interest.

- She needs improvement in her reading skill in all 3 languages - Mandarin, English & BM

- She doesn't like to write (i know this very well).

- She can't write the number and alphabet but can trace them very well.

- She is able to recognized numbers (1-10) and alphabet (upper and lower case)

- She hardly sing and dance but just sit down and watch their friends (guess she enjoyed to be audience than being a performer. LOL)

- She is playful and talkative in class.

- Her sensorial skill need improvement. She can't stag the ring or arrange things in the right manner (from big to small or tall to short).

I know right after she starts primary school, no more fun in school but just homework and exam. So, better let her enjoy now! hahaha...

Some of her work in school: