Sunday, July 31, 2011

Growing Stage..

At times, I am in dilemma when it comes to my parenting life.

On one hand, I want the kids to grow fast so that I can have more 'me only' time. You know, I don't need to bath them, feed, etc..

At the same times, I find my kids grow up so fast I started to miss their baby/toddler time. I missed carrying them in my arms, their baby smell, the tidy cute clothes, run my hands on their tiny feet/fingers,etc...

Sigh, this is called life! Like a Chinese proverbs says: You gain something, you lose something as well.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oh My...

When I look at this photo of Ching Ern, she looks so tall and grow up!

Lazy me, never get the initiative to learn about photo processing even i have the hardware and software ready...sigh...find time is not enough, I need to create time!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ern turns 5!!

Time flies. My little princess turns 5 today!!

I can still remember my labor experience and the unforgettable 2+hour of push to get her out!!! Not forgetting, to go through with her with worries and many sleepless nights on her 'special' experiences (you can read from here and here) since young. Oh ya, there is something I didn't blog earlier. We just got to know Ching Ern remembers her past life! It happened in April during the Cheng Beng and that's how we discovered it! She can tell us she has seen her Great Grandparents in where and the best ever, she told me " I also see Daddy and Mummy, but you both different face!".

Scary isn't it??!! Honestly, that made me and hubby to be a stronger person in our parenting journey.

Happy Birthday, Princess!

PS: I threw a party for her. Will blog soon with photos and details. So stay tuned.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Art Craft

I heart this photo - the facial expression, the colors and most importantly, the moment!
( the art apron is handmade by MIL)

Whenever I can, especially during weekend I will spend time with Ern to do craft work. This was a recommendation from her school teacher to cultivate her creativity while also improve on their motor skill.

We had so much fun together, even the session can be as short as 15mins. So much so, she has been asking for it almost everyday! :-) I am glad she enjoyed the session.

So now, my study room is full of craft materials, from papers (various types), embellishment and empty boxes.

My little girl is on full concentration in painting