Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Where is Ern Ern?"

During the stage when Ching Ern doesn't know how to point, when we ask her "who is where?", she will first look out for that person and then stop at the direction where the person is.

Then when she started to point as her way of 'communication", she will point to the person correctly and even now, she is still do the same thing.

However, she doesn't know how to point to herself whenever we asked her 'Where is Ern Ern?". She just gave us a puzzle look instead. Only last weekend, we have 'successfully' taught her in recogniting her own name as "Ern Ern".

If you ask her "Where is Ern Ern?" right now, she will pat her chest. :-)

Monday, July 30, 2007

My Little Terror

Why Little Terror??

Scenario 1:
Ern likes to flip book lately (ya, no more biting), which is something good to see. However when I asked her to give/share the book with us, she refused and made a fuss out of it. When we took it from her trying to teach her what is 'sharing', she wailed.

Scenario 2:
We still bathe Ern the baby way, where we will hold her neck to wash her hair and once done, then only we place her into the tub. Lately, I started to pour water from her head just to gauge her reaction and also prepare her to transition to 'standing shower'. She didn't cry but she doesn't know how to close her eyes and wipe the water from her face. In fact, she opened her mouth to taste the water. I was using a plastic cup (from her feeding set) to pour the water and she got excited scooping the water. She was so happy playing with it and I get to shower her without much wetting my shirt. Things changed when I got her out from the tub. She wailed.

My little girl has grown up obviously, she knows how to express herself...:-)

Friday, July 27, 2007

My Favourite Photos

Of all the photos I have taken on Ern, I love this the most.

I don't know if it's because of the hair band or what, somehow it looks sweet to me.

Do you think so??

Scrap Credit:
Papers, doodle & tag: By Lively
Buttons: Niiki & Mil

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ern vs. Car Seat

Right after confinement month, we have 'trained' Ching Ern to sit on her car seat the moment we get into the car and no matter how far/short the distance is. Actually, we have to put her on car seat anyway because we don't have anyone to carry her. Most of the time, it's only 1 person with her. Except weekend, the routine is very much fixed during weekdays - Poh Poh will come to our house to pick her up in the morning while I take her home after having dinner at Poh Poh's place.

Although the distance between the 2 houses is only 10 mins drive, at times, Ern gives us 'headache' also. When she was much more younger, I actually put her at the front seat (although it was not suppose to be from safety perspective) and face me. No choice, I need to talk and sing to her whenever she 'merajuk'. Right after she turned 10+ months, I have moved her to the back seat and turned her into forward facing position. I have not put the car seat straight up although she has turned 1 and more than 9kg. Since she is coping well with the lying position, I just let it be.

Ever since I moved her to the back seat, the acceptance level has increased, which is good for us and more importantly, it's for her own safety. At times, she still 'ka ka cau cau', so I have to give her some soft toys to keep her occupy.

Ern is still very much at the biting stage, she drooled all over the toys, especially the head, hand, tail or leg, those 'extended' part. I need to chang the soft toys almost every 2-3 days (to make it interesting for her) while also taking the old one to wash! Smelly..

Sometimes, i used the soft toys to play with her and she will give me a BIG grin like the photos in the scrap.

1 stone kills many birds...hahahaha....

Scrap credit:
Template by Princess Pamela

Laundry Clip

I think most kids like to play the household utensils than their old own toy. I don't know if our kid finds it more interesting since we, the adult keep using them everyday. :-)

Ching Ern likes to play with the laundry clip. She can sit quietly for ~ 15mins, taking the clip in and out the basket, repeat and repeat. At times, she will put the clip inside her month after playing with it after a while. So, we have to supervise her at all time when we let her play with it.

Other than that, she likes to crawl to the lower cabinet of Poh Poh's kitchen to take the various sizes of the plastic baskets. Poh Poh stacked the baskets according to the size. Ern will 'ransack' it and the next thing you know, the baskets are all over the floor.

Scrap credit:
Doodle, Flower & Paper: Ronna Penner
Film: Valgouveia

Monday, July 23, 2007

Wai Sek Mao

Ern likes to eat, just like her parents. :-)

Just like yesterday evening, she finished 7oz of formula on the way to Queensbay Mall and yet, she almost finished 1 big piece of rusk and 1/4 slices of toast at Old Town when we had our dinner, which was just 1/2 hour after her milk.

Right after that, she demanded to taste some of our haigen diaz ice-cream too. Gosh, she is really a wai sek mao.

Scrap credit:
Papers, doodle & flower: Melanie Ann
Circle: Princess Pamela
Wording:Pamela McNicol

A Date With Paed...

I took Ching Ern for her MMR injection after seeing no sign of allergy taking egg. The moment PD saw her, first comment she gave:" Wow, her 'pau' (cheeky face) come back already ya!". We last seen the PD when Ern was admitted due to dengue about 3 months ago.

However, Ern didn't gain much weight but at 9.1kg and 74.5cm in height. PD said Ern is at the perfect weight now, ngam ngam at the middle line of the growth chart.

Ern was busy pointing here and there because she recognized bee and flower. Yeah, PD clinic is very 'children friendly', lots of toys to play, colorful painted wall and lots of animals hang on the ceiling.

For the first time, Ching Ern didn't cry for injection. Poh Poh managed to distract her attention by playing a toy on PD's desk. We dare not place her on the bed anymore as we know she will cry. Dunno why...

Scrap credit: Angela Niehaus

Friday, July 20, 2007

Finally She Walks...

At 1 Year & 1 Week old, Ching Ern walked unsupported for TWO steps. Finally, she is brave enough let go her hand and walk. We were waiting for this day to come much more earlier. Ern started to cruise when she was merely 8-months-old, so we expect her to walk much more earlier, ie before she turned 1 year old.

We were using a product sample to 'attract' her and she walked unsupported towards us unknowingly. You can tell Ern is a 'kiasi' girl because she dare not walk unsupported when you ask her to walk. That's why we have to use an object to divert her focus.

Hopefully within the next few weeks, we are able to see more steady steps from her.

Scrap credits: Sharon Kenealy


< Back-dated post>

This is how Ching Ern show her "Good" sign. She doesn't know how to raise her thumb even we taught her the right way.

Whenever we asked her "how to show good sign?", she will do this if her mood is good.However, if you give her any food (except her porridge & cereal), she will show this AUTOMATICALLY without us asking her!! Haha, I think she is telling us " This is only called food!". LOL

Scrap credit:
Papers, button & Reel: Pamela Mcnicol
Crown: Princess Pamela

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tag: 8 Things About Me

Another tag by Shoppingmum on '8 Things About Me".

1) I love food, especially Japanese food. That's also the reason why it took me ages to shed those 'extra fat' after I delivered Ern. I am the type of "eat first, belakang baru kira'. hahaha

2) I hate cooking. I only started to cook when Ern started to eat solid.

3) I like to watch movie. However, ever since I have Ern, never had the chance to watch TV or movie liao. No time.

4) I can't dance. Stiff body, you may say. I hope Ern will not laugh at her mummy when she get to compare.

5) I am a BIG fan of Harry Potter. I read all the books and waiting for the last book to release on 21st July

6) I was a national swimmer during school days. That's why I have a broad shoulder because I specialized in Butterfly Stroke

7) I am a organized and planning person. I guess some of you can see from Ern's party.

8) I believe in karma and hold this simple life philosophy: "when you do a good deed, you will get a good return later in life".

I think many people done this tag. So, shall not tag anyone.

Tag: Do You Need to Lose Weight?

Got tagged by Kelvin's Mummy whether I need to lose weight.

The answer is simple: YES! YES! YES!

I dare not take the test as I know I will fail miserably. I put on total of 10kg on myself after delivered Ern and even after 1 year, I still have another 4kg to go. *sigh* Even before I get pregnant, I was not in the 'perfect' weight anyway.

I breastfed Ern exclusively for the first 6 months and yet, I didn't shed those 'extra' away. Looks like I have to go through the hard way to get back to my old shape - EXERCISE! No other short cut.


During Ern's party, I get to see how Jie Yan did some animal 'body language' act like tiger, lion, butterfly, etc. Of all, I like the way she did the elephant act because it's very cute.

I taught Ern the same "elephant act' after the party but she didn't show much interest. So, I only taught her 2-3 times (each time I repeat like 3-4 times) and stopped after then since I thought it may be something too 'complicated' for her to learn.

Just on Monday afternoon while daddy was changing her nappy, I just simply asked her to do her 'common act' like clapping, pointing, etc in order to keep her occupied and lie still. At the same time, I was trying to test her if she remembered 'elephant'.

To my surprise, she remembered the act and she did it in her way! Instead of putting one hand on the elbow of the other hand, she put in somewhere in between the wrist and elbow.

Kids really surprise us! Never underestimate them...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

13th July 2007

< Back-dated post>

I took a day off on Ern's birthday. Nothing in particular, just wanna spend some "mummy & daughter only" time with my little girl. :-)

I guess Ern can 'sensed' her mummy was taking the day off on her BIG day, she woke up early (7am) compare to her usual time. Right after Ern finished her 7oz milk, I drove her to Botanical Garden for a walk and breathe some fresh air. Shame to say this was her 2nd trip to the garden since birth. Excuse, excuse and excuse.

She was sitting quietly in her stroller when I pushed her around the garden. I think she hasn't wake up 100% yet..haha..Anyway, right after we are done with 'the walk' (sorry, my lil girl can sit quietly for only 1 small round of the garden), we meet up with Poh Poh and her friends for breakfast. We had hot and sour fish head bee hoon soup, fried bee hoon at the famous shop near Gurney Drive. Ern get to try Ee Foo Min and fried bee hoon. She loved it! Rather I need to say, she loves food just like her parents!! LOL

The day was followed by her routine schedule at Poh Poh's place. Since most of the family members didn't get to enjoy the food during Ern's party, Daddy decided to have a "sit down 8-course dinner" with our close family friends. We invited Brandon/Brenda family and my godfather along since we considered them as part of our family.

Too bad I forgot to snap pictures during the dinner. Ern behaved well that night. She was happily eating her rusk while we took turns to carry her when she whine to get out from the high chair.

Happy Birthday again, my lil Princess!

Scrap credit:
Frame: Sunflower 99

Fish Pond

Whenever we get near to the lift at Poh Poh's apartment, Ern will point to the direction of the fish pond. So, getting someone to bring her to the fish pond has becoming a 'daily affair' in Ern's mind.

Somehow I noticed Ern likes animal, be it dog, bird, fish or cat. You can really see the excitement and happiness shown IMMEDIATELY on her face whenever she sees one. Other than giving us her usual 'cunning smiling' look, recently she started to add in some 'sound effect'. She will say 'oh' (in high pitch way) in delight and keep babling along.

Scrap credit:
Template: Diana of Scrap

Who is Jo-Nee.com???

Some of you asked me who is jo-nee.com??

Jo-nee.com is actually owned by 2 ladies who love handcraft and one of them, YN is actually my friend, whom I met during my primary school days. Yeah, we are old friends for 20+ years!

YN and her friend do set up a stall to sell their artwork on the last Sunday of the month at Upper Penang Road. If you are interested to find out more about her great artwork, you can visit her stall. No specific date but all you need to remember is “last Sunday of the month at Upper Penang Road’.

Everything done by YN is HANDMADE. So, you can’t find it anywhere else other than her stall. She has quite a wide range of handmade product at her stall, from hair clip, key chain, fridge magnet, brooch to wedding gift.

Since we are approaching ‘wedding month’ soon, you may consider buying a wedding gift for the wedding you are going to attend. YN gave me one of her ‘wedding cake +doll” during my wedding, which I find it very memorable (at least to me).

Now, back the the topic. When I told YN my brief idea of decorating the house as well as the favor for Ern’s party, she has helped me:

1) Match the color of the wrapping paper, the card and borrow me the bear puncher.
2) Put up Ern month-to-month’s photos in a nicer paper and design, along with the small note below in indicating the month
3) Oh ya, not forgetting the nice wooden clip she has done to clip the photo.
4) Touch up Ern’s name and birthday banner by putting bear
5) Come out with the idea of using the long type balloon to decorate the house
6) Small flag on the food. Originally, it was meant to label the food. I improvised a bit by adding in the ‘thank you’ note.
7) She came over on the day itself (together with her sister) to help me to put up everything.

Of all, she actually did a scrapbook for Ern in capturing Ern’s last 12 months’ development. I am the type who fancy simplicity, so I requested a simple design scrapbook. She just asked photos from me and design from there. I will take a photo of the scrapbook and blog about it later.

THANK YOU, YN! I owed you many 'yan cheng' (人情)...

Friday, July 13, 2007

1 Year Old...

Happy Birthday my girl. You will now be called as toddler but you are always our baby in our eyes. :-)

Below are the summary on Ern's development:

1) Height & Weight: Yet to measure. Hopefully we can get her latest reading on our next visit to PD (for her MMR jab).
2) 3 times per day on milk: Day feeding: 7oz ; night feeding: 8oz
3) Solid: 2x per day (noon: porridge ; evening: cereal/wheat
4) Snack: fruit (including durian), biscuit & our food!
5) She will pat her chest when we asked her what is 'pah pah' (afraid in Mandarin)
6) She will turn her palm face up when we asked her how to do 'no more'
7) She knows to lift her chin slightly up whenever we place her handkerchief during milk time
8) She will follow after me to pat the pillow for 3 times whenever I asked her to lye down during milk time
9) She knows where Kong Kong keep the ice cream by pointing at the fridge direction.
10) Whenever I say "yes sir, no sir', she will close the palm together and lift near the ear.
11) She will grab my thumb and shake very hard whenever I asked her whether she wants to play the 'sieh sieh,pong pong pong' game.
12) She only knows how to point the 'ear' and 'mouth' on mummy, not on herself.
13) Occasionally, she will shake her head to say no whenever she doesn't a thing. Just like the other day, she shaked her head when she was done with her poo. LOL

Scrap credit: stacie.com

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to you, our lil Princess.
We Love you always.

Daddy & Mummy

Scrap Credit:
Everything by Miss Mint

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Last Day As Baby

Today marks the last day for Ern being called as a BABY! Tomorrow onwards, she will be offically a TODDLER.

Time flies...our lil Princess has grown so much and so fast....

Scrap Credit:
Papers & doodles: Magdolenamar
Alphabet: Princess Pamera

Stand Unsupported - Longer

Ern is able to stand unsupported for a longer period right now. The last I timed her was ~ 2+ minutes. However, she can only do that when she is being 'distracted', ie by watching and listening to the cartoon song.

She will move her hand and dance along in her way. See the video clip below when she is listening to her favourite song "PB & J Otter". Once the song is over, that's it. She will start to grab something to hold even we know she can stand longer. :-(

Scrap credit:
Template by Retrodiva

Ern's Birthday Party (Finale!!)

This is the last part for Ern's birthday party.

"So fast?? Ern's party is over liao!" This sentence kept repeating in my head the next day after Ern's party. I have planed the event few months back and now it's over. Unbelievable. From the feeling of 'looking forward', now it's memory.

While removing the balloons, birthday flag and banner, it triggered me a thought. I need to keep something as a memory for Ern. So, I decideed to use the nice box given by Evan's mummy (she bought Ern a nice stricking orange dress! I like it very much) to put in all the birthday cards, party pack, favor wrapping, etc. Of all, I purposely want to keep the "Number 1" candle as it will be something very sentimental.

I am keeping it for Ern until the day she is old enough to treasure it. Hopefully she won't 'ngam cham' at me and say I am keeping rubbish for her. Even if she will, I know looking at the box myself will remind me the party I had planned for her.

To my readers - thanks for following through..I know it's kinda long. :-)

Ern's Birthday Party (Part # 5)

If you have missed reading the first 4 parts of Ern's party, below is the quick link:
Part # 1
Part # 2
Part # 3
Part # 4

By the time we are done with house cleaning and shower, it was almost close to 2am. We were exhausted but we knew we had another exciting things that is yet to be accomplished - open up the present!

I tell you, when I unwrapped the present, it really brought me back to my childhood days. So nice...

Ok, back to the topic. What did Ern received from her presents? Lots of them!

1) She has ride-in, soft toys, educational toys, Barbie dolls & DIY Hand Print

2) She has new dress and skirt too...

Final Part: After the party

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ern's Birthday Party (Part # 4)

Birthday girl came home like 6.15pm, dressed in the new pink dress Kong Kong bought for her. We put up a pink color hair band too. Matching huh, you’d bet!
By 6.30pm, Ethan was the first guest to arrive. After which, more guests arrived and the soon after then, the feast began. It was little hot that evening at our porch until we need to bring out the table fan. Originally, I refused to put it up afraid that the kid may play with it and get hurt.

After food, it was really fun time for the kid. All of them gathered in the living room and play. Most of the kids were fascinated with the present as I put them on the floor. The ride-on was the ‘hot’ toy. All wanted to touch and ride!! Of coz, Ching Ern was no exception. :-)

I have planned to cut the cake no later than 8pm so that everyone can stay through until then. I know the sleeping hour for some babies/toddlers ~ 8+pm. So, have to ‘quick quick’ cut the cake, which is the highlight of a birthday party! :-)

Ching Ern likes bear and dog. So, I wanted to get her a cake with either one of the animal. However, the cake shop that I went does have both designs but they can only do the Pooh Bear in 3D way. In the end, I chose the Pooh Bear, which something she can recognize anyway.

The family members been singing birthday song to Ern few weeks back to get her familiarize with the song. All this while, when we sing the song, she will clap along. Too bad that night, she didn’t clap but luckily she didn’t cry either. I think she was busy looking around and puzzled why so many people singing the same song to her!! Hahaha.
Funny family photo: Only mummy looked at the camera. Ern looked at the cake while Daddy kept on asking Ern to look at the camera.

A short video clip when we sang the song.

We blowed the candles for Ern. Actually, Ern was trying to touch the candle!!!

Soon after then, some of our guests made of move as and when it’s close to their baby sleep time. By 10pm, everyone gone.

This was some of the last few pictures Ern took with her friends before all of them went home. Of all, I liked this the most because it’s so funny. The mothers trying to ask their girl to look at the camera but both turned away. Haha

Next Post: Ern's Present

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ern's Birthday Party (Part # 3)

Once we were done in hanging up all the photos and banner, next decoration was the BALLOON! Putting up balloons does make a lot of difference for a party. It really brings out the party ambiance. Since I was running out of time, I just put up 9 round shape balloons. Suppose to have 10 but one burst while I was tying it. I just hang them on the pillar at our porch.

Then, I tie up the long shape balloon to the canopy at the entrance. Suppose to put up another row on the other side of the canopy but no time. By the time we were done with the front row, it’s already 6pm. We are expecting our guest at 6.30pm.

Then, I put up flags on the ‘dry’ food like spring roll, friend belacan chicken, sandwiches, fruits, etc. The original plan was to put up on the sandwiches only, to tell the guest what’s inside the sandwiches. Later, I came out with the idea to stick a ‘thank you’ flag..

Next post: The party itself!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Ern's Birthday Party (Part # 2)

I actually print out Ern's last 12 months photo and hang them on the wall. In addition, I also take out her old bib, outgrown mitten & booties, tummy wraparound & hat. Then, clipped them nicely next to the photos. Oh ya, we decided to take brown as the theme color, that's why all the papers are brown in colors. Just different design. Also, the clip used was actually the traditional wooden type. We just add some ornament on top to make it look more creative.

1) From far view

2) Closer view with her bib

3) Closer view with her hat

4) Closer view on the tummy wraparound, mittens & booties

5) The Month by Month Photos

Do you think Ern has changed a lot for the past 12 months??

To be continued...

Ern's Birthday Party (Part # 1)

The day begins when Ern woke up at her usual schedule – 7+am. After her milk, bath and play, I quickly put her to nap when she showed me the ‘sleeping’ sign. I guess most of you know Ern is a light sleeper, so I need to be right beside her in order to get her nap longer. She took 1.5 hour that day for her morning nap. After then, we sent her to Poh Poh’s place since we will be busy preparing food & decorating the house. I have informed Poh Poh to do the same thing for the afternoon nap as well so that Ern is “fully charged’ before the party.

Once we were back to our house, hubby and I started to prepare food, get the party bag ready, clean the house, move away those “potential” furniture (eg vase, coffee table) that may hurt the kid and start decorate the house.

So, what and how do we decorate the house?

1) I hang a “happy birthday’ banner on the wall near the entrance together with Ern’s name.

Closer look on the word. We actually punched the bear and use form tape to stick it. Again, this is to have the ‘3D effect”.

2) Since it’s a children party, it wouldn’t be complete without the party bag. I tie up all the bags and party hat at our window.

I purposely buy the party bag that allows me to write the kid’s name. It’s more personalized! :-)

What’s inside the party bag?

The card was stick on the brown bag with cookies inside. I only took this photo after the event..too busy and forgot..

3) Next is the favors for the guest to take home.

Closer look on the wording.

4) I just put up a simple ‘happy birthday’ flag in our living room.

To be continued....

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Birthday Favor

I will be giving away a favor to the guest, as our appreciation for attending Ern's party. You may say: "wow, got favor some more!" Hahaha...but frankly, I enjoy doing art work although I am not a creative or art person. Somehow, I enjoy the process how we turn something simple to nice. I did 600 favors for my wedding all by myself!!!

A-ha, so what the guest will be getting tonight?? I actually snapped some photos while doing it. Sit back and let me walk you through how I prepare it. :-)

1) These are the materials for the wrapping and decoration - sugar paper, color papers, ticker color paper in name card size, bear shape puncher, special shape scissor and double sided foam tape.

2) After that, I punched out all the bear in 2 different sizes. Then use the special shape scissor to cut the edge of the name card to turn them into 'zick-zack'.

3) After that, I paste small piece of double sided foam tape behind each bear. This is the hardest part and time consuming also.

4) Stick the bear on the card and the foam tape gives you a '3D' effect on the bear! That's the whole intention of using form tape!

5) After that, it is follow by a 'thank you' note on top.

6) Then, I cut the sugar paper into the right size to wrap the the chocolate.

7) After wrapping, I stick the name card on it and viola!!!

Again, jo-nee.com helped me to design the whole thing and do the color matching. I just put the act together only. :-)