Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I Am A Good Girl

I just like this photo. No particular reason!

Ern was a good girl on Sunday because:

1) She took longer nap
2) Less cranky
3) Active and playful. KK and I had a great time with her
4) We placed her on the car seat for 1+ hour. She didn't make any fuss!
5) Light off at 9pm and Mummy woke up at 6+am the next day

That's why " I Am A Good Girl" loh...:-)

While You Were Sleeping....

While taking Ern out to Queensbay Mall last Saturday, Poh Poh somehow found a way a let Ern "sleep better" in the prem. It was true enough Ern slept longer in this way. The prem we bought for Ern can't recline fully (Why still buy? It's light and comes with a sling. Easy to carry). I was asked to walk at the back to keep an eye on Ern. I found this scene so funny and snap the picture. It was as if Poh Poh is pulling a luggage. LOL!

It was a CNY shopping. Poh Poh is like a "Santa Clause", bought 6-7 suits baby/chilren clothes!! She just couldn't resist buying those cute dresses, just like me! Ok..ok...Ern is not getting all of them. She get 2 and the rest is for my cousin's baby.

I bought some new toys for Ern. She has been playing with the same old toy and get bored (I think!) with that. Will post the photo later. Stay tuned.

January Wardrobe Collection

January wardrope collection is out. Check it out. :-)

Monday, January 29, 2007

Trojen No More!!

The title of the post speaks for itself. :-)

Before (Picture taken around 3+ month):

Now (Picture taken over the weekend ):

Friday, January 26, 2007


Dear Aunties & Uncles,

First of all, thank you for much for visiting and keeping me in your prayers for speedy recovery. Guess what, doctor confirmed my lung is CLEAR and recover!

Hooray, that means Mummy and Daddy can start to take me out during weekends (actually I can go out on weekday also ler). I am so bored staying at home, seeing the same faces and playing the same old toy.

I accidentally heard Mummy is planning to bring me to Queensbay Mall this Saturday. So, you can spot me there ya...

Psst...it was my first time sleeping in a cot. So, I bang my head several times on the barrier even Mummy put pillow on the side to protect me. Don't panic, it was harmless! Mummy took a picture of me also...

Lastly, I wish all of you to have a nice weekend (just like me) :-)

Your Little Cutie,
Baby Ching Ern

Dumb & Dumber

This is not a special shape milk powder dispenser. It was round shape originally but Mummy & Daddy accidentally "make" it in this flower shape :-)

As Ern started to take formula, i was thinking it's just the right time to use it(it was a baby shower gift). So, Mummy "cleverly" washed and sterilized (conventional way - boil) it in a boiled water one of the evenings. Then, Daddy boiled it the next evening as well. Only the next day, I discovered the contained is out of shape.

When I showed Daddy, he said "it was already in this shape" but he still boiled it anyway.

Lesson learned. Not all baby plastic stuffs are "boilable".

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good & Bad Learning!

There was a conversation between Poh Poh and Ern 2 days ago:

Poh Poh: Aiyoh, why so naughty, Ern Ern!!
Ern: hek..hek..hek..*Cranky and whining sound*
Poh Poh: Mummy paid RM3200 for you to learn this!
Mummy: LOL!!

No doubt, Ern became very manja before, during and after the sickness. When Ern was sicked, we were trying to minimize her from crying because that would lead to vomit the milk or medicine. Even now, we tried to avoid it so that the medicine really get into her body for faster recovery.

Well, ~ 10 day of "pampering", I don't blame Ern to be manja as before. Who doesn't want to be pampered??

On the other hand, we noticed Ern started to learn new things while in hospital. At least worth the RM3200 I paid! *LOL*

1) Able to lift her butt real high and straighten the hand as if trying to sit up
2) when we did the "pau pau" (cuddle) act,she will reach out both hands and move the whole body towards the direction to the person.
3) Recognize stranger - an Indian nurse was trying to carry her, unfortunately she turned back and hold me real tight!
4) Creep to the direction when someone call her name.

Happy Belated Birthday, Mummy!

Dear Mummy,

Happy Belated Birthday, Mummy!!

I am sorry I missed the 1st birthday celebration with you. I was too weak to go out, being a sick baby :-(

Nevertheless, Daddy bought you a nice cake and I did my best of stop cranky for a while to take picture with you.

Mummy, I love you!

Psst: Daddy, I love you too!

Your love & joy,
Baby Ching Ern

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Gift for CNY

Ern started to receive gift for CNY from Irene Koh Poh & Brenda's Mum.

From Brenda's Mum:

From Irene Koh Poh:
Front View:

Back View:

It comes with a pant:

This is the paper bag for the clothes. I like the front page. Somehow it just makes me feel good to see this baby.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Hospital Roommate # 4

Hospital Roommate # 4: Baby Nicole

Baby Nicole is a 13-month-old baby girl. She was admitted due to high fever and cough. It is my first time meeting a baby who cry almost throughout the day, with and without reasons. The best part is, the "crying hiccups" lasted for 45 mins even she has fallen asleep!! Typically, she cries:

1) When she needs to undergo nabulizer & medicine (this is common and acceptable)
2) Mummy give milk
3) Mummy puts her to sleep
4) Mummy change her clothes
5) Mummy/Daddy change her diaper (after poo)
6) Doctor came to see her, not even touch her yet
7) When her "mamasak" fell down from the cot
8) Sponging
9) The list goes on..can't recall.

According to her mummy, she was "like that" since birth. One thing I wasn't very pleased is the parents were not considerate although they knew their daughter "cried all the time". They could have move the baby to a single room instead of twin sharing. Luckily, Ern was able to sleep through even Baby Nicole cried so loud. Maybe we were patting her back/butt, that's why Ern feels secure. I can't imagine if Ern is a light sleeper, then the room will have another crying baby.

Hospital Roommate # 2 & 3

Hospital Roommate # 2: Baby Iza

Right after Baby Hung left, Baby Iza was admitted due to food poisoning. Baby Iza just turned 2 years old. She is a mixed Caucasian. Father is a local mixed "Chinese-Ang Moh" while the mother is a Dutch.

Baby Iza was cranky throughout her stay. She typically glued to the maid and mother and wanted to be cuddled AT ALL TIMES. So, the mother and maid complained of tiring hand. Luckily, Baby Iza was allowed to discharge the next day as her food poisoning is a mild one.

Hospital Roommate # 3: Baby Feng

Of all, this is the most heart-wrenching. Baby Feng is a 3+ month old, Down Syndrome and Heart Baby boy. He is so tidy and weak. He suffered from cough and it was too much for him to cope until he needs to be under oxygen and heart monitoring.

Also, his condition was so bad that he can't drink milk by himself but through tube. According to the nurse, he has no energy to suck the milk from the bottle. Physio is a no no for him (even he needs it badly) as it will worsen his heart!

I felt bad to see Baby Feng to suffer and I believe the parents will even suffer more! I am glad I did the amniocentesis test to confirm whether Ern was a Down baby. It is really a physiological trauma to the parents.

Hospital Roommate # 1

Throughout the 7D6N stays in hospital, Ern has 4 roommates, 1 boy & 3 girls.

Roommate # 1: Baby Hung

Baby Hung is a 2+ year old baby boy. Admitted few days before Ern due to severe cough. Towards the end, mild flu kicked in as well.

Coincidental, the mother is actually my classmate in high school. Baby Hung actually started cough 1 month ago. His mother only brought him to see normal GP and eat Chinese medicine. After 4 weeks, the cough has worsen as it spread to the lung. According to the grandma, reason for not taking baby Hung to see paed: PARENTS TOO BUSY! :-(

Baby Hung is afraid of nurse (all of them) and physiotherapist. Whenever he is naughty, the grandma/mummy will say "Misi..misi (nurse in hokkien), come...come..." Immediately, he will be an obedient boy. He doesn't want the nurse to come close to her. He even demand the nurse to get out of the room. It was so funny and everyone (the adults) just laughed!

What puzzled me is:
1) Is the work schedule really that TIGHT that the parents can't squeeze 1 hour to bring the baby to see paed?
2) What is more important than the health of your own child?

Then, I started to ask myself:
1) Am I that kiasu that everything must see paed?
2) Is Chinese medicine really work for baby since there were many fraud cases reported?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Yipee....Ern is home finally...

Paed allowed her to discharge right after her last nabulizer and medicine of the day. After 5 days in the hospital, Ern started to get used to hospital life:

1) Stop crying during physio
2) Stop crying during medicine but just whine
3) Still cry during suction :-(

Well, the phlegm and nasal mucus blockage had improved but still need to under medication.

Throughtout the 7D6N stay, Ern met 4 "roommates". One of them is real "interesting". Will update more in the later post.

Lastly, thanks to Aunty Yen Nee and Aunty Chee Ling dropped by to visit Ern. Heartfelt thanks from Mummmy and Daddy.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Still in Hospital...

By looking at the picture, the chubby cheek Ern used to have is gone! *sob..sob*

Ern is still in hospital during day time for her medicine, physio, nabulizer and suction. So, she cries 5 times a day: 3 times for medicine, 1 for physio & 1 suction. She is traumatized over medicine, syringe, physio and suction. She started to cry loudly when:

1) She smells medicine
2) When we place the syringe near her mouth
3) When the pillow is place under her tummy (for physio)
4) When she is wrapped and a pillow is place on her tummy (for suction)

Of all, suction is the worst! She cried until the face turned red and you can see she couldn't breathe for split seconds. The eyes were rolling upwards. When she did her first suction, I nearly can't control my tears. It's really sad to see your own child suffering and cry in this manner. I felt helpless and blame myself for not taking good care of Ern.

Her nappy rash came back again!! I think Ern react to the medicine as she poo unusually. Instead of once per day, she poo every feeding and it's soft stool. :-(

Ern was extremely weak and tired on Monday and Tuesday. She was quiet and didn't response much when we tried to play with her. Thank god, we started to see her playful response on Wednesday onwards.

Ern didn't sleep through ever since she started to fall sick. I guess it was the cough and blocked nose that wake her up. Strange thing is, she will get up at 2am and we are seeing this trend for 4 consecutive days! We will observe again and if it continues, something is just not right!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


We brought Ern to see paediatrician again on Monday afternoon. Ern's flu condition has worsen as she can't breathe via nose but mouth! Breathing is getting difficult for her as she needs to inhale harder. In the end, Ern needed to be admitted to undergo physiotherapy, suction and nabulizer.

Poh Poh (while Mummy away to work) and I took turn to take care of Ern. She is still hospitalize but paediatrician allowed us to take Ern home during night time. Other than enabled Ern to have a better rest, I guess also good for us as we can sleep better at home rather than the bench at the hospital.

Will update more when Ern is discharge. I am so zombie....zzzzzzzz

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sick Baby!

Ern's condition deteriorated on Friday night. Started to have running nose, watery eyes and cough almost non stop. Body temperature shoot up but thankfully didn't reach the alarming stage.

Brought Ern to see paediatrician again on Saturday since her fever couldn't subside. No antibiotic given since Ern is still a 80% breastfed baby. Moreover, her situation has not gone to the stage that warrants antibiotic. Other than continue with the same medicine, nasal drop was given to clear the nose to enable Ern to have better sleep at night.

Ern vomited couple of times, especially when we were trying to give her the medicine. I think she has slight fear over syringe as she didn't want to swallow and try to vomit out the medicine. Also, she also vomited the milk or water when she has a bad and strong cough. So, we need to reduce the usual oz to avoid vomiting.

Ern became extremely cranky and wanted to be cuddled all the times. She cried almost non stop whenever we placed her back to her cot or cried out of no reason. I think it was the blocked nose and uncomfort throat that made her uneasy. She coughed and sneezed almost all the time. We tried to remove the nasal mucus via the "nasal pump" (sorry, can't recall the exact name!) but failed. We didn't succeed either even when I tried to suck out the nasal mucus by my mouth!! I know it's not hygienic to do that but when you see your baby suffering from blocked nose, you just want to do whatever that can help to relieve them.

In the end, KK and I didn't sleep the whole night but take turn to cuddle Ern. Even then, Ern didn't rest well as well. :-( So now, Ern is weak and tired. Still cough and sneeze badly. Hopefully we will come to an end soon.

This is the first experience for KK and I to take care of a sick baby. No doubt this is part of parenting, we felt bad and sad to see Ern in such a situation. We knew very well "flu+fever+cough" is a common sickness to everyone but seeing our own baby suffering is a different feeling.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Ern is Sick!

Mr C invited 2 other friends to visit Ern yesterday - Mr Fever and Mr Flu.

Paediatrician diagnosed Ern had flu when I brought Ern to her clinic. We were told fever may come along as well. So, she has briefed me how to take care and monitor Ern's condition. At the same time, she has warned us Ern's condition will get worsen before she can recover.

Mummy and Daddy took turn to check on Ern's temperature round the clock. Too bad by 4am, Ern's temperature shoot up. PCM gave and it subsided.

Luckily Ern didn't cough last night and manage to sleep undisturbed till 6am. Maybe it's the cough mixture that make her drowsy and sleepy.

Ern coughed more during day but still able to drink milk and take her nap per usual schedule. A bit cranky and whined more than usual. I guess that's her way of telling us "I am not feeling well!".

On a brighter side, Ern is able to creep without swinging her body to reach for something. She lifted her butt up and moved forward. Good girl, another achievement.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

We Lost the Battle...

Mr C started to visit Ern on Tuesday night. He came to see Ern 3-4 times but gone after that. No one like him because he is a public enemy and he annoys people.

Yesterday, Mr C came to see Ern again!! Not only once but several times during day time. He increased the visits even more at night. I tried to stop but can't help much as he came with a group of army. Obviously, I lost the battle, so as Ern.

We dislike you, Mr Cough!!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Ern's First Experience - Walker & Solid Food

I bought this walker for 2 simple reasons:

1) as a chair when we feed Ern
2) another toy for Ern.

We started to place Ern on the walker (Saturday) to see her reaction. Obviously, she liked it as the walker comes with several musical buttons...so, whenever we placed her on the walker, music will play non stop as she will press and press the button...

Poh Poh started to feed Ern rice cereal yesterday noon. First attempt, failed because Poh Poh just add water. I guess it's tasteless and Ern disliked it. Second attempt, I added breastmilk and Ern ate it! Yipee.. * didn't snap photo as I was feeding her*

BUT, I need to figure out what other ways Ern will eat the cereal. Mixing breastmilk is a short term solution as I will stop produce breastmilk one day(soon, I think). Maybe I need to consider buying other brands. Another "trial and error" task. :-)

Btw, Ern is coping well with the formula after 3 attempts. So now, she is drinking formula once per day. The remaining 5 meals still on breastmilk, via bottle.

I have stopped nursing her ever since 2 weeks ago. I think it's zero impact to her as I only nurse Ern like 1-2 times a day, even weekend. Moreover, she is too small to associate me with breastmilk. :-)

Monday, January 8, 2007

More Photos on Ern

I have posted new photos on Ern. Check out at "Ern's Photo Collection", click on "Month 5".

Happy Viewing :-)

Rock & Roll

We noticed for the past few days Ern started to creep by swinging her body left and right to reach out something. In fact, she started to lift her butt up but I didn't see any movement when she did this! Poh Poh said it could be a sign of crawling. :-)

First, I was using the Cube Toy (free gift from my gynae) to attract her but it didn't work. She started to get bored with the Cube(I guess). So, I have to use my camera cover instead as the sound of velcro attracted her. There goes, she started her version of "rock & roll"....

1) First, she turned left

2) Then, right

3) Almost there

4) Tadaa, I got it!

5) Ern gave me a "Don't take that from me" look (the camera cover was underneath her, actually)

Sunday, January 7, 2007

"Low Battery"

Ern had her 2nd dose of pneumococcal injection & rotavirus. As usual, Ern cried (shorter this time, like 10 seconds) the moment paediatrician took out the needle. She didn't spit that much on the rotarix as compare the first time.

Here's the development of Ern:

Weight: 7.8kg
Height: 67cm
Head circumference: 42.5cm

Within the next 24 hours, we were constantly measuring Ern's body temperature as we were told she may develop fever. Thank god she didn't.

However, she was moody and cranky. Kong Kong said Ern in a "low battery" situation as she was less active and playful. Maybe it's the effect from the medicine. Well, she slept right after the her last meal(11pm)till 7am this morning.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Ern's Toy Collection

I have created another photo link to capture Ern's toy. Check it out at "Ern's Toy Collection".

The "Day" Has Come...

All this while, I have been persistent and determine to nurse Ern until she turns 1. According to my gynae, some breastfeeding mothers will be "traumatized" and discontinue on breastfeeding if they suffer mastitis or breast abscess. He complimented me on my determination to nurse Ern even I suffered breast abscess for twice.

After the incident happen on 1st Jan, it changed my mind completely! It is sad to discontinue breastfeeding while I know it is the BEST for Ern. Trust me, it is even heartbreaking to see her vomiting so badly and refused to drink the formula (it stink). To me, I feel that I am no difference than "torturing" Ern because:

1) Only feed her the formula when she is extremely hungry (to make sure she drinks)
2) Next feeding (breast milk) needs to be dragged at least 1/2 hour instead of her her usual 3 hours window to make sure the formula is fully digested.

Tell me, isn't it I am torturing her??!! Bad Mummy!! *bang wall*

Some breastfeeding mothers in office shared their experience when they first introduced formula to their babies. From the sharing, the right thing to do now is to find the right formula for Ern so that I can continue to give her breastmilk.
Come to think of it, I will need to face this "day" anywhere. Just a matter of time, either now or 6 months later.

Let's see how she cope with NAN HA for next few days. Anyway, I have several brands of formula "stand by" for Ern to try. Keep my finger cross she can cope with both formula and breastmilk.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

First Suit

Some elderly said you mustn't give away your baby's first suit to anyone,including your siblings. I don't know why but i am keeping all the clothes we bought for Ern anyway. :-)

Anyone happen to know?

Sit Back & Relax

We bought this float for Kong Kong (WS's dad) to sit on as he suffered from back ache since last week. According to othopedic, this will help to minimize the weight pressure for the back. In the end, it was Ern who "uses" it the most. Now, it is like her toy!

Maybe it's something new, she seems to like it A LOT! She will just sat quietly and smiled to everyone while a minute ago, she was so cranky.

"Paper Fan"

Don't you all agree Ern's feet look like a paper fan? :-)

Monday, January 1, 2007

Different Way of Celebrating 2007

Guess it is time for "daddy" to tell story...

I happily accepted the "offer" to take care of my little princess while mommy is away attending dinner session with her best friends...well, this is the very least I could and I would do...she needs to spend time with her circle of friends too ;-)

As always, I was reminded "to mix 5.5oz of warm water with 3 scopes of milk powder" on the introduction of formula-feeding...Well, I have to admit I may be careless at times, but I definitely will not take any chance, especially when my little precious is concerned...hahaha (Was saying inside my head..."What!? Aiyoh, this task is of no challenge at all...") ;-)

When it came to 8:15pm, Ern started to "tell" me she wants her milk-milk already...As planned, in less than 10 minutes, Ern was in my arm enjoying the newly-introduced formula milk-milk...It certainly taste different, but I really wonder if Ern will like it...Anyway, Ern downed the 6oz milk-milk in ~10 minutes time...Hey, not bad, right?

Knowing Ern is playful when her mood is really good, tried my best to make her laugh out loud...trust me, this is the happiness only those who are in parenthood will understand, and it can't be described in words...pardon me for being not able to capitalize them in writing...hahaha

My little precious started to rub her eyes at about 10pm...true enough, Ern was sleeping with smiles on her face in les than 10 minutes...Hehe, not bad to call it a task well done...WAIT...that's not all...Ern put me through major scare when she started to throw-up at 11:30pm...Ern vomitted 3 times and we decided to send her to hospital immediately without taking further risk, if any...

Thank God that Ern is doing fine, just the effect of not getting usd to formula...We have to monitor and to re-formulate the portion accordingly...Anyway, Ern "celebrated" the count down in the car and saw the fireworks during the journey to hospital...