Friday, November 20, 2009


3 years ago.....
they were little girl and baby. They can't play nor communicate to each other.

3 years after....
they are good play mates!

Look how much they have changed!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Sunny Day, Mummy

That's her 'justification' insisting I should take out her sunglass and let her wear!

I brought her along to meet a friend for lunch downtown. While driving to the restaurant, she saw me wearing my sunglass. So naturally she wanted hers. So, I gave her.

After I parked my car, I told her to take off because the distance from the parking lot to the restaurant just like 50m away. But this lil vain pot insisted to wear it!
Until we got into the restaurant, she only took off after asking me this question "mummy, why so dark inside here?!" LOL

Friday, November 13, 2009

Swing oh Swing...

At 3.2 years-old, my little princess only overcome her fear on swing! You read it right, Ern has fear sitting on swing all along. We are equally clueless as you. There wasn't any incident where she fell off from the swing or other incidents that traumatized her. Ever since we started to introduce playground to her, she just never take swing!

Only recently when I took her to the park for a photo shoot, she was only convinced to try after many rounds of coaxing from me.

I let her try the 'baby swing' first, with the front and back covered with a 'seat' (don't know what is the real term, sorry!) so that it will help her to feel more 'secure'. She was doubtful at first, must be thinking if she has made the right decision to try!

The moment she get to try on the swing, she just fell in love. So the next thing i expect (in which I am sure you all know), she didn't want to get down!

More trips to the park, I am sure! Must 'create time" liao...haha

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First Trishaw Ride

I think only 2 states in Malaysia have trishaw - Penang & Malacca

For the first time, I took Ern for a trishaw ride. Just 2 of us, leaving Sean behind with his daddy. We had a good lunch at one of the restaurants down town with my friend and followed by the trishaw ride.

Weather was good that afternoon and more importantly, the little girl was so THRILLED!!!! That's the best word to describe her! It was just a short ride (just make one circle from where our restaurant is) like 15mins but like what my friend said: as if the clock had stopped! brought back memory for me as my last ride was like 20+ years ago! Back then, my mum took me and my brother for the ride, from the jetty to her dentist near Data Kramat Road.
Same old type of trishaw but this time, I am with my daughter. Isn't it would be more meaningful if I can have 3 generations of women in the trishaw?? A note to self - bring mum along and MUST take photo!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

She Overcome Some of Her Fear!!

Not only her brother is achieving one after another growth milestone for the past few days, Che Che also "mm chap sui' ( not losing behind)

She used to have strong fear on thunder, rain drops and firework. But now no more liao!! Yay!!

It rained heavily last week but the little girl showed no sign of fear nor asking for 'protection'(need us to hug her) Then, there was a day where the firework was played at Poh Poh's house and Ern started to appreciate it. Although she dare not go near, she viewed in by standing near to us and kept saying " beautiful!".

After "striking off" 3 items from her so called fear list, there are still couple to go...LOL

- Lizard
- Mouse
- Mosquito Fogging
- Drive through car wash
- Naughty Corner --> I pray hard this one will NOT go away!! haha

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