Friday, October 31, 2008

Now & Then...

While cleaning up my hard drive's photo holders, I pulled out Ern's photo when she was first born.

Look at how much she has grown and changed...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Maid

Our Maid is:

- Capable -> can keep Ern sit still for long and leave us time to do our works.
- faithfully available at 24X7
- Make Ern giggles and dances
- Calm Ern down or divert her attention
- She isn't Filipino, Indonesian or Cambodian


She is none other than TV!!!!!!!!!

Ern is "addicted" of watching cartoons. Luckily only the cartoons and not the rest of the drama/movies. She would request us to turn on TV for her by saying " XX, watch (car)toon" and take 2 remote controls for us (one for TV and one for As*tro).

One day, i can't remember what was the topic of the conversation but I was telling Ern I can't see it because it's very far.

Then, my little girl showed me this:

And she said "telescope".

At first, I was stunt and puzzled where did she picked this word from. When I asked her who taught her, she didn't answer. Then, I rephrased my question to "where can you find telescope?", she happily answered " Mic*key House".

Then I recalled. Mic*key House has a telescope and it can move to the top of the roof by moving round and round the house.

Geez...she is learning new vocab from watching her 'toon'!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

School Hunting

I bought this book during my last business trip in Singapore, thought it is useful to explain the concept of school to Ern. She is able to name all of objects on the book but I am not sure if she really understand what school means or not.

Yup, we will be putting Ern to playschool starting November for several reasons:

1) Start school before her sibling is born: I do not want Ern to feel being 'left me out', as in only send her to school after her sibling is born.

2) I know most kiddo fall sick regularly during the first few months after they start school. So I want Ern to 'go through' this cycle now so that I can 'minimize' number 2 being fall sick, especially at the first 6 months before the immune system is built. I know I can't avoid fully but I thought that's something I can do.

3) While I still have the time, I want to accompany her to go through the transition into school life. We plan to put her half day as a start and see if there is a need, we will put her into full day care.

4) Toilet trained: She is still not fully toilet trained at home. She has no problem telling us on past motion but not on past urine. So hopefully from peer pressure of seeing everyone go to toilet to wee, she is able to follow suit.

5) Self Feeding: She is able to feed herself using fork but not spoon. Not her fault because we never let her self feed during lunch/dinner for one simple reason: we don't have the time to clean the mess! Another 'mission' for Ern to learn at school.

6) Learn: We want her to learn something while play at school.

Hence, I have been searching for playschools for the past few weeks. Looking around our neighbourhood and Poh Poh's areas for 1 reason - logistic convenience to transport Ern back and forth from school.

Out of 7 schools that I went, I have shortlisted to 3. Generally, the syllabus looked more or less the same to me but school fees varies. One can be RM280/month to another premium price at RM400/month. It's half day school inclusive lunch & shower.

Then, Daddy went for another round on these 3 shortlisted schools so that we can 'share notes and compare" before we decide the school for Ern.

In the end, we choose the one near our neighbourhood (walking distance) although it wasn't the top of our choice. Again for 1 simple reason: CONVENIENT

- Daddy will be on business travel frequently, which means I need to 'kau tim' Ern and # 2 all by myself. So, time is precious to me.

- In case of any emergency, MIL can be reached easily to take care of Ern.

- We would expect Poh Poh to pick Ern up from school. In case of any delay, MIL can pick Ern up and wait for Poh Poh at home. So, Daddy and I are relieve from fetching our girl from school.

This morning, we brought Ern along to school for registration and made some payment on fees. She didn't cry but you can tell her eyes were busy 'looking around' exploring the school. Daddy stayed with her while I talked to the principal. She seems ok playing with the toys and when we told her it's time to go home, she refused to follow us home. Until Daddy carried her, then she waved bye bye to her friends-to-be and teachers. No tears or struggle.

Let's see how she cope next Monday. Keeping our fingers cross!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hokkien Char Bor

[ Back-dated Post]

Ever since As*tro introduced Channel Hua Hee Tai (the Hokkien channel) 1+ years ago and giving their customers free trial, my parents been 'addicted' to a Taiwanese Hokkien drama called "Love" (direct translate from Mandarin as I do not know their real English name). When it is no longer free, my dad subscribed because of this movie!

During weekday from 3.30 - 4.30pm, my dad will surely turn on the TV and follow. So my little one been hearing the theme song for 1+ years and she is going to listen to the same theme song for another 1+ years. Now you can tell how long the drama will be!

One fine day, my girl sang this out of sudden when the theme song was playing.

She sang the chorus of the song - Wah Meng Tee. In Hokkien, it means "I Asked God" while in Mandarin, it means 我问天.

My parents were stunt at the beginning as they were puzzled what Ern was trying to say. She sang again and point to the TV! Only then, they burst into laughter!

For now, this is her favourite song! *roll eye*

If any of us sing sing this song, she would asked us to "Stop Singing", as if it's her sole right to sing!! LOL

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Photo Frame

It was suppose to be a birthday gift for a boy but as I looked at the frame more, it looked more 'girlish' to me.

In the end, I changed the alphabet from "B" to "E" and tada, another collection of photo frame for Ern.

It was the left over patterned papers from my previous work and 'utilize' over here instead of treat them as thrash :-)

You may noticed I like to put rickrack & flowers on my scrapbook work. Yes, they are my useful 'tool' to decorate...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Building Blocks

I read reading the September issue of Young Parents magazine and there was an article talked about blocks and how it benefits our child in their development.

Immediately, I bought a 90 pieces of blocks for Ern, at a marked down price. Nope, I didn't invest into the famous Le*go brand as I wasn't sure if she will like it. Moreover, Le*go easily cost me 3X more than the set I got for Ern!

Yup, I 'hit the right button' as Ern LOVES it so much! So much so she can sit on the floor quietly and alone easily for 30mins . Of course at this age, she can't seem to form the object per the instruction book. However, she can building something and tell us the 'object' she is building!

For now, she is able to staged them up real high vertically and horizontally. Then, she would tell us the 'object' is:

- rocket ship (yes, she watched too much Little Eei*stein)
- Shampoo & Comb
- Ice cream & spoon
- Strawberry
- Hammer & Screwdriver
- Boat
- House

So far, these are the common terms we heard from her.

Oh ya, this is also a good family toy, especially for Daddy to play with. I have "outsourced" playing blocks to Daddy while I am still holding the 'mamasak' role with Ern!!

The second set of blocks that we got for Ern, came with wheels and rounds. Daddy is on his way of building every single objects from the instruction book to show to Ern.

Below are the benefits of blocks that I pulled out from the web (source here) for my own knowledge. Thought it may be useful to share:

1) Physical benefits: toy blocks build strength in a child’s fingers and hands, and improve eye-hand coordination. They also help educate children in different shapes.

2) Social benefits: block play encourages children to make friends and cooperate, and is often one of the first experiences a child has playing with others. Blocks are a benefit for the children because they encourage interaction and imagination. Creativity can be a combined action that is important for social play.

3) Intellectual benefits: children can potentially develop their vocabularies as they learn to describe sizes, shapes, and positions. Math skills are developed through the process of grouping, adding, and subtracting, particularly with standardized blocks, such as unit blocks. Experiences with gravity, balance, and geometry learned from toy blocks also provide intellectual stimulation.

4) Creative benefits: children receive creative stimulation by making their own designs with blocks.

Scrap credit:
Papers & aeroplane: Sarah Möllerhg
Sun: Sarah Design
Rickrack Stripes: Amy Bleser

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Only Now...

I have heard story on some mothers, when they first returned to work after the 2 months maternity leave, they cried because they 'ng seh tak' (unwillingly) to leave their baby to their care-taker.

I didn't have this 2 years back until it hit on me last Monday morning.

When I told her I am leaving for work, she said ok. As I was driving out the car, Ern was standing at the door, waiving good bye and giving flying kisses to me. She didn't cry or show any sad face. She just stood behind the door while holding her Kit*ty Cat (her favourite soft toy).

At that moment, I felt a little "ng seh tak' but I didn't shed any tears!! Strange feeling. Not sure if it's because I am expecting that cause me more emotional (due to hormone change)or it is really the real "ng seh tak".

I have left Ern behind many times with her daddy and travel on both business and personal vacation. I had never felt 'ng seh tak' before because I know they are short trip and I also take travel as a short break for myself to have "Me Only" time.

Do you have this right now with your toddler?

Scrap credit:
Paper & frame: Karen Lewis
Butterfly stitch: Shabby Princess
Wordart: Sueli Colbert

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ern's First Art Work

Yesterday evening, while we (mother and daughter) were sitting together for a 'color + draw' session, Ern drew this. She claimed it's a fish!

Ern: Mummy, Ern Ern draw circle (she was referring to the body)
Mummy: Ok
Ern: Mummy, eye (point on the small circles on the left side of the picture)

Her 'drawing' skill still needs more improvement but I was very happy to see this. At least something can 'kin tak yan' object....LOL

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More on Ern's Paper Scrapbooking Layout

Back in February this year, we had the opportunity to have my friend to shoot on Ern using her DSLR. Well, she is not a professional photographer but invest a DSLR because she loves photographing while travel. Yup, she travels a lot, not work but vacation!!

Of coz with a DSLR, photos turn out to be good. So, I scrapped 2 albums for Ern from the photo taken.

Here's some of the 12X12 I did (my favourite too) layout:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ern's 2nd Year Paper Scrapbook

Finally, i managed to complete all the paper scrapbook in 12X12 size for Ern, summarizing the key milestone/event for Ern's 2nd year.

I prefered simple layout (and this is the best I can do!), so don't expect to see any fancy scrapbook techniques used from my layout. It's just a hobby thing..:-)

Some of my favourite layout:

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Revolving Restaurant @ City Bayview Hotel

We took Ern to experience a moving restaurant at The Revolving Restaurant. Nope, we didn't dine in but just hop in for desert and drinks.

Well, nothing to shout about on their desert as there were only 6 choices to choose. The reason we wanted to take her there was to 'tell' her the restaurant can move! Ern and I shared one while daddy ordered some drinks. There is a live band but can't really sing well ( to my standard).

Too bad, my girl focused more on her ice-cream that the moving part. She didn't seem to understand even Daddy was trying to demonstrate to her by placing a glass from one end and let to move to the other.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ipoh Town

We checked into Syuen Hotel as the bride has gotten us a special room rate and more importantly, it saved us lots of travelling time.

When we got into the room, Ern was SO excited. She was jumping up and down the king size bed and running around the room. She can even played hide-and-seek by covering herself from the blanket.

We were glad to see Ern liked the room (means 'clean') but at the same time, we felt a bit guilty of not taking Ern for vacation much earlier. *sigh*

Hubby took Ern to the dinner and I ordered room dining service. I had an enjoyable 'ME ONLY' time by watching TV and eat my meal. Nothing to shout about on food.

Sorry, no photos on food because I was so hungry and totally forget about snapping photos. LOL

Hubby's friend recommended us to try "Gowan Kai Ngah Choi Kai" but it was still closed when we reached there. So, we went to the kopithiam opposite and eat the ngah choi kai. To us, they are already good. Only the next day, we found out "Low Wong Ngah Choi Kai" is just few streets away. *sigh*

We went to Fu Shan for tim sum on the next morning. CROWDED. We waited for 30mins before we get our table, and that's also need to 'tap toi' (shared table) with another family. Of coz they are not as good as the one I ate in Hong Kong, but it taste much better than what we have in Penang.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Father & Daughter - Part # 2

After we get off from the tram, we have a stroll at the zoo. Daddy decided to put Ern over on his shoulder to enable Ern to have a better view of some of the animals...

It was really hot and we just walked under the shades. We hang out there like 10mins or so before we call it off.

Next, Ipoh town!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Zoo...Part # 1

Last weekend, Daddy has to attend a wedding reception at Ipoh and we decided to tag along. How could we (or me only!!) missed good "Ngah Choi Kai Si Hor Fun" and Dim Sum at Ipoh?! LOL

On Friday night, I have prep Ern that we are going to zoo and get to see lots of animal (i name a few). When I asked her back 'where are we going?", she did replied what I told her but instead of the usual tiger, elephant, she said snail,pig and giraffe! You may wonder why snail and pig, right? That's because the current puzzle that she is playing has snail and pig. So, the first few animals that first come to her mind all those animals from the puzzle.

We left home at 10am on Sat and Ern slept through right after we crossed the Penang Bridge till Taiping. Yup, we detour to Taiping, just to bring Ern to visit the Taiping Zoo. It was also her first 'real' vacation other than our usual monthly home trip to Hadyai.

We reached the zoo before noon and it wasn't crowded. We paid RM5 each on our zoo entrance ticket while Ern is still entitle for free entrance (below 3). It was a hot and humid afternoon, hence we decided to hop onto the tram car to see the zoo rather than walking. Lazy you can say! LOL

Ern enjoyed the ride although the tram moved a bit too fast (for her) before we get to explain and point to her where is the animal. Can you imagine it was so hot and humid until most of the animals were hiding under the shade! I think she didn't enjoy to the fullest as some of the animals were not familiar to her (like Chimpanzee and some bears). Or things just move too fast before she can digest them! Some she can recognize immediately were:

1)Zebra & Giraffe

2) Bird (we didn't teach her the species of bird)

3) Bear

4) Ostrich

5) Tiger

6) Rhinoceros

7) Elephant

I was disappointed with the zoo as it was a bit run down. I don't know if it is because the last zoo I visited was the zoo at Sydney and I have a 'pre-set' mind on the zoo standard??!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Start From Young

To Ern, this Wishing Well may be just another 'fun thing' to play with, by seeing how the coins move round and round before it drops into the hole. To us, we wanted to cultivate sharing/giving to the needy folks at young age if possible.

Nevertheless, our little girl enjoyed this 'game'. She never failed asking us to stop at the well whenever she sees one. We gave her some coins to play but haven't tell her what's that for. I think she is too young to understand what is giving (or I may underestimate her??)