Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stay tuned for Ern's 5yo Birthday Party Updates

As the picture speaks for itself, it was a Hello Kitty theme party! To be exact, it's an 'art and craft" birthday party!

Stay tuned for more details update.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Concentration Span

Well, Ern still has some room to work on her concentration span. She can't really sit down focusing on her task without creating "interruption" in between.

The interruption can be:

1) Drink water ( not only once but few times )
2) Tired and wanted to sleep
3) Walk up and down
4) Ask us question
5) Tell story - what had happened either on the day or the day before

We are trying to teach her the importance of 'stay focus' and 'concentrate'. She understands the 'theory' but didn't 'execute' smoothly! LOL!!

Girl oh girl, wondering how many 'repeats' (or nagging?!) should i need to continue on??! Let's see.

Monday, August 15, 2011


As much as I can, I try to prepare weekend activities that suit both kids. One of them is drawing.

I put up big mahjong paper on the fence wall and let the kids draw. You know, the free style drawing type. Fast and simple.They can do brush paint, finger pain and at times, I get them addiitonal tool, like ladies finger, lotus root, etc.

Well, well, little girl still enjoyed drawing although she can't really draw well, despite after attended addtional art & craft class. Ha, my expectation is simple - if that's something she has interest, I am willing to expose her to try. Wheather she does well, it's secondary. I want her to be happy and have the interest to thins. I have to constantly remind myself, my kids don't live for me but themselves. Neither they need to continue the deams that I didn't get to fulfill when I was a child (帮我圆梦)!