Saturday, January 30, 2010

"I Don't Want D-E-N-T-I-S-T"

It started many months ago I prepared Ern to see dentist but never succeed despite coaxing her in many different 'stories'. Somehow the word 'dentist' just never get through her mind!

When I took Ern to visit PD over her pro-long cough, I 'pakat' with the PD to coax her to go. At that point in time, she agreed to go. Immediately I called up the dentist to see if she (oh ya, the dentist is recommended by my PD also as she is familiar in handling kids) is available to give her a check. Too bad, the dentist is all booked!!! No choice but to book her 3 days after!

On the day itself, I told Ern again that we are heading to see dentist and I was using the same 'story' that the PD used. Ern didn't say no nor she said yes. She just kept on asking questions: who is the dentist, why is she a friend of PD (that was PD's story to her), bla bla bla

When we were just right in front of the door, she couldn't hold her fear but started to cry! :-( She FREAKED OUT in the end!! She cried in fear, yup, fear is the word to describe her!

I drove away after failing to convince her after several attempts. Ern knew she 'disappoint' me and wanted to make up. At the same time, she has another fear in her that she herself has yet to overcome!! During the conversion, I made a big turn to go back to the dentist again, hoping my final round of coaxing would work!


She still cried and asked me to leave the place immediately!! In the end, no choice but to leave with MANY MANY promise no more coming back to dentist as the assurance to calm her down! Sigh, maybe she is not ready yet!!

See the clip, I managed to take her in tears as there was a jam outside the dentist place..LOL
There is a part she said (in Mandarin) : Mummy, you sayang me lah!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

To the Park Again...

Ern loves going to the playground, just like any other kids. She just discovered the joy of swing not too long ago. So when I took her (together with her didi, Sean) to the park, see-saw and swing are her 'must do" thingy!

Now that didi is big enough, Ern no longer need to look for partner in joining her in the see-saw. The siblings can play well now!! Their weight is not really a big difference anyway.

I took her to the park for 2 consecutive Sundays. So you guess right on the 3rd weekend (she doesn't know day yet) when she didn't see me dressed in working attire, the first question she asked : "Mummy, later are we going to the park??".

Sunday, January 3, 2010

To the Beach Again...

The last time we brought Ern to the beach was 1.5 years ago!! Yes, that's LOOoooong time ago..Daddy was "reluctant" since the incident from the last beach outing.

Now that Ern is big enough and she is able to chant, I took the risk. Instead of late evening, I took her to the Batu Feringgi beach in the morning.

I didn't tell her about the beach outing until we were about to go out. Weather was unpredictable lately, so I didn't want to disappoint her if we really can't make it. She was so happy and kept on asking if we have reached the beach. It took us 45min to reach because i made detour at Tanjung Bunga to buy my favourate 'cham peng' (kopi + teh).

When we reached Batu Feringgi, we went to a nearby shop to have a quick bite before I allowed this girl to play. Knowing she has to eat her breakfast before she gets to play, she finished her breaskfast in no time! Kids always kids.

When we first stepped on the sand, she didn't like the feeling of having sands in her shoes. So I have took off her shoes. Then, she was a happy bunny jumping around.

Too bad after letting her played under the nice weather for 10mins, it started to drizzle. So, I really have to call off the day before heavy downpour. Luckily Ern was ok because she can knew it was going to rain.

Well, we will come back soon because I know Ern is able to 'cope' with the beach!

Side note: I have taught Ern to chant whenever she sees 'monster'. The explanation I gave her was " When you chant, Buddha will know you need Him to rescue you!" !! She did that during the ghost month last night during our car ride at night. It wasn't for once but few time. I was freaked out on the first time when she chant in the car. After much thinking, I took it positively that my girl has 'overcome' it! She 'knows' how to handle the 'situation'.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Her First Movie

{ Back-dated post. Photo taken during the lunch session)

I brought Ern along to join my department's Christmas gift exchange cum lunch gathering. In order to make her 'feel' part of the team, I got her a present too! A big Hershey's candy cane that has different types of Kisses chocolate in there.

Ern is not a stranger to the team because I had brought her to join the department gathering since she was a baby. Naturally, she became the center of attention, being the youngest in the team. Well, I am glad she 'blend in' pretty well with my colleagues.

Right after lunch, we adjured to cinema to watch "The Princess and the Frog". It was also part of the reason that I brought her along, ie to introduce CINEMA to her! Yup, this is her first movie and I was prepared to walk away anytime if this little girl of mine can't cope with this.

On our way to the gathering, I had prep her like:

" We are going to see cartoon in BIG TV"
" The lights will be off"
" The BIG TV has loud sound!"

The moment we walked into the cinema, she was very excited. Before the show really started, I prep her again and assured her things would be just fine.

Lights off. She didn't turn back to look for me but glue to the screen, waiting for the movie to begin. At that moment, I knew things will be smooth sailing for her!

She enjoyed and stayed through the entire movie although she slept for 30mins (it was her nap time)!

More movies for her, that's for sure! :-)