Monday, September 28, 2009

The Little Girl

It has been a while since I last blogged on Ern. Not that I don't have anything to blog but just don't know what to start.

Ever since she started school, her vocab had improved A LOT! She is able to speak the right language at different person. She just surprised us everyday on the things that she speak. Btw, I am in the midst of writing down her conversation and plan to scrap a book about those funny conversation. You know, if I don't write, for sure I can never remember.

"No" phase -> she is starting to challenge us on the things that we asked her to do, especially those that to her dislike. She would either say 'no' directly or came out with all sorts of nonsense excuse. At times, it can really drives us to the wall!

Request for Kai-kai -> she is pampered by her god-grandpa like 1-2 times per week to go kai-kai. My goddad will fetch her from school and bring her to the mall. So on the days when Poh Poh fetched her, the first question she would asked Poh Poh : "Why X Ah Kong Not here?"

Swing -> finally, this little girl overcome her fear in swing. Yup, she never want to take a swing whenever we are at the park. Only the swing, the rest she is pretty ok. Don't ask me why because we also clueless why she didn't want to take.

Sharing -> Most of the time, she has no problem sharing her stuff with her didi.

Shy -> She started to feel shy lately, especially seeing a strange man. She would stay close with us when we meet someone or run away!

Meaty --> She is a "meat" person. She loves eating meat than anything. So, we need to make sure she either take enough fibre or drink lots of water. Else, surely run into constipation problem.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Yellow + Pink Bicycle

The photo was taken on 30th Aug, the next day right after Daddy got Ern her first ever bicycle. It was her belated birthday present from Daddy!

Of course the little girl was thrilled about her new 'toy'. Kept on asking us to let her ride her bicycle. Daddy taught her how to paddle, starting with "half circle paddle" way, means pedal up half way then push down again type (if you know what I mean)

Ern didn't really get the concept right but instead, she kept on playing on the bell that is on the handle. Or she used both her legs to move the bicycle instead of paddling, you know the "flintstones" way. After a good 30mins, Daddy was so exhausted because of the bending up and down movement. So, we called it off her first so called ride.

Then, no bicycle ride until the following weekend. Same thing Daddy taught her. She got a bit of it but still paying more attention on the bell instead.

Finally just last weekend, she got the idea of 'half circle paddling' and been moving around. Slow moving like turtle but progressing well. Let's see this coming weekend if she is able to paddle full cycle.

Scrap credit:
Red Paper: Curso ValGouveia
Ribbon: melanie ann
Folder paper, doodle: Danielle Corbitt
Frame: Sarah Möller
Note: Fran
Stapler: Scrapkut

Monday, September 7, 2009

Big Sis...Little Brother

Ern loves her didi. I think to certain extend, she protects Sean. Just over the weekend while Daddy and I had a coffee at Star*buck (with 2 kids around), a little girl maybe her age stopped at Sean's stroller to peak on him. The Big Sis stopped the girl by saying : "You cannot see my Didi!" LOL

Nevertheless, Ern had some 'mild' sibling rivalry with Sean. I used the word 'mild' because no fighting so far (hope not in the near future), no argument (I am sure this will come by when Sean is able to talk) but just attention seeking from from us.

She would just call after me to attend to her when I am busy attending to her Didi. If I can attend to her, I will do so by having a good 'mum + daughter' time. If not, it will be a 2:1, with the left leg carrying Sean, the right hand for Ern to do:

- Coloring
- Drawing
- Playing flash card
- Holding story book and read to her
- Doing some exercise books with her

If I really can't (especially during Sean's nap time), Daddy has to come in to distract her away, play with her or let her watch her favourite Astro 613 channel.

Honestly, I feel bad. Very bad because I know I have not been spending really good time with her ever since delivered Sean. I have been telling myself that's something normal once you have more than 1 kid but seeing her playing alone, the heart ache!

Must CREATE TIME to spend good moments with her. Aunty Lim will be back this week and I have booked her much earlier to take good photos for Ern. Let's see if I can take her to Butterfly Farm because I know she loves this place!

Scrap credit:
Papers, Frame & flower: whimsy
Wordart: Elegant