Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Happy Cake

[ Back-dated Post ]

December is a month where Ern gets to blow her 'happy cake' twice. Daddy and Kong Kong birthday fall in the month of December.

We went for a family dinner at one of the Chinese restaurants and follow by the cake cutting. Originally, Kong Kong didn't want the cake but after knowing the intend was more for Ern to blow, he happily agreed.

Of course Ern was the happiest person. When the waiter took away the cake to cut into slides for us, Ern almost wanted to burst into tears as she thought Koh Koh will take away her 'happy cake' forever!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Ern Ern wishes everyone to have a blessed and happy Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My "Piano"

So far, this is the most 'tahan lama' crayon set I have ever bought for Ern. The previous sets, they were broken after 1-2 falls from the tables.

One of the weekends, out of no where, this little fella arranged the crayon nicely and she told me this:

" Mummy, Ern Ern play piano!"

I was surprised she said 'piano' because we don't have one at home (even I know how to play). I don't remember there is one at the school either. Guess she must have picked it from up her cartoon or during her class.

Then, she 'bang' both her hands on top of the crayon and humming to herself. I think she is mimiced as if she is playing a piano. :-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Toilet Train - UPDATES

This is more of a note to myself, to capture the toilet train progress of my lil fella :-)

After 4 weeks of starting toilet train, Ern is not 100% trained YET but we do see improvement.

At school:
- She is able to tell the teacher more frequent on her needs (from once every few days to once every day)
- She is able to hold her bladder longer like 1+ hour
- She is able to follow the 'toilet q' and pee set by the school (right after their morning tea break)
- She would nod her head and say yes every time when asked if she wants to pee

At home:
- She would take off her pants and run to the potty to wee
- She would tell us the needs by saying "Mummy, wee wee/shee shee".
- She would nod her head and say yes whenever we asked her if she wants to pee

However, when we are outside of school/home, she would say 'no' even we know it's about time to pee. Less than 1 min later, she wet her pants :-(
I tell you, we can tell from her facial expression that she was in shock and shy. After changing her, we reminded her (in a soothing mode) that she needs to tell us.

After talking to some mummies, I was told we need to bring Ern to the toilet even if she said no. That's because they are not familiar with the public toilet and refused to pee. Great learning (thanks Mummies!)

Will see how she progress in a month time....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Constipation No More

Actually Ern is sitting on a potty to do her 'big business' (past motion) in this picture!.

It all started many months back, she called me out that she wanted to past motion at 3am. I was worried if she would catch a cold inside the air-conditioned room, hence I put up her blanket on her. Ever since, she always asked for a blanket! *roll eye*

Well, all along Ern doesn't have past motion problem until 4-5 months back. Instead of daily 'depositing', it became every alternative days. Sometimes, can drag to 3 days!

We have seek PD advice and we were told to introduce more fibre/vege to Ern. We added more serving but not much improvement.

One day after talking to Charlotte's mummy, I was told the fruit/vege intake for Ern is consider a lot. So, Ern shouldn't have this problem. So, I draw a conclusion that my lil fella 'simpan her treasure"!!

Then, I decided to introduce and 'programmed' past motion is part of Ern's routine. I make her understand the importance of past motion. Of coz she doesn't understand what I was tying to tell her. In the end, I have to 'force' her by threatening her like:

" If you don't "ng ng" (past motion), worm will stay inside your tummy"

"If you don't "ng ng", you are not a good girl".

She freaked out on the worm trick and sit on potty obediently. She did past motion daily ever since. (thank goodness) Right now, we don't need to remind or threaten her anymore as she would tell us she wants to 'ng ng' before lights off.

Other than threatening , I did a role play with her.

I asked her to 'ng' bear bear, just like how we 'ng' her! hahaha...I tell you, it works, ok?! So back then, whatever tricks worked on Ern, we buy that! :-)

Yesterday night before she fall into sleep, she was talking to herself by doing role play (i guess):

"Bear bear, you ng ng in potty ok?"
" Come, quickly!"
" Ng..ng..ng" (she made the sound)
" Are you done?"
" Wait for Ern Ern..Ern Ern take wet tissue to wide your 'pi ku' (bum bum)"
" Good girl..no worm!"

I just couldn't stop laughing (inside my heart) after hearing her conversion. She has grown up so much!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We had a family dinner (good food!) to celebrate daddy's birthday few days ago.

Knowing daddy had ordered a hot serving sweet dessert, I bought a pandan cake instead of the regular creamy/icing cake. I thought it will go well with the dessert since pandan cake is less 'jelak'.

Well, it turned out as if it was Ern's birthday. She was so excited when we took out the cake and she shouted " happy cake"! Actually, she is able to pronounce 'happy birthday' but when it comes to cake, somehow she will say 'happy cake' instead of 'birthday cake'! *grin*

Of course, she steal the show that night! She was waiting anxiously to blow the candle right after we sang the birthday song. Look at the clip below, she really blew the candle with her lung out! LOL

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Where Is It?

** Story continued from here and here **

Suddenly, Ern put her head like the photo above and start counting 1-10. It was so loud on her counting until there were 2 hotel guest pass by had to stop, look at her and smiled.

I was clueless when she did that! Right after she finished counting to 10, paused for a while and said this - WHERE IS IT?

Oh dear, then only I knew what she was doing. She was playing "HIDE & SEEK"!!

Again, this is something she must have picked up from school as we never taught her about this game.

I captured a clip but it's without her saying " where is it?". She only said once, somehow :-)

Our kiddo really bring us lots of surprises everyday...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tell Me What Is It?

Story continued from here:

Soon, Ern discovered a real cannon displayed at the promenade, of cause it attracted her attention!

First, she discovered the big hook and she put her hand through it. Then she asked me:

"Mummy, tell me what is it?"

The "tell me what is it?" is the 1st sentence that she learnt from school. It has been frequently said by the teacher during the lesson :-)

I didn't answer my girl immediately as I was caught red-handed. I was stunned for a while. Before I could answer her, she peeked through the hook and said "Ah chaik' (hide-n-seek in Hokkien)

I managed to snap a photo through the hook (as shown in the scrap layout). Personally, I like that picture.

Scrap credit:
Quickpage: Anita Quilts

Monday, December 1, 2008

Run..Ching Ern..Run..

Finally, I managed to take satisfying pictures of Ern in RUNNING. I have tried many times but never successful for many reasons - poor effect, night mode, blur picture, etc.

It was taken at the promenade of E&O Hotel during Kaitlyn's full moon party (thanks for inviting us, Kaitlyn's Mummy!) Well, the promenade is just right in front of the coffee house, giving the guest a very spectacular sea view during their dining experience. Most children tend to run along the promenade area after they are done with their meal, so as Ern!

I managed to take some other photos too. More post coming up. Stay tuned.

Ready...Get Set..

RUN.. (I like this picture the most, as if she is sprinting all out in 100m! LOL)