Friday, March 28, 2008


I bought Ern another puzzle set on Opposite. It's tougher compare with the rest of her puzzle sets on animals & transport.

I was describing the picture on the puzzle set hoping that she can understand the meaning. Or at least relate the picture to the meaning. Well, true enough that she was able to match most of it after 1-2 weeks teaching. In particular, she likes this "Together vs Apart" piece because:

- I hold her hands and swing up and down when I say "together"
- I wave bye bye when I said "apart".

So right now whenever I say 'together', she will automatically hold my hands and say 'bye bye' to answer me first before I asked her where is the 'apart'. Of cause, she brings me the right piece.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Popeye Song

Poh Poh bought this pyjamas from the morning market many months back. Good quality and cost RM5 per suit. It was too big for Ern and actually, still a little big for her right now. I have been keeping in the closet and only wear it on Ern lately.

One night while changing her into this pyjamas, automatically I sang the *broken* Popeye song to Ern. It's because of Olive, Popeye's Wife. I don't know how to sing the complete song at that moment!! I was raised in a Mandarin speaking family, generally English is not good. Back then, no one corrected me and there was no such thing of Goo*gle to search for the lyrics. There goes my version of Popeye's song - "Oh Popeye the sailor man" throughout the whole song!!! LOL

Oh ya, the classic part is the 'put put' when Popeye blew his puff.

Obviously, Ern liked the 'put put' part and she mimic me after I sang to her twice. She amazed me! Have fun and join me to laugh together to view how Ern did the 'put' part, as well as her mummy's broken Popeye Song. LOL

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Grandma Love

Poh Poh was eating some fruits/biscuit and Ern wanted a bite too. Ern was asked to kiss Poh Poh before she gets to eat her share..hahaha...I like this picture!!!!

Scrap credit:
Quickpage by Anita Quilts

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where Have You Been?

Just last week, Kau Foo asked me if this blog is 'rotten'. Then, hubby asked if the server was down! Obviously, both of them were pulling my leg for 1 reason - I have been lagging in updating this blog!!!!

Well, of course I 'defended' myself for few reasons:
- Biz travel
- Work -> pre & post preparation for the biz travel
- Paper scrapbooking for Ern's 1st Year

After few nights of 'burning midnight oil', I managed to complete Ern's 1st Year scrapbook. I got the idea from here and I thought this is a very handy to bring around while I can also hang them for display. It's in 6X6 in 7 chipboard.

Front & Back View

It was not a 'perfect' layout as they were several 'mistakes' i made (argh!!) Then I "convinced" myself I am still new in paper scrabooking (excuses obviously), so it's ok lah...LOL

Monday, March 24, 2008


Kids are creative, i tell you. Even with a sofa, they can find ways to turn it into their 'playground' to self entertain. That's how Ern entertained us last Saturday.

She repeated the same stunt for 15 mins, back and worth till we distracted her. She was waiting for me to give her instruction to run, as if she is competing on track & field sports!! LOL

Scrap credit:
Overlay Paper & frame: FEI Stuff
Flower: Shabby Princess

Thursday, March 13, 2008

At 20 Months...

Vital Stats:
Height: 85cm
Weight: 10.5kg
Teeth: 14 (she drools a lot lately. So I think the molar will be cutting its edge soon)

Proper Solid: 2 times per day ( lunch & dinner)
Light Solid/Snack: Round the clock
Milk: 3X per day (6-7oz each serving)

- The greatest improvement is on her vocab. She has started to speak up although didn't pronounce it correctly eg Ba Yi (lorry), Ba Bo (bus), Yu (fish), Beow Beow (as in cat meow meow), etc. The only word that she can pronoun it correctly(other than calling the family members) is Yakult.

- She loves puzzle although she didn't want to put the 2 pieces together. I am in the midst of teaching her Opposites like "Together & Apart", "Happy & Sad", "On & Off". Honestly, I don't think she get the meaning of these words but just memorize the pictures.

- She doesn't eat that much like before but what we eat, she also wants a share (something normal right?!) Oh ya, she can't finish her dinner if we scoop the rice from her bowl/plate. However, if we scoop it from our plate, she can finish. Aha, she thinks our food taste better.

- She sleeps through the night only if co-sleep with us on our bed :-( Obviously, she likes the feeling of squeezing in between and poor daddy & mummy, everyday wake up with body ache. We are still in the midst of finding the "transitional object" to enable her to fall back to sleep.

- She started to walk in fast step (almost running) and love tip-toeing.

- She understands and takes instruction from us. For example, we will ask her to keep her toys before we go out. Or if she wants something from us and she will obediently follow what we asked her to do.

- She loves swimming & play water, be in inside the bath tub(during shower), washing hand or pour out water from her water tumbler.

- She loves sausage and can finish almost 2 sausages at one go. That's also how we keep her sitting on the shopping cart during grocery shopping. We will need to buy 2 sausage buns and feed her. By the time she finished the 2 sausages, we are about done too.

Scrap credit:
Quickpage: PhillsBoo

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hair Cutting

I took Ching Ern to the hair saloon to trim her hair after the last visit, which was 8 months ago! We have been keeping her hair long and I just trimmed her fringe regularly. I have yet to master the skill to trim her hair.

I am prepared to walk back without Ern getting the hair cut since the last visit was 8 months ago. For sure Ern can't remembered any single thing about hair cut. Infect, I don't think she knows what is hair cut! LOL. Oh ya, it's just 5 mins walking distance to the saloon. Very cconvenient!

Dang, she refused to sit on the chair when we were at the saloon. No choice, I have to carry her while the hair dresser cut her hair at the fastest speed. Luckily, Ern lye down her head still on my shoulder and let the hair dresser did her job. Soon, we switched to the other side to cut another side of the hair.

I am surprised that Ern cooperate with us when the hair dresser is able to trim her fringe. She didn't struggle but obediently take instruction from me - lower her head & closer her eye!!

10 mins later, we walked back home with a new hair style on Ern. It's short but no more hassle to tie her hair or hair spread all over her face.

Scrap credit:
Quickpage: Janine Oliveira
Wordart: Sueli Colbert

Friday, March 7, 2008

She Knows....

What is the limit she can go in testing our patience. If we show her the stern face or voice tone, she would walk away in her sour face down just like the picture above. 2 reaction come by after then. It's a either one reaction:

1) She would accept what we told her
2) Cry first and accept the fact she can no longer do the way she wanted

Just like over the past few weeks, we noticed she didn't finish her milk. First, it was just 1-2 mouthful of milk, then we thought it's ok. Maybe she is really full. Over the days, the 1-2 mouthful has increased to 1oz and eventually to 3oz!

So I cannot tahan anymore but to give a "lecture" to Ern. I told her if she is not finishing her milk, she has to sleep on her own. Haha, my little girl never sleep on her own and so, she has to give in. All this while, we will place her on our bed and only move her back to her playpen (which is also her bed) after she has gone into the 'deep sleep' mode.

Although Ern is only at the stage of speaking up, she knows what we are trying to educate/tell her. I am glad she understands this particular one as there are some of her peers out there can't even afford clean and boil water, so no need to talk about formula/fresh milk. I have witnessed it myself during my recent vacation trip.

Counting the blessing is something I am trying to tell her.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


{Back-dated Post}

While trying to pack for my biz trip, Ern took out the swim goggles from the luggage. Naturally, she put it over her head and stop at the eye level.

Hubb and I were surprised to see that because this was the first time she sees a swim goggles.

I quickly took out my camera and managed to snap few 'not so good' photos before she took it off and refused to put them on.

Both hubb and I concluded that Ern was able to associate goggles is the same as spec. All our family members are wearing spec except hubb. So you can expect our kiddo relate to spec huh! LOL