Monday, August 30, 2010

How Much My Girl Has Grown Up...

When I downloaded this photo, I realized how much my girl has grown up. It was taken inside the car on our way to a hotel ballroom to attend a wedding dinner. She no longer have the 'baby look'!!

The first wedding she attended, I can still remembered she was only like 3+ months old. We placed her in the carrier basket and she slept almost the whole wedding.

Look at her now, she no longer sits on baby chair but an adult chair. She is brave enough to dedicate a flower to her god-father on the stage singing, she can run everywhere (with my eyes on her of cause!), mingle with other kids almost same age like her and etc.

When we look at how fast our kids grow, it's a scary thing to look at ourselves! hahaha

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To The Butterfly Farm...

The last visit to Butterfly Farm was back in Jan 2009, that's just 1 month before I delivered Sean. This time around, we have Sean with us.

Ern also started to ask more questions and we can tell she appreciate the nature more! Grown up liao mah! haha...

We spent like 1+ hour inside the farm until we need to 'bribe" Ern out for a good ice cream treat! Yeah, she loves this place even she is not brave enough to touch the butterfly.

A note to self, we should do more outdoor activities for the kids!

Friday, August 20, 2010

School Birthday Party

** Photos are blur becaused they were snapped from my phone **

Oh ya, on her actual birthday, I went to the school by taking the cake and party packs to celebrate her birthday! That's something not only Ern looked forward, so as all the kids in school.

I tell you, the kids and teachers are so 'pro' in handling birthday celebration in school. They know what to do, when to sit down, when to gather to take the cake, etc.

Here's the cake that I ordered for Ern - Snow White. All the girls were thrilled when they saw this!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

On Her Actual 4th Birthday Day....

We just had a dinner at our usual Chinese restaurant and we ordered a Pandan Cake from a nearby cake house. Other than family members, I invited my Godfather, also Ern's Godgrandpa and Sean's nanny family.

Good dinner, of course!!

The highlight of the day was, I turned one of the rooms to become the kids room for Ern & Sean. Now that Sean is big enough, we were thinking why not let them sleep together.

Simple things I did 'secretly" - bought bed sheet according to their preference (Ern's bed sheet is a gift from Yan! Thanks Aunty CW!), tailor made curtain by getting Ern to choose it and put up the wall sticker. Oh ya, I bought 2 same design handmade quilts when I was on vacation in Hanoi early this year.

This is how the room look like:
1) The bed + curtain

2) The wall sticker + reading corner + writing table

I managed to record a video when both Ern and Sean entered into the room. Priceless!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Princess Party - Last Part

Part # 1 --> here
Part # 2 --> here

I only cooked simple meals for the kids and their mummies - spaghetti oriental style, apple tuna salad, potato salad and cocktail sausages. My spaghetti failed as I didn't manage the sauce well. :-( notes to self - next time no need to cook so much.

After that, it's the cake cutting time. I got Ern the same cake last year as it will not go wrong. Well, she choose the same cake when I brought her to the cake house too!

See how many the kids in singing the birthday song and blowing the candles!! Love it!

Everyone had a good time, both the girls and mummies!!! I am the most happiest person because I can get see my afford all paid off from the smiles that I saw from the little angles!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Princess Party - Part # 2

Story continues from here...

Activity/Game # 3: Pop the bubbles
Since the girls were given a magic wand each, they needed to pop the bubbles using their wand and shout how many bubbles they have popped!!! This is sort of make use of the wand they had! I have gotten mummy to help me blow and bubbles and the girls just shouted their lung our in the number...ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR....

I haven't check with Yan's Mummy if she happened to snap picture on this activity as daddy was away doing something..

Activity/Game # 4: The Royal Treasure Hunt
In this game, I have asked the girls to hide in a 'princess room' (actually it was my study room) so that I can put the treasure outside the living room. I don't know what the girls did inside the room but I can hear their giggling and laughs!

Then, all the mummies busy putting the chocolate bar (it was suppose to be chocolate coin but during the shopping, I just can't find the coin!) everywhere at the living area. Visible enough but still need the girls to look out type!

Then, I went to the room and gave them instruction again by giving them each a 'treasure bowl" (I think it was a I*kea bowl that MIL has). The bowl is colorful and so happened that I have 4 different colors! After the briefing, I lined them up and telling them they are about to go for the treasure hunt. You can see all 4 pair of eyes went blink blink with excitement!

Right after I shouted "3,2,1, GO!", they ran with smile on their face, hunting for the treasure!!

After that, I get them to count on the treasure they had found inside their bowl! Again, the same rule applied. The winner get to draw the prize from the goody bag first while the other 3 also get their turns!!

Activity/Game # 5: Cinderella's Lost Slipper

Before I started the game, I told them story about Cinderella. Not the real classic Cinderella's story but I told them how Cinderella lost her slipper and how she found it back thingy. Then, they were suppose to do the same thing too. Again, they were asked to go back to their "princess room" and waited for my instruction.

I got 1 side of their slipper and hide them in the living room again! The same briefing given again just like game # 4! True enough, the girls get familiar this time in finding their slipper..faster sleep as they knew how the mummies hide the things! haha..

Activity/Game # 6: Princess Coloring
In order for me to heat up the food, I get the girls to do coloring as it would take them a while to complete a page. I placed the color book inside a plastic folder, along with crayon, a mini board (that comes with marker), writing pad, pen with multiple color lid to change and sharpener. I managed to get all of them in the same Princess print. It was a happy shopping experience while getting these.