Wednesday, June 8, 2011

School Concert

I am back! After a LOOOOOOOOONG blog break. Well, I just lost the momentum of blogging but thankfully, I am still taking pictures and continue my paper scrapbooking. So, there is still some level of updating the kids growth milestone (although way way behind)

Ern had her school annual concert on 5th Dec 2010. In this picture, it was her last performance, which also the highlight of the entire concern - fashion show. Kids were dress up to their best, in modern and traditional costume. I tell you, I simply just love it! Sorry can't post the group children picture in view of confidentiality and respect of other kids.

Well, my little girl made the whole audience burst into laughter during her 'Panton" with 2 other of her friends. Just right after her turn, she whispered to her friend by saying "XX, it's your turn"!! Everyone can hear it so well because she was speaking in front of a microphone! Once the other 2 finished, she said again " XX, YY, bow and say thank you!" I tell you, it was so funny to see how my girl instruct her friends.

Ern surprised me to be one of the top 3 students in her class because I didn't expect that at all! During the Parent-Teacher Evaluation session, I have had comments on Ern to further improve on her school work and other areas. It wasn't that bad but I didn't expect she still get into top 3 places. This certainly made her proud and be more confident!