Thursday, February 28, 2008

An Evening At the Park

Just before I left for my vacation, I brought Ern to Youth Park, together with my 3 other high school classmates(also my travel kaki) for photo session, using my friend's DSLR.

We had lots of fun, not only taking photos on Ern but also all of us (except the photographer). It's even more "fun" chasing after Ern from one station to another. She was 'over excited' during the whole session until she can't decide which one to play.

In the end, the photogapher and I had backache after many rounds of bending up and down 'chasing' and 'photographing' the overly excited kiddo...hahaha

Some of the shots (out of 157) taken on that day.

1) I haven't send her to ballet class. This is actually her aeroplane hand sign.

2) In Sepia (sp?)

3) I like this dress

4) A close up shot

5) She was running on a slope

6) This is very dear to me. I asked Ern to kiss me actually.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Upper Right Cuspid

Able to touch little edge of the upper right cuspid cutting out its edge on Ern.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blog Break

Blog break for mummy.

PS: more photos after then. It's not my DSLR yet. :-)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our Angel

We dressed Ern up in her flower dress, which was her 1st birthday gift from her aunt. Only now, it fits nicely on her. I purposely put up a flowery head band and bring her to the mirror, to 'praise' her how pretty she is! No choice, have to use this trick on a 'ai sui poh' so that she won't take the head band down. :-)

I personally like this picture because it was as if Ern was looking up and smiling innocently to the angel....

Scrap credit:
Quickpage: Veronica Spriggs
Word Art: August Designs

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Ern has been eyeing (actually wanted) the tricycle from one of the neighbor at Poh Poh's apartment for months. After long procrastinated, we bought her a tricycle just right before CNY.

She was so delighted when we stepped into our regular baby + toy shop ( those mom & pop shop type) because there were so many things that looked familiar to Ern. Yah, we bought all baby/toddler stuff (play pen, mattress, high chair, etc) from this shop.

We let her choose the color and animal theme of the tricycle and she settled with a bee. It came with musical button that play a 'quite annoying' music. LOL

However, the paddle is still too far for Ern's feet to reach. So for now, she is placing her feet on the 'tray' (which is removable) and we push it from the back.

We, the adult like this very much as we don't need to bend our body like how we push her ride-on, which is so non ergonomics for our back. Meanwhile, our little monster loves it!! She will sit on the still tricycle, just to press the music button, move the steering, touch here and there EVERYDAY...

Monday, February 18, 2008

High Heels

Yup, Ern started to move into the stage of 'pan leng leng' (to look pretty). One of them is wearing our high heels. How could it be missed, huh!! LOL

We were laughing non stop after seeing her walking in Poh Poh's heel. Infect, it was the first time she wore it but to our surprise, she can walked pretty steady.

She certainly made our day!!

To make yours, here's the video clip. Enjoy.

PS: When we asked her to 'kok kok kok', she even stomped her feat in order to create the sound.

Scrap credit:
Quickpage: Ptitesouris
Wordart: Tracey Drane

Friday, February 15, 2008

On CNY Eve...

Ern busy walking round and round the standing mirror at the lady department of Parkson (at Gurney Plaza)..

Ya..she stopped and looked herself into the admire herself ( I think) on the new clothes she is wearing (a CNY gift from Poh Poh) and her backpack (a gift from Ki-Ian mummy) *roll eye*

With so little shoppers at the mall, I let Ern walked freely and by herself, of coz with 4 pairs of eyes watching her!! Yeah, sound paranoid but kid safety is no longer there with the recent kidnapping incident.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


This is how Ern shows the airplane sign - with her hand up, 2 fingers cross and ‘wu wu’ sound follow by.

Ern gets to see airplane from the balcony (at Poh Poh’s house) like 3-4 times daily though the house is not near to the airport at all. What she knew about airplane is an flying small object up in the sky. Sometimes, she will show this hand sign when she heard the aeroplane sound, signaling to us to bring her to the balcony.

Daddy thought it’s time to introduce the real airplane to her and show her how a plane take off/touch down in a very close view. So off we went to Batu Maung custom area, which is just right opposite the airport and it’s the best place to view the plane and runway.

To my surprise, there were 3-4 families just like us waiting to see the plane when we arrived. Subsequently, it has increased to like 7-8!!

See how close we are to the runway

To our surprise, Ern didn’t show any sign of fear when the plane took off/touched down. Infect, she was equally excited as her Daddy, whom was trying to explain to her the whole take off process.

Guess what, on the next day, Ern remembered her daddy brought her to see the plane because when we asked her ‘where did daddy bring you?”, she showed us the airplane hand sign.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ern at 19-Months-Old

Vital Stats:
Height: ~83cm
Weight: ~10.5kg
Teeth: 13

Proper Solid: 3 times per day ( noon, 5+pm & 7+pm)
Light Solid/Snack: Round the clock whenever she is awake or we are eating/munching
Milk: 1X of 6oz at Poh Poh’s house & 2X of 7oz when she is with us (we are reducing her milk intake since she has taken more solid now)

- She is not that shy to stranger anymore, at least she will not turn her face away but just stare at the person.
- She is able to eat "not so spicy" food without asking water or showing any different facial expression. Only after like 10 feedings, she will stick out her tongue and use her palm to rub it.
- Able to rationalize things that we try to teach her
- Able to walk in Poh Poh 11/2 inch heels (does that count as development??LOL)
- Loves swimming and defintely a water baby.
- When we stop her from something that is harmful/not suppose to do, she will throw her tantrum by raising her hand and hit us. It's bad and we are trying to tell her not to do it.

New Vocab:
- Ah Kum (Kong Kong)
- Kor Kor (brother, she was referring to Brendon)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Doze Off?

No, was merely a coincidence shot that I took with her eye close and her hand place under her chin.

Cute huh!! I love it.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh Oh..

This is how Ern does her "oh oh", in a silent mode with her mouth open in "O" shape.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Like Father Like Daughter - Part # 2

Don't they look alike?? :-)

This photo was taken at Batu Maung Custom Site, very near to Penang International Airport's runway. Look out for the next post for more on 'aeroplane' story. :-)

Scrap credit:
Alpha: Sueli Colbert
The rest: Anita Quilts

Friday, February 8, 2008


{ Back-dated Post }

Like most kiddo, Ern likes to slide. :-)

We were lucky that Yeh Yeh has a slide placed next to the pool (no clue how he get it). So, Ern has the slide all by herself, which I think we have lost count how many times she has gone up (plus the number of times we lifted her up) and down the slide.

Nevertheless, she is a little caution girl because she will use her feet to control the speed of sliding down. Instead of sliding down with her leg straight, she will bend her knee slightly up..haha...she knows she has not reach the stage of 'pro' yet...LOL

Scrap credit: Raspberry Road

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Ching Ern wishes everyone to have a blessed Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Finally, we get to bring Ern to dip into the pool at Yeh Yeh’s house. We wanted to it much earlier but weather wasn’t at our side. It was postponed, postponed and postpone.

Ching Ern started to get excited when I put her inside the baby float. The thrill part came when I put her into the pool. She was typically shouting in joy and kicked her leg automatically. Daddy was with her while I am busy snapping photos. Yeh Yeh was smiling away to see his happy granddaughter splashing water.

Actually prior to that, she already wanted to jump into the pool. I think she is able to relate the pool just like her pom pom.

Let’s see if we can do it again during our next home trip.

Scrap credit: Quickpage by Alisha Hess

Friday, February 1, 2008

Like Father Like Daughter

Hubby is a dog lover. So, I am not surprise to see our little girl 'inherit' this from her dad. She is not affaid of dog.

PS: Yeh Yeh has a Sheetzu.