Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First School Excursion

Finally after 8+ months in school, Ern get to go for her first ever excursion on 25th June - to Fire Station by a chartered school bus.

I received a note from the principal informing us about the trip. I tell you, I was so excited to read it even I don't get to go. Crazy mummy!! LOL

We were asked to sign off a consent letter on the school take no responsibility even they will give their fullest attention to take care of our child. Signed off with no question as I fully understand why they need so.

On the night before the actual day, I brief Ern about it. Little did I know, the teachers already brief them about it also.

On the morning itself, Ern finished her milk fast and went to school with a happy face. I told her to stay close with her teachers and I lost count how many times I repeat this to her(Ern: Mummy is not nagging, just concern, ok!!!).

When I am back from work in the evening, I asked her about the activity. This was what she told me:

Mummy: What did you see at the fire station
Ern: Very noisy!
Mummy: Why?
Ern: Got alarm, mummy (confused on alarm vs siren)
Mummy: ok..that's siren..what else do you see?
Ern: Got uncle (referring to fireman)
Mummy: that's Fireman. What else?
Ern: No more!
Mummy: Are you sure? The fireman didn't put off fire?
Ern: No
Mummy: You sit with who in school bus?
Ern: Chloe, Chia Ming and Kakak (this one I asked her few days in different day, so far her answer has been consistent!)

Well, I will need to validate with her teachers..haha...

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flat Foot

Sadly to say, Ern has a flat foot :-( I don't know what is the right word to describe her feet but I guess the picture above speak for itself.

When she started to walk around 1yo, we already noticed this. However, PD said it's common to see toddler walk that way (like a duck) because they are learning to balance themselves. As the days go by, we are still seeing the same thing.

Until she turned 2, we got her PD to check again and confirmed, she has a flat foot. To our surprise, PD has no concern because she told us she is one of them also!!!! She recommended us to get a good shoes that come with good insole support for Ern. She recommended a brand but we recognized the good insole support only available for adult shoes. In the end, we decided to get her orthotic insole from Formthotics while still getting her pair of shoes from the brand recommended by PD. Both cost us ~ RM400!! We have heard customized insole can easily come in thousands.

Maybe should take Ern to see PD again to see if there is a need to see an orthopedic on her feet development.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rewards vs Punishment

I came across introducing 'Reward & Punishment" from 2 mummies when I read about their blog.

Now that Ern is big enough to rationalize things, I introduced this concept to her some time back. Boy, it worked very well on her and me in my parenting life!


The magic of 'sticker' is really wonderful. I bought a sheet of sticker with the cartoon character that Ern likes. Then, I printed out a paper with boxes and the 'carrot' (to the restaurant with Golden Arch).

I told Ern, I will give her a sticker whenever she is a good girl. So, her "good girl" can be from 'drinking her milk super fast', poo (yes, she can simpan!), sleep early, etc. After she filled up the box, then we will go eat 'chips, ice-cream, apple pie". I tell you, she was so thrilled and motivated!


she turned her face away when I tried to snap her 'angry' face at the naughty corner

This is her 'naughty corner'. When she is misbehave, I will send her there and ask her to sit on the floor (fuming already, no time to bring chair as her 'thinking chair') and think what she has done wrong. Whenever we sent her there, she will cried. We just ignored her for like 10-15mins until she stopped crying. Then, we will tell why the reasons and consequences of the act she did.

Now, whenever she did wrong, she will 'automatically' go to her Naughty Corner and say "I naughty, I go naughty corner'!! LOL

I wonder how long this will work!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Penang Hill - Last Part

Story continue from here:

While waiting for the tram, the 3 girls jumped, sang, danced, run, etc at the waiting area. When one is drinking water, the other 2 followed. Never underestimate the power of 'peer pressure'. :-)

After 1+ hour of dance, sing, jump, finally it was our turn for the tram ride. Crowded as expected but we managed to get seats. First, all 3 girls sat on mummy's lap. However, they were not tall enough to see the view clearly. So, we let them stand instead and they were happy about it.

Before we reached the hill top, there was a tunnel that the tram need to go through. The 3 girls were so thrilled about it and kept on saying 'tunnel, tunnel, tunnel'.

The moment we got out from the tram, cool breeze welcomed us. Very refreshing and relax. We let the girls run around for a while and we (the mummies) busy taking pictures of them! For memory and also for blogging purpose!

Then, we proceed to David Brown Restaurant for lunch. I have heard many good comments about their scone and true enough, it was good (to me). The 3 girls ate very little because they wanted to play. In the end, we let the 3 girls played while the mummies enjoyed our lunch. They talked, color and run around the area. Yes, they talked just like how we adult 'sembang'. All we get to hear is their laughter and see the joy written on their face. We took photos again as the restaurant is filled with greens! Yes, lots of plants and there is even a human made pond.

Soon, we decided to leave as it was way pass Charlotte's nap time. She slept on the way down while Ern and Yan became a little manja, wanted the mummy to carry!

Ern slept in the car 5 mins after we get into the car. Tired you can see but I can tell, she enjoyed herself very much. Not so much on the tram ride but the company of Charlotte and Yan.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Penang Hill - Part 1

{Back-dated Post}

What can you do with your little ones when they are 1)On school break for 2 weeks OR 2) Baby sitter is away and you need to take leave??


My mum is away on vacation, so I need to take leave on 2nd half of the day to take care of Ern (she goes to school still in the morning). As for Charlotte & Yan, they are on school break, follow government school's break schedule. That's how we (the mummies) plan for them to meet at Penang Hill on 4th June. It was the first time for Ern and Yan while second time for Charlotte. Mum being mum, we even have Plan B & Plan C in case the tram service is not functioning or it rains!

I only told Ern about the plan on the morning itself and she was clueless about tram and meeting new friends. I still sent her to school as I need to pick up an important teleconference from home but pick her up right after her snack break at 10.30am. Off we headed to Penang Hill.

Before we reached the ground station, there were many cars parked along the roadside. It took me like 10mins before I can find a spot to park, yet that spot is at residential area with walking distance of 10mins to the station. No choice but to park.

Half way walking, Ern wanted to pee and I know she can't wait till we reach the toilet at the station. So I asked her to pee at the roadside. No complaint from her, means her bladder is really full liao. Otherwise, she won't pee outside of toilet one.

Right after that, Charlotte's Mummy arrived. Same like us, find parking. She was lucky to find one that is nearer. So we waited for them under a tree. Guess what, Ern and Charlotte clicked so well the moment they met. The last time they met was almost 1 year ago!

Crowded at the waiting area and we decided to go ahead with the plan even we needed to wait for 1.15hr for the tram ride. Yes, it was that crowded even the tram service is once every 15mins. We just feel bad to dampen their spirit since we can wipe out the joy written on their face !

Soon after that, Yan and mummy arrived. It took a little while for Yan to warm up but soon, the 3 of them sing, run and eat (snack) together while waiting for our turn on the tram ride.

To be continued...

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

She Finds Her Own Comfort

Ever since Sean came into the family, I can no longer give 100% attention to Ern. At times, I feel bad because I didn't spend enough quality time with her. Or when she needs me, I can't be there right away.

This happened mostly when i am attending to Sean, especially during nursing time, I have to tell her "wait a min huh, Mummy is feeding DiDi". So far, she has been giving me consistent answer whenever i told her this - OK!

After then, she would either:

1) Play by herself but sit next to Sean and I
2) Sit next to me and wait patiently while we had some good "mother-daughter' chat
3) She finds 'substitute' - family members that is closer to her, ie MIL, Poh Poh or Daddy

So this was how our conversation look like:

Scenario # 1:
Ern: Mummy, what are you doing? Come, come, play with me lah!
Mummy: Sorry Ern. Mummy is nursing DiDi. Mummy will play with you when done,ok?
Ern: okay OR she will look out for MIL.

Scenario # 2:

Mummy: (trying to get away from the room so that can take care of DiDi in a separate room.)
Mummy: Aiyoh..Ern, mummy has stomach ache and need to 'ng ng' (past motion). You stay here with Poh Poh.OK??!! you sleep with Poh Poh first ya.
Ern: It's ok Mummy. You sleep with DiDi. Poh Poh will sleep with me
Mummy: Are you sure?
Ern: Sure!

Oh dear, couldn't believe she has grown up so much and so fast!