Friday, March 30, 2007

First "Cause & Effect"

I bought this toy, trying to teach Ern about "cause & effect". She get bored with this toy after 5 minutes of playing. Also, she only knew how to close, not pressing the button to pop up the toy.


We never taught her this one! She learned from observing!

She is actually closing the water tap, non stop! (sorry, video clip a bit dark)

Ern has nappy rash since birth till 3+ months, which caused by frequent poo poo due to breastfeeding. It was that bad we need to seek medical treatment and apply steroid cream. Also, we have been asked to wash her bottom on every pee or poo. Ever since, we will carry her to the basin to wash, no matter she is on nappy or diaper.

We don't do this anymore since her poo poo is more stable. Only do this when we change her on diaper, ie sleep or "kai kai" time.

Caught You!

When I entered the room after my shower this morning, this is what I saw....

Other than saying "OMG", the next thing I did was to snap picture! :-)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

March Wardrobe Collection

Bought several suits for Ern during my trip to Taiwan. Check it out. :-)

PS: Took the pictures in a rush. So, a bit dark.


Ern started to cruise at 8 months 2 weeks old! Another milestone! :-)

She started to make few steps by holding the bed. Very small steps indeed. :-)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sexy Pose??

Daddy said Ern looks sexy in this picture! Do you think so? :-)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bite - Part # 2

After the earlier incident, we have to use this:

And this (citronella oil):

But Ern Still Kena like this (right eye):

Not only on the eye, the leg also:

Poor baby, we have to send her to see PD as the swallon eye didn't subside but become worst, so as the leg. :(

PD commented the bite may be coming from bed bug. She asked us to put the mattress under the sun. She circled the leg to indicate the original red spot. If the spot go beyond the line by tomorrow, antibiotic is needed. For now, just apply cream and medicine to relieve the inchiness. Lukicly, no sign of fever and Ern is still as active and naughty as before. At least something good to see.

I hope no more part # 3 to blog. Er...geram on the mosquito!

Tag: Why I Married A Penangite

Tagged by Angeleyes - 10 Reasons Why I Married A Penangite.

1) I am also from Penang, somemore never leave home type! So, no interesting story to tell on this part.

2) We speak the same dialect - Hokkien. So, communication makes things much more simplier for us, especially in jokes, those Hokkien joke.

3)- We are food lover, especially Japanese food. So, I found another kaki who will think and say the same thing like me:"Never mind, eat first, belakang kira!" So, we are big size parents, so as our child. hahaha

4) He never stopped me from buying handbags even I have almost 50+ of them already.

5) I get the "privilege" to decide what and where to eat when we dine out.

6) He is my first love. So, nothing to compare and don't plan to compare also!

7) He never asked me to learn cooking since he knows I don't know and dislike cooking. Instead, he cooks and I just sit down like a "queen" and eat. Hopefully with Ern, I will slowly "walk into the kitchen". Will see...

8) He never stopped me from traveling also. While I was away recently for my Taiwan trip, he took care of Ern by himself.

9) He is my "MPPP" where he will sapu my leftover food with no question asked, even it doesn't taste good. LOL!

10) He is fast and good in figure. So, he is my "walking calculator".

11) He looks VERY serious and fierce when he is not smiling. However, he is just another BIG KID in front of me. There was once, he waved like the beauty pageant (just move the palm without the arm type) and show a big smile to my friend from the car(trying to say hi)!! My friend was stunt for a while before she can relate that's my hubby! See, normally guys will just horn and wave normally.

12) He is very creative when comes to alphabet. Of coz the funny one, especially on vehicle number plate. For example, his ex-boss number is PCK XXXX. So, he will call his boss (in front of me only lah) "Pua Chu Kang"!

Phew..there goes the list. Tag no one as I think most mummies already full of meme to do...hahaha

Monday, March 26, 2007

Nightmare Begins

While everyone is happy to see Ern made her first stand, at the same time, that also mark the beginning of our nightmare - "when is the next fall?"

Choi, choi, choi...we wouldn't want Ern to fall down too! Let's accept the fact falling down is common for baby/toddler when they start to stand, crawl, walk or even run. I think what every parents can do is minimize the risk only, right?

We are in dilemma now, whether to remove 1 mattress (there are 2 mattress currently) OR bumper. Removing either one also headache. :-(

- Mattress: It will definitely be less cushioning for her. Ern moves a lot when she sleep. Her sleeping pattern for now is she will sit up (still sleeping with eye close) to adjust her butt and the next thing you hear it's "pong". Ern will sleep on her tummy with her face turn side way. So, we have used to hear "pong, pong, pong" middle of the night and don't bother to get up to take a look on her. We know she is "adjusting". *grin*

- Bumper: The original playpen doesn't come with the bumper. We bought it after Ern scratches her face from the netting. Ern has sensitive skin and the worst thing is, she likes to stick her face on the net. Maybe that would enable her a better view outside. Also, her favorite spot is the orange corner on the right! Don't know why she loves that corner so much.

Another decision, decision and decision....

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Milk Bottle

This is how Ern hold her bottle. The right hand will hold the center part of the bottle while the left will ALWAYS at the bottom. Typically, she is using more of her right hand to hold while the left one is for her to PLAY with the bottle.

We have no longer holding her in our arms to feed her. Instead, we placed her on a pillow and she will "kau tim" the milk by herself.

She is taking 6.5oz of milk on the interval of 3+hrs. Right after milk, we have trained her to drink water. So, she will easily drink another 1/2oz of water. With ~ 7oz of fluid intake, no wonder she pee a lot lately, in term of frequency and volume. Her nappy no longer able to "cope" with the volume. At times, our bed or mattress will have wet spot at different corner, a sign of overflow from the nappy :-)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

No More Banana in Food Feeder

Ern has sensitive skin since birth, especially on both of her cheek. If she skrectches her cheek with a netting (either her playpen or feeder), the cheek will turn red immediately.

Last week, while feeding banana via the feeder, her cheek turned red. At first, Poh Poh thought she is allergic to banana but we ruled that out as the red spot is only near her mouth area. Moreover, it's not rashes. So, we concluded netting is the culprit.

Strange thing is, if we place papaya, she is ok. Maybe it's more juicy.

So, how Ern takes banana now? We need to feed via spoon.

Shy Smile

My aunt and her son, Gerald happened to be in town to meet up with the relatives. For my dad, it has been almost 30 years he didn't meet Gerald. My aunt stays in Singapore while Gerald has permanently moved to Bali.

Well, well, to our surprise, Ern smiled to Uncle Gerald but not to her Kor Poh. Kor Poh jokingly said "Ern, Uncle Gerald is too old to be your boyfriend! Look for younger one!. :-)

That's the kind of "shy smile" she made to Uncle Gerald.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Another Personal Potrait Photos

No particular reason, saja take Ern's photo. :-)

First Stand

Dear Ern,

At 8 months and 10 days, you are able to stand up by yourself, by holding to the edge of the bed. In fact, you were even stand on your toe to reach the object beyond your hand reaching distance!! :-)

Everyone in the family are very proud of you!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ern's Month 7 Photos

Check out Ern's Month 7 photos at "Photo Corner".

Happy Viewing :-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Finger Sucking

I am sure all babies go through the stage of thumb/finger sucking, so as Ern.
When she was 3+ months, she can put 2-3 fingers at one time into her mouth and suck. Can even hear the "chut chut" sucking sound.

Now, only 1 finger. To our surprise, she never suck her thumb (at least for now).

Longer This Time

Ern is able to sit up longer and more stable as compared to her first time on last Tue (13th March). From <10 seconds to >20 seconds now.

Monday, March 19, 2007


We tried this..

And this..

And yet Ern still become like this..

Well, well, we found mozzie bite almost all over her face yesterday morning. Poor baby, I hope nothing serious will happen to her.

Clap Clap

While I was busy "chasing after" mosquito to kill them, Ern burst into laughter seeing her mummy running around. I think she was delighted on the clapping sound (to kill the mosquito) than me running around the house.

Here goes the video clip, even it was after I killed the mosquito. I was tapping on the floor and sofa but she still laughed happily.

Poh Poh and Mummy also laughed together. Ern just made our day!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Why 88?

Not because i owned a car number plate of PXX 88 (too expensive and I would rather spend the money else where)
I didn't kena any "4-ekor" as I hardly buy
It's not our house number either
None of our birthday within the family fall on this "ong" day
It's not wedding anniversary
What's is this???

I took my parents to try TGIF at Queensbay Ball yesterday(it's their first time) while I also redeemed a Sizzling Fajita at FOC (I was randomly selected to answer their customer survey during my last visit and the reward is this!) So happen Abbott was promoting their formula milk powder at the foyer. Well, it's not just selling formula, free consultation provided to your kids, a playground, free photo and make up (after you spend certain amount obviously!)

So, I used their weighting machine to weight Ern.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Tag: My Five Wishes for Ern

Tagged by Just My Tots.

Honestly, I don't have 5 wishes for Ern but just 1 - be a healthy & happy person.

I don't know if this is because of the challenging pregnancy I had, all I wish for Ern is to stay healthy and happy.

There goes, simple wish yet I think all parents would want to wish for that. :-)

Now, I will tag the mama of:

1) Vernon
2) Javier
3) Braedyn & Shayanne


Ern hardly cry when she wakes up from her sleep or nap. If she cries, means she must have scary dreams during the sleep. When she is awake, she will quietly:

1) If sleep in playpen: crawl and stretch the netting on the side of the playpen
2) If sleep on mattress placed on the floor: Busy crawling outside of the mattress by touching whenever that is close to her. Usually, it's the sharp corner of the wall or computer chair.

Whenever she takes her morning/afternoon nap, we need to take a look on her like every 10-15 minutes. Sometimes, we get "notified" by the sound of the "moving chair"! Why? She is pulling the chair front and back.

Crawl & Sit

Another development milestone for Ern!

She is able to crawl on her knee for few steps 2 days ago. Then, she will stop for few seconds before she does her usual "frog leap". When she is "kan chiong", she will go back to her old crawl(the comando way) as it is faster for her to reach the object she wants to hold.

On the same day, she is able to sit up by herself. However, she sits wobbly and will fall left, right or front after 10 seconds or so!

Well, well, even it's only few steps or 10 seconds, I think this is a begining of her "mobility" day...


After 6D5N of "eat,play & sleep" in Taiwan, mummy put on 4 lbs! *sigh*

Mummy is a food lover, so can't resist good, matilah..

Luckily, Ern still wants me to carry her when i stepped into the house. I was so happy!! When I first saw her, the first thing that comes into my mind was:"Gosh, Ern is so chubby!". She has developed closer bond with Daddy while Mummy was away. Daddy was exhausted as he never take care of Ern by himself for so many days. But he was happy to see our girl is closer to him now.

Ern turned 8-months-old on Tuesday but Mummy was too busy. So no time to blog.

Will be taking Ern for her 3rd injection of pneumococcal & rotavirus over the weekend. Hopefully this will be the last shot. After this, the next injection will be when Ern turns 1 year old.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Blog Break

Yipee, mummy will be on vacation till early next week. Daddy will take care of Ern while mummy is away.

Where mummy go? See below and you will know. :-)

Monday, March 5, 2007

Food Feeder

After reading Julian & Sasha post on Munchkin food feeder, I decided to get one for Ern as well. I mean, this is something good to avoid choking and it's handy.

We introduced banana to Ern last week and she LOVES it. Within 10mins, she "kau tim" the banana! Ever since, she "walloped" the papaya and apple (not via feeder). Other than milk and solids, Ern eats fruit during her "tea time", around 3-4pm.

Anything else can be introduced via this feeder? Fellow mummies and daddies, please share with me ya :-)

PS: Julian & Sasha - thanks for sharing great paranting tips.

Where Is?

We reckon Ern is able to recognize some names. She will turn and look for the person whenever we say "Ern, where is XX?". So far, she can recognize:

- Poh Poh (grandma)
- Daddy
- Kong Kong (grandpa)
- Ma Ma (MIL - grandma in Cantonese)
- Thor Thor (our dog)

BUT NOT Mummy!! *sigh*

I guess it was me that ask her this question all the time ..I did asked "where is Mummy?" but she never turned to me...:-(

Friday, March 2, 2007

Milk Milk

The video clip shows Ern is playing the bottle nipple. She was sitting on my lap while I took the clip. :-)

Well,well,lil Ern knows it's milk time when she sees her milk bottle. She will crawl to the direction where we place the milk bottle and grab it. If it's way beyond her reach, she will start to mumble "", sort of telling us "hey, give me my milk!" :-)

Ern is able to hold and pull out the milk bottle when finish. Right after that, she will sit up immediately and wait for us to give her the water bottle. Since birth, we have introduced water to Ern although not necessary being a breastfed exclusive baby. So, she knows right after milk, she needs to drink water! She will wait for 5-10 seconds for the water bottle. If we take longer than that, she will start her "" mumble again. Ha, our little Princess. Very demanding one!

I am thankful my mum introduced water to Ern right at the early stage. Originally, I wanted to kill the idea but I took it as something good. Well,it is GOOD, at least drinking water is not a nightmare for Ern now. In fact, she ask water from us in between her feeding hour. I have heard some mummies facing difficulties in feeding water to their little ones when water was introduced at a later stage. In the end, they have to give juices or something that comes with a taste as the supplement of fluid.

Protect Our Children On the Internet

Tagged by Just My Thoughts, first tag also! :-)

The project Blogger Power is a campaign to safegard the internet for children against pornography.

Well, like what Shooi said, this is more like forwarding mail with an educational message on it. No harm sharing the news around.

A Request To All Webmasters Of Adult Sites:

“Please require a password-protected login before allowing even free access to explicit adult content. We understand that selling porn is your business and we respect your right to make a legal living. But understand our legitimate concerns and work with us. You already have the “warning adult content” on your websites. Yet kids, who are not legal customers of your product, ignore the warning. So to prevent them from having direct access to explicit images, texts and sounds, the simplest way is to have a password-protected login. No more “free tours” before a visitor supplies basic information.”

Tag no one. However, if anyone like to keep the ball rolling, please pass the message around.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Biting Lips

Ern likes to bite her lips now. Don't know if this is a sign of teething??