Friday, August 31, 2007


(Logo Source from here)

Yeah, Ern can recognizes Baskin Robbins (BK) logo and relates that as ice-cream.

Yesterday evening, we brought Ern along to Tesco for grocery shopping as well as buying BK ice-cream at 31% discount. BK in Tesco is not an outlet but only stall type located on the ground floor. On our way down from the escalator, Ern pointed at the stall when she sported the logo. Daddy and I were surprised she can still remember as she had finished the earlier quart few weeks back. Amazing...

It wasn't crowded at the stall and 10 minutes later, we headed home with 1 quart and 2 pints of BK ice-cream. While waiting for our ice-cream to be packed, my lil 'wai sek mao' can't wait any longer but kept on pointing and staring at the ice-cream ! No choice, I have to ask the worker to give me a spoonful and the 'wai sek mao' finished everything.

PS: Btw, you don't need to wait till 31st to enjoy the discount. You can purchase the ice-cream at discounted rate on the 30th but only on the month with 31st. :-)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Front Incisors

Finally, after a 'long break' from the 2 lower front teeth, we can see the pearly white top right incisor sprouted out. Then after my Bangkok trip, the left front incisor also broke through.

Thank goodness there is no sign of teething pain or irritation. Things was pretty normal. That's why we have to constantly put in our fingers to feel (argh!) if there is any new teeth coming out...

Friday, August 24, 2007

More Steps...

While waiting for Kong Kong & Poh Poh to try on their Levis jeans at Queensbay Mall's outlet last Sunday, Ern was so happy seeing herself walking in front of the full length mirror. In fact, she walked like 20+ steps unaided until she reached the mirror.

I was tired after 45 mins of walking 'front and back' with her.

Front - walk behind her with my back bend like 90 degrees just to get ready to grab her in case she lost her balance while walking towards the mirror,

Back: Carry her far back and let her walk up front again towards the mirror.

The Smell...

Somehow all my family members love to smell on baby, especially on the hair and face. It's a 'natural perfume' that attrack most of us.

This 'perfume' only comes in 1 type of 'fragrance' - milky smell. When a child is fully on milk, it gives you a pure milky fragrance. After solid is introduced, the smell has a mixture of milk + something. I can't explain what is the 'something' but I can tell the different. :-)

Do you also like to smell on baby?? :-)

Scrap credit: Fern Lily

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I read about how a child get fascinated over curtain here and here. Ching Ern is no different too!!

She will crawl to the window, stand up and go behind the curtain. Then, she will try to pull away the curtain by her hand and trying to come out. While doing that, she will surely giggle! Knowing she likes to play peek-a-boo, I call her name and to ad more excitement, I will say "mummy lai liao" (mummy's is coming in Mandarin) to make her feel even kan chiong. haha

I love to see the big grin shown on my little girl. You can feel the excitement and happiness she had from the grin.

Scrap Credit: MJB

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Greetings from Bangkok.

Yeah, I am currently in my Bangkok office and daddy will fly in on Friday. We will stay till Sunday before we say bye bye to this shopping paradize. Oh ya, Ern is NOT coming along but stay home with Poh Poh/Kong Kong.

When i called home just now, daddy put on the speaker phone so that Ern get to hear my voice. When I asked her 'where is mummy?", she pointed to the door! Sigh...she thought I am outside the door and play peek-a-boo with her, which is the normal game we played.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ern plays this..

twice a day with Kong Kong. She will sit on the floor at the balcony and next thing you see, she will take out all the clips and put them back into the basket again. She repeats the 'take out and put back' until we carry her away. Normally it will follow by a short whine before we divert her attention to something else. She has been playing this for months and yet,she is not bored with it. What is so fascinating?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Asking for Milk...

( Back-dated post)

No, no...Ern has yet to say 'milk' or 'mum mum'. Nothing extraordinary but I thought it is something special for me to write it down for my future laugh and remembrance.

All these while, Ern hardly ask for milk but whenever we give her, she would finish the milk most of the time. However, once she sees the milk bottle (filled with milk), we need to give her fast enough. Or else, she will start to 'complain' with '' sound and her leg start to kick!

I have make it a point to let her lye down on our bed as a routine whenever we feed her the milk. No particular reason but to ensure she can 'kuai kuai' finishes her milk. For weeks, I have taught her to lye down on the pillow, ie by saying "lye down, milk milk' and follow up patting the pillow for 3 times.

Just last week, after I changed her into her pyjamas, I let her played around our bed since it was still early for her night feeding. After 20 minutes of reading + rolling + playing, suddenly she crawled to me and trying to pull down my pillow. At that time, I was leaning on the wall with my pillow on my back as cushion.

She did it for second time by repeating the same act. I was puzzled for a while and tried to think what she actually want. So, I moved myself away and the next thing I saw, Ern pulled down the pillow, pat the pillow for 3 times and she lye down. She was signing to me and tried to say "Mummy, I want milk!".

I couldn't stop laughing while preparing her milk for her. My little girl has grown up and start 'communicating' with us.

Scrap Credit: Anita Quilts

Friday, August 17, 2007

Poh Poh's Little Helper

I think KPC is more relevant than 'little helper'!! haha...

Whenever Poh Poh takes the basket out, she will drop everything she is doing and crawl/walk excitedly to the balcony.

Shake Leg + Clapping = ??

No matter how we tried to correct her, she still did it the same old way.

Yeah, this is how she dance. :-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hair Clip

2 mos 8 mos

Like what Wei Xuan's Mummy said, having a daughter means the mummy get to buy nice clothes and dress our girl like a princess. Well, not only we get to buy nice clothes but also the accessories like hair band, hand bag, hair clips, etc...

I started to buy accessories even before Ern was born!! Couldn't resist not to buy those lacy stuff...For safety purpose, we only let Ern wear hair hands. Simply reason - it won't choke her if she happened to remove it from her hair and put inside the mouth.

Maybe we introduced early, she actually allowed us to put the hair hand on her without complaining. Only recently, she knows how to take them out. However, if we distract her attention when we first put the hair band on her, she will forget there is actually something on her head!

After a while, it's pretty boring to dress my girl just with the hair band. So last week, I took out all the hair clips I have bought and choose the biggest size of hair clip and put on her. You may ask why I choose a big size clip over the rest. Well, it gives us better visibility whether the clip is still on Ern's head while also give better grib on the hair.

To my surprise, Ern didn't make any fuss about it. In fact, when I brought her in front of the mirror and asked her "where is the flower?", she was happily pointing at the mirror instead of the clip on her hair!!

Scrap Credit: Anita Quilts

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's Not The Egg White

Ever since the allergic incident, I was very determined to find out what cause Ern to develop the allergy.

Since last week, we gave her all the food she took on the day when she had allergic.

1. Cheese - No problem
In fact, she loves cheese.

2. Egg York - No sign of rashes
We gave her hard boiled york. Even we mixed with butter and add some water, it get dried up fast. Ern doesn't really like it even she ate most of it.

3. Egg White - No problem
We tried 2 times before we can confirmed Ern is not allergic to egg white. During the 1st serving, she didn't eat much, maybe it's hard boiled and tasteless. 2nd time, Poh Poh put the hard boiled egg and mixed with her porriage, she ate 3/4 of the white.

In the end, we conclude that she must have eaten something on the floor that cause her to develop the rashes.

Monday, August 13, 2007

13 Months

Ern turns 13 months-old today. Time really flies, huh!!

Vital Stats:
Height: 74.5cm
Weight: 9+kg
Teeth: Still 2
Hair: Grow pretty fast. So far, we brought her to hair saloon twice

Solid: 2 times per day (1 porridge & 1 rice cereal/wheat)
Milk: 3 times of 7oz per day
Fruit: We gave her what we eat and she eats everything, including cempedak & durian
Biscuit: She loves her baby biscuit as well as our biscuit too!
Yogurt: Start to fall in love more showing us the 'sour' face
Cheese: She loves this.
Others: As long as we sit on the dining table, she will crawl to us and ask for food

- Started to walk unsupported but when she is 'kan chiong', she will sit down and crawl
- Able to signal to us when she wants to pee by pulling the nappy clip.
- Able to tell us when she is done with her poo by shaking her head
- She likes to flip book now..stop biting already...
- She is at the stage of 'opening' and 'closing' on our drawers and cabinets
- Able to squat from standing position but still need to hold on something from squatting to standing position.
- We are teaching her through her daily routine and object surrounding her, eg fan, sofa, fridge, etc.
- Enjoy listening to cartoon songs.

Understand on instructions:
- She knows where to throw the soiled diaper when you give her
- Raise her hand to say 'hi' and 'bye' when we asked her to do
- She does the friend kiss correctly now: place the palm on her month
- When we whistle 'shh, shh', she will wee (if any)
- When we say lye down by patting the pillow, she will repeat after us before she lye down
- Depending on her mood, she is able to put things back to the original place.
- understand and do when we say 'give', "open", 'close' & 'shake'.

- She says'thor thor' (our dog) very clearly. The rest of the time, she just babbles'

- Everyone in the family, part-time maid as well as our neighbours
- Animal: cat, dog, pig, bird, bear & koala bear
- Household: fan, air-con, comb, yo yo, jeans, tyre, light bulk
- Nature/food: flower, leaves, carrot, tomato, ice-cream, apple & orange
- Body parts: ear, mouth & nose

She Claps:

- when we praised her by saying 'good girl' or 'clever girl'.
- The TV shows clap as well
- When she listen to the cartoon music
- Remind us to praise her

Hand/body movements she does:
- Elephant: placing her left hand on the right elbow
- Pah Pah (afraid): Pat her chest
- Recognize herself: Also pat her chest
- 'Sek Sek Sek' Game: She will lift your thumb and move up and down
- "Yes Sir, No Sir" game: She will move both hands near her ear
- "Keh Kar Kar" (chicken bite bite in Hokkien): join her 2 index fingers together.
- Comb Hair
- "Oi Oi" (sleep): Place her hand near the ear & face. She has yet to tilt her head sideway
- "Oi Oi" on her toy: She will pat the butt of the toy
- "Oi Oi' when we carry her: She will lye down on our shoulder
- Pat her knee & move her hand up and down
- Dancing: still shaking one leg.
- "chou chou" (smelly in Mandarin): She will squeeze her face
- Lift and place the telephone handset next to the ear. Most of the time, the handset is upsite down.
- "Liu Liu" (Shame in Hokkien): She will place her index finger on her cheek. Supposely to move the finger up and down but she doesn't know how.

Scrap credit:
Everything by Anita Quilts

Friday, August 10, 2007

Little Einsteins

{ Picture Source - Disney }

Ern still watch cartoon for < 5 mins or just listen to the song before she walked/crawled away.

Of all, I love to watch Little Einsteins because it gives me tips to teach Ching Ern on some interactive hand movement. So far, I have taught Ching Ern 2...hehe

1) Pat, Pat, Pat
During one of the episode, Leo (the specky guy) was patting his lap, together with his 3 friends. I think this movement was meant to speed up the rocket to move faster or something like that. I find it very interesting as it's a simple and easy act to teach Ern. Without hesitant, I followed along the show by holding Ern's hand and pat on the her lap. Ern didn't reject and happily follow along. Normally, she will move her hand away when we hold her hands. Obviously, she liked the 'pat, pat' thing.

2) Up & Down
Again, another hand sign done by Leo to ask the rocket to move up and down the mountain. So, I raised Ern's hand up and down and she happily followed along. In fact, she giggled.

Ever since, we have been using these methods to teach her about 'pat, up & down'. After few rounds of repeating, Ern learned it!

Will try to take a video soon..It's so funny when Ern did the 'up' movement. She raised her hand in the way as if she is being caught by police, the "I Surrender!" way...kekeke...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

More Steps...

Yes,yes...Ching Ern started to walk more steps unaided for the past few days.

On Tuesday, I noticed she walked for 5 steps. Just yesterday, Poh Poh said Ern walked 9 steps!! Careful steps, though as descripbed by Poh Poh. She made little steps one at a time.

When she is 'kan chiong', she will only walk for 2-3 steps, then squat down and crawl. Sometimes, she doesn't even want to walk but crawl.

Looking forward for the 'chasing' days...:-)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

She Claps...

1. To REMIND us to praise her by clapping and say “ good girl’ or ‘clever girl’ to her

2. Whenever we say “wow, oh, clever girl, good girl”.

3. A form as self praise –> on the act we asked her to do (eg pointing to an object or give us something) and she did it correctly or even half way through.

Funny right, let me share with you why I said ½ way through..

Mummy: Ern, where is Mummy’s ear
Ern: *use 1 hand to turn your face 90 degree (to make sure your ear is facing her) and point to my ear*
Mummy: Ern, where is the mouth?
Ern: *point to the mouth*
Ern: *Clap*

See, I haven’t start to ask her ‘where is the nose’, she REMINDED us to praise her. Of cause we praised her…

4. Whenever we are watching game show like “Deal or No Deal” at NTV7. She followed along.

Scrap Credit:
Papers & Wording: Ronna Penner
Staple: Fern Lili
Doodle: J Desai

Monday, August 6, 2007

Ern's Language Development

Saw an interesting link from Shannon's blog in gauging the language development for our child. A simple test where you just need to answer questions and the system will plot a graph for you. It's from Lena.

At 12 months & 24 days, Ern's langaugage developement is at 16 months. I didn't read the details (if any) as in how they compute the statistic or what not. I took the test for fun only...

If you are interest, check it out at Lena

Friday, August 3, 2007

The Lucky One...

For the past 30+ years, Kong Kong is someone who doesn't like to queue for any food, traffic, parking, cashier, etc for anything more than 20 minutes. He would 'patah balik' and said 'come next time'. Even if it is just a slow moving traffic, he would go find other routes, which may turn out to be longer route or take longer time to reach the destination.

Things changed when he has Ern has his own grandchild. Kong Kong waited for 1+ hour queueing up at Baskin Robins on 31st July. All this while, Kong Kong has been buying the ice-cream at the regular price until we told him there is 31% discount on the month with 31st.

All of us were very surprise Kong Kong queued for 1+ hours to buy the ice-cream. If it wasn't meant for Ern, we knew he would came back empty handed. See the 'power' of my little monster to her grandpa.

Scrap credit:
Paper, flower & ribbon: Simone Stefmacher
Envelop tie: Melanie Ann
Circle: Princess Pamera
Wording: Miss Vivi

Daddy's Girl

Firstly, thank you everyone for your wishes and prayers on Ern. She has recovered fully from the allergic but the nodes still there. I guess it will take a while before the nodes are gone.

Whenever we brought Ern for the regular injections, daddy won't be coming but only Poh Poh. However, daddy will come along if it is 'non injection' visit to the PD.

Daddy was with us during the afternoon session on the lymph nodes but he couldn't make it for the allergic session. Ern was at Poh Poh's place when she developed the rashes and Kau Foo (my brother) sent us to the hospital.

I told hubby Ern needed to be monitored on her allergic condition for the next 8 hours, which was from 8pm - 4am. Only yesterday evening, I found out hubby actually stayed up to 4am just to monitor our little princess!! I felt real bad and guilty as I slept like a pig. I knew hubby stayed up late but didn't know it was that late.

I wanted to blog about it so that when Ching Ern is old enough to read this post, I don't need to remind her how much her daddy loves her!

Scrap credit:
Paper, ribbons,photo frame & star: Lindsay Jane
Flower: Sharon K

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Happening Day!

Few weeks ago, I read about the posts on Rachel’s swollen lymph nodes along the bikini line & Jeremy’s allergic on wheat . As a mother myself, I truly understand how Shannon & Anggie felt when I read their blog back then.

Guess what, Ching Ern had BOTH together yesterday!!! Surprisingly, I wasn’t that worried as I thought I would be. I have to admit my pregnancy helped me and hubby to be strong in our parenting journey.

While daddy was changing Ern in her pajamas on Monday night, he felt a swollen lump at the back of the right ear. The swollen lump is as big as a 20cent coin. I told daddy let’s observe for another day before we take Ern to see PD.

I did some reading about swollen lymph nodes before seeing the PD. The more I read, the more I am certain Ern has swollen lymph nodes. A human has 300+ lymph nodes and most of them are located around the head & neck.

We brought Ern to see PD and CONFIRMED it’s swollen lymph node - not only 1 but THREE (3) at the back of the head. PD asked if Ern has developed fever, flu or cough for the past few days and we told her no, she said good. Good in a sense Ern won the battle in fighting against the virus and bacteria without developing fever/flu/cough. However, the victory battle still leaves some mark behind, ie the swollen lymphb nodes. Nothing alarming but just need to monitor the nodes. As long as they are not growing any bigger or turn red, it’s absolutely fine.

Then, we happily brought her home, fed her dinner with boiled egg and cheese.
2 hours after the dinner, Ern started to rub her face and scratch her head. Her stomach and neck started to develop small rashes. So as her face, started to get swollen. We knew it’s food allergic but what puzzled us was, the food that we gave her, she tried it before weeks ago. Without hesitating, I sent her to see PD again at 8pm. Luckily, PD happened to be around and also puzzled like us why Ern develop allergic. Nevertheless, we were asked to feed medicine immediately before went home. PD also asked us to monitor Ern’s condition for the 8 hours. If the rashes doesn’t subside after 8 hours or Ern has difficulty breathing, we need to send her back.

Thank goodness we had no problem feeding Ern on the medicine. She didn’t make any fuss but drink as if she is eating ice-cream (yeah, I told her it’s ice-cream). When we reached home, the whole body typically swollen and red. Quickly applied the Calomine lotion and soon, Ern went to lala land. Maybe the medicine made her so drowsy until when we tried to wake her up at 12am for her next medicine feeding, she can’t seem to open her eyes but continue to sleep. In the end, I told daddy we skipped it since the rashes has gone done, just left with few spots.

Till now, we don’t know what caused the allergic but we know it’s food. What she ate after we came back from the afternoon visit:
1. Cereal: she has taken this cereal since month 6. So, we ruled this out.
2. Cheese: She has been eating plain cheese since last week. No problem at all. We ruled that out
3. Egg Yoke: We tried before her MMR injection. No sign of allergic as well.
4. Egg White: Poh Poh mixed the white and the yoke together last week. No problem

In the end, we conclude maybe the white serving is more this time, that’s why her body can’t cope. However, I am going to try again next week to determine if she is really allergic with egg white.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Peek-A-Boo Girl

Somehow, I think Ern LOVES to play peek-a-boo in her day-to-day life.

1) Over the wooden stool

2) Even at her play pen

Tag: All About Ching Ern

Tag by Leng Chai Kor Kor Evan as he wants to know more about me. Hmm...why huh? Very simple only, because my mummy always asked his mummy lots of thing, eg how to prepare egg for me to eat, how to train me chew, etc...

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1) Eat
2) Sleep
3) Play
5) Pee & Poo

Four places i have lived:
1) Poh Poh's House
2) My house
3) Yeh Yeh's house in Hadyai
4) Lastly, my mummy's womb

Four places I have been on vacation:
1) Hadyai
2) Butterworth (to visit my Yee Poh)
3) Sorry..that's all

Four of my favourite food:
I love food, except papaya & western liquid medicine.

Four places I would rather be right now:
As long as I am with my family members, I am ok...

Ok, kau tim & "Wong Fei Hong Sau Tong"...

Chau...I need to ask my mummy for 'mum mum' already...

Tag: What Is Your Plan on 8th August 2008?

Tagged by Jeremy's Mummy what is our plan on this super 'fatt' day of 8/8/08.

Honestly, I don't have plan but just wish everyone in the family is healthy and happy, in which they are PRICELESS and PRECIOUS to me!!

Instructions :
**Start Copy**
Proposition: My plan on 08.08.08
Requirements: Share us your plan on 08.08.2008.
Tag Mode: 5 blogger
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog etc.
3rd - Leave me a comment so that I can compound all your links in a final list on 08.08.2008.

What They will do on 08.08.2008

Xilly want to create a list of 08.08.08 plans.
Chooi Peng was at Hokkaido on 08.08.08
Jazzmint will pass the day blurry on 08.08.08
Anggie will Plan a Budget Holiday on 080808

Tag no one. :-)

Tag: If I Have 1 Million!

Tagged from Kelvin's Mummy what would I do if I have 1 Million.

The first thing that came to my mind was: What currency is the 1 Million? It makes so much different in determining what can be done with the $1M.

Let's assume if we have in RM. I will invest the $1M to generate more $ for now. After 20 years when Ern and # 2 have grown up, the fund will be used for their teithiary education abroad. Hopefully by then, RM500K is still enough to fund their tuition fee and living expenses.

Instructions :
**Start Copy**

Proposition: If you Have $1,000,000.00…………………………………

Requirements: continue above sentences
Tag Mode: 5 blogger
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.

What They Do With Their $1 Million
1. SYH will spend for Family.
2. Miche will give to the needy.
3. Montessorimum will keepsake
4. Chin Nee will Spend on Everything
5. Sasha will spend a little here and there and keep some too!
6. Joanne will spend some keep some invest some

Shall not tag anyone as most mummies/daddies did this tag already :p