Sunday, December 5, 2010

LIfe Is Beautiful...

At least that's something I learnt from my kids everyday -> think & live simple!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Surprise Party

It was really really a surprise for Daddy because he really believe I threw the party for my own daddy (I told him the surprise party was for my dad!) When he walked into the restaurant, he was so surprise to see his friends! Happy daddy for sure!

I had the party planned few weeks back by coordinating with his friends and my friends. More like gathering for all of us. Tried out several restaurants before deciding the place (food + drinking session). Kids were thrilled whenever it comes to party although it wasn't a kids party! No pre-planned games but I managed to come out with 1 game. The intend was to make them stay within the restaurant so that we don't really need to supervise them so closely.

I appointed 'guard" (one of the girls) to watch over the kids while the rest of the kids were 'reminding' each other than they were not suppose to cross beyond the line and stepped out of the restaurant. This methods works because the adults get to chill out quite a bit while the kids play the games!!!

In the end, I 'rewarded" them with desserts for being good kids and that was their 'surprise present'...cheapo, I know! But at least that make them stay 'kuai kuai' (good kid) for a while! hahahaha....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When We Asked Her to Pose...

This is what she will do. So fake, I tell you. :-) I think she picked this up from recent school concert's cat walk in preparation for the fashion show ! :-)

PS: She likes this dress (Grandpa bought for her) very much because it comes with beads, which make her think she is a 'grown up Che Che".