Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Look After Hair Cut

[ Back-dated Post ]

We took Ern for another round a hair cut since she sweat a lot. Keeping her hair short helps to cope with the hot weather and look tidy.

No photo for the hair cut as it was a last minute thingy. We just went to the usual saloon near our house. We waited for like 20 mins before our turn.

Ern sat quietly on the high stool and let the aunty trimmed her hair. Unlike at home, she kept on rubbed her eye and moved around..

Looks like I can never save my RM7 on Ern's hair cut!!! LOL

Monday, September 29, 2008

"Home Trolley"

Before Kong Kong left for his annual Shanghai vacation trip, he bought a big luggage ( with 4 wheels) since the old one almost wore out already.

A day before he flew off, Ern discovered the luggage. While I was watching the "Wah Lei Toi" Hong Kong drama, suddenly I hear Ern giggled so loud. The next I saw, Kong Kong put her on time of the luggage and push her around the house.

While giggled, my little girl also said "horsey horsey"!!!

Looks like I need to get her a real horse to ride one day...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ern's Sibling

Yup, Ern is expecting a sibling sometime early March. Today marks the 4th month of my 2nd pregnancy.

I had morning sickness on my 1st trimester but thankfully this round, baby was growing ok. I lost 3-4kg from my pre-pregnancy weight due to constant vomit, nausea and indigestion. Nevertheless, we were very thankful I don't need to go through mental stress like what we experienced during Ern's time. So all these morning sickness, considered 'kacang' to me liao! *LOL*

I even flew to Hong Kong to meet my travel kaki for vacation early this month. To be exact, it wasn't really a real vacation but rather a 'makan' session. We indulged ourselves for an expensive high tea at Peninsula Hotel and throughout the trip, we literally just find famous restaurants for the food we want to eat. We can take MRT and walked like 20-30 mins (we were lost) just to eat one "Por Lor Pau". With all these 'non stop eating', I gained 1.5kg from the trip! But i tell you, food is heaven in HK!

We tried to tell Ern she will be a big che che (sister) soon but I don't think she gets the idea.

Anyone has any tips to share to avoid sibling jealousy?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ern's Conversation

Ern has improved a lot lately on her conversation. Other than surprising us on her new vocab, she started to form longer (though not complete) sentence. So this post is more for my own recording. :-)

Conversation # 1: Family Introduction

One evening when we passed by the pizza house:

Ern: Hi Pizza
Mummy: *try to catch what she will say next*
Ern: This (is) Mummy (pointing at me) , this (is) Daddy (pointing to hubby)
Mummy & father: *amazed*
Ern: This (is) Ern Ern (pat at her own chest)

Conversation # 2: longer sentence

Last Sunday morning, I asked Daddy (we speak in Mandarin) to make me a cup of Milo as I was too lazy to walk down to the kitchen to make one myself.

Ern: Mummy..
Mummy: Yes, Ern Ern
Ern: Daddy?
Mummy: Where is Daddy? (I asked her back because I know she knew the answer)
Ern: Daddy (is) downstairs make Milo..give Mummy..
Mummy: Yes *having the feeling that my girl really grown up*

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ern's First Pet

She doesn't own them personally but it's publicly shared at the community of the apartment. :-)

It is one of the outdoor activities when Ern is under Poh Poh's care, which is something Poh Poh consider 'safe' to take her out from the house. Not to say our community safety is extremely poor, Poh Poh just being extra caution and take zero risk on this thing.

Poh Poh bought Ern a BIG packet of feed, which can easily last for one good year! We pour it in a small bottle so that it's more handy for Ern to take it.

Obviously at her age now, everything she also want "Ern Ern, self", means she wants to do it by herself. Well, I let her dirty her hands by touching the feeds and even put her hand into the pond.

Ern doesn't know how to pour the feed slightly away from the pond, hence she get herself wet (a little) because the fish is so hungry that jump and fight for the feed! See video clip below and you know what i mean. :-)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Punishment Corner at Poh Poh's House

For whatever reasons, Ern likes this little corner of the TV cabinet at Poh Poh's house. Can you imagine she can tip toe, stand on the edge of the glass door (like 1.5cm width) to support her weight and push her half body up to the cabinet!! She will then swing her leg, as if she is in the pool kicking the water type!

One day, Kong Kong decided to give Ern a lesson. He carried her up to the cabinet from the back, which gave Ern a shock. You can see from this picture, her face is 'white a little' and panic!

After standing for few seconds, Ern told us she is 'stuck'! When we "lectured" her not to climb to this cabinet and the dangers, she nodded her her and say yes.

BUT....she still climb up the same way till now...obviously she forgot her promise and the punishment.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


There is no kiddo around Ern's age at our neighbourhood and thus, no Mid-Autumn Celebration or carry lantern for Ern Unlike my childhood day, we (a big group like 20+ of us) used to ronda around the kampung and we had so much fun. Pity our child generation now, hardly get to expose to the 'traditional way of enjoying lantern', especially those stay in city.

Nevertheless, MIL still got Ern a modern lantern (she insist to pay) and we let Ern choose it. of coz she choose Fuwa over the rest of the characters. We didn't get her the traditional one we think her hand coordination is not ready. I think she will blow the candle more often the carrying the lantern!

I tell you, the music played from the lantern is SO noisy, yet my girl liked it so much! She even danced although hubby and I find it irritating! See the clip below.

Friday, September 19, 2008


{ Back-dated Post }

Finally, Ern is able to jump, with her 2 legs off the ground type...Tried to snap pictures of it but it took me a while to snap clear pictures..

Bend down a little to get herself ready to jump

Still can't snap the photo that can see her toe off the ground. This is the best I can snap from my 'el-cheapo' camera...LOL

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Secret Corner

We got this big container from a lucky draw that we attended some time back. After we have gotten more toys/books for Ern, we decided to take it out to keep her toys.

Recently, Ern started to 'fall in love' (god knows why!)with this container. Everyday (without fail, ok) she would get herself into it, either by empty the container (of coz it created a mess on the room) or simply sit on it. Sometimes, she can take one of her cloth book and place behind her head, as if it's her 'head-rest' *roll eyes*

She can easily sit there like 10 mins before pulled herself up...After raoming the room for a while, she would get back to her 'secret corner' again.

Does your child have such 'bad habit'? Or just my weird kiddo nia.Hmm,...i wonder...

Scrap credit:
Quickpage by Dani Mogstad

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Cake

When I asked Ern to smile, this is what she showed me - fake smile! I don't like it, personally as it's really look so fake! LOL

She loves this wooden cake that I bought for her (part of her 2nd birthday present). When she wanted to play with it, she would tell us 'Mummy, Ern Ern want Happy Cake".

Sometimes, she would sing Birthday Song while cutting the cake, of coz incomplete one. Her version - "Happy (birth)day to you...to you..to you.." and she can repeats it couple of times...

After then, she will say "blow candle" and really blow on the fake candle!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Conversation With Ern

Conversation # 1:

One of the evenings, Ern was doing something (sorry, i forgot what was it) that we didn't want her to do. While trying to stop her from doing that, here's our conversation.

Mummy: Ern, it's dangerous, you cannot do XX!
Mummy: Do you know if you do XX, you will get yourself hurt, bla bla bla (I continue lectured on her, trying to tell her the possible causes of her act)
Ern: Stop it! (and raise both of palms up and face me)
Mummy: *stunt*

Oh boy...she understands the implication of 'stop it', which is a common word we used to ask her to stop whining.

Conversation # 2:

There is a local pizza shop just right opposite our house. One our way home in one of the evenings..

Ern: Mummy, pizza shop (pointing to the shop)
Mummy: Yes
Ern: Hi Pizza (wave to the shop)
Ern: It's me, Ern Ern
Mummy: *wonder when and where did she pick up the word it's me *

When I shared with daddy later on, he thinks Ern must have picked up from the cartoon that she watched because none of us taught her the word.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

"My House"

Hubby has been using the 'antique' (i called it ) standing tower hanger, which normally people don't use it anymore since it consumed space! Don't ask why it is still there...

Ern likes to go there...I don't know why...maybe she is like her father, like 'antique' stuff huh!!

She would hide herself inside the towel, sit on the bar below and talked to herself. Or even played inside there for like 30mins or so! *slap forehead*

I reckoned she must have thought it's "her house", with the towel as her 'roof". LOL

Maybe I should get her a tent or kiddy playhouse....

Scrap credit:
Paper: Brenshevia Taylor-Boone
Crown: Hillbilly
Frame: Diana of Scraps
Crayon: angela & emily powers

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Punishment & Reward

We have started Punishment & Reward system on Ern. Sometimes, this stubborned girl is driving us to the wall!!!

Well, I know this is how she expressed herself (though not the right way) but to get the message to her, we (the family) agreed punishment is the most effective way.

So far our punishment to her:
- Push her (together with high chair) into the dark bathroom when she try to spilt her food.
- Pull her out to the corridor and shut the door (safe as still within the house)
- Keep her into the connected rooms' door (safe as the lock is outside)
- Turn off her TV or music songs

She knew all these are punishment to her. Her 1st reaction, cry for help. If no one helping her, she would immediately say sorry! See lah, some more know how to 'ask for rescue' before say sorry....