Friday, February 5, 2010

Egg Lover

See how she 'drank' the half boiled egg at Old Town!! Scooping from the spoon is simply too slow for her. So she decided to follow the 'traditional" way, drink from the bowl!! LOL

Yup, Ern LOVES egg very much!

Every evening during weekdays, she would take out at least 1 raw egg (sometimes 2 eggs), request Poh Poh to fried egg for her! Oh ya, her request can even go like this: " Poh Poh, I want to have 'skin' (the crispy side of the egg) one"" (婆婆,我要有皮的!)

This is her egg cooking preference:

- Half Boiled: Gulp down everything with soya sauce and little bit of pepper

- Hard Boiled: She doesn't eat the yoke but just white. MUST dip with soya sauce.

- Fried egg: She loves the egg and the crispy side of the egg white (in which she called skin!)

- Omelette style: She will eat everything