Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nod Her Head

We have been teaching Ching Ern to nod her head whenever we say "yes" or "want" for months. Finally, she learnt 2 weeks ago. Prior to that, she only knew how to shake her head no matter the answer is 'yes' or 'no'.

I was so happy and thought this will help us to better understand her needs, or rather her demand. However after few days of observing, we have concluded that she doesn't 'fully' understand the meaning of 'yes' or 'want'.

Why I say so?

If we phase our question differently but keep the same meaning, she gives us different answer.
For example:
- Do you want XX? (wheather in English or Mandarin) --> Nod her head
- Do you have XX? --> shake her head

So now, we are phasing the question different by removing the word "want" and "have" to make her understand what is the real meaning behind.

Below is the clip of how she nods her head.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

Home Trip to Hadyai - Final Part

Prior to the trip, I had prepared myself Ern may be very clingy to me since it’s a ‘new’ place for Ern. Well, it took Ern like 30 mins to break the “ice” and after then, she was happily roaming the house. *phew* Honestly, I think Lucy the dog (a Shih Szu breed) helped Ern to break the ice. Ern was so excited to see her.

Throughout the day, Ern walked up and down the house, ‘inspecting’ almost every corner of the house. Well, it was good because she get so exhausted and dozed off fast for her afternoon nap. She slept close to 2 hours!!

While the house is warm with laughter and happiness, it was raining outside and dampened mummy’s spirit to shop. In the end, we just drove to Carefourr (just right cross opposite the house) for quick grocery shopping. You bet, we did some of our grocery here, especially those Thai manufactured goods because it’s easily 15% lower. More so, daddy and I never missed to bring back few bottles of US-made Pringles Potato Chips. I tell you, it is so different than the one we get here. We can easily finished 2 bottles within a day! So you can imagine how many bottles we brought home *wink*

By the time we ‘kau tim’ Ching Ern, it was past 10pm. Right after her 8oz of milk, she slept after a few roung of tossing here and there. Daddy and I also follow suit not long after that to have a good rest.

Next morning, rained again. chance for us to go to Telat (morning wet market in Thai) to eat the delicious “Yeow Char Kuai with Kaya” and Kar Nom Chin (Thai Lemak Laksa). Yeh Yeh “taupao” porridge for us after his routine morning walk and of coz, my lil princess gets to eat that too. While Ern was taking her morning nap, I drove to a nearby stationery shop to get some scrapbooking material. Yup, I am in paper scrapbooking now. I shall blog about it in another post.

We continued to stay in the house till 2pm before we made a move back to Penang…Ern didn’t sleep throughout the whole journey back. Luckily she didn’t protest sitting in her car seat…

Scrap credit:
Papers: Shabby Princess
Cross Stitch: Sueli Colbert
Stapler: Valgouveia
Flower: Princess Pamela

Friday, October 26, 2007

Home Trip to Hadyai - Part # 2

As we crossed into Sadao, I didn’t put Ern back to the car seat, hoping that she can take a short nap before we make a stop at Thung Lung (30 mins drive) for lunch.

It was past 15 minutes and my lil girl was still active moving around. Soon, Ching Ern started to quiet down, staring at the rain drops on the window screen (it was drizzling) while the other hand is playing with her pillow corner. These were all her sign of transitioning into sleep mode. Slowly, you can see the eye getting smaller and smaller.

To my disappointment, Ching Ern fell asleep just right before we reached THung Lung. I thought I can continue to let her sleep by carrying her in my arms. The moment I stepped out from the car, she woke up!! Sign…Luckily she didn’t make any fuss.

Daddy brought down her high chair and she ate happily together with us. This shop is very famous for its chicken rice and even the ex Thai Prime Minister pay a visit to the shop (photo hang on the wall) too!! While daddy and mummy enjoyed the chicken rice and the Siew Yok (roasted pork with crispy skin), I didn’t realize the amount of rice I fed Ern was almost close to 1 small bowl of the soup bowl. We were a bit guilty and worried if it will cause her indigestion since she just had her milk (7.5oz) like 1 hour ago. Luckily nothing happened after then. *phew*

Sorry, we were too hungry and the food was too good until I totally forgot about snapping photos. So far, they serve the best chicken rice I have ever tasted. Btw, chicken rice in Thailand only served “Pak Cham Kai” (white chicken?). Unlike Malaysia, we tend to see more “Siew Kai” (roasted chicken). Also, the chicken they used (or rather most part of Hadyai) are “kampung chicken”, means the meat is less fatty and tastier of coz!! Not only the chicken itself is tasty, the rice served here is totally different than Malaysia - they add chicken oil, ginger slice and garlic into the rice. Superb, I tell you. Not only that, their chili sauce is not the usual red color, but rather it’s made of bean, ginger, garlic and chili padi. I tell you, it’s heavenly taste (if there is such word to describe!)

30 mins later, we headed back to our car and continue our journey….Ern didn’t nap until we reached Yeh Yeh’s house….

To be continued…

Scrap credit: Anita Quilts

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Home Trip to Hadyai - Part # 1

We made a trip back to Hadyai to visit Yeh Yeh last weekend. It was Ern’s fifth trip as I counted on the square immigration stamps on her passport!

Ern woke up at 7.30am, milk, shower (all of us) and by the time we left the house, it was 9am already. Just at the right timing to depart because it’s near to Ern’s morning nap (~ 9.30am). Just right after we crossed the Penang Bridge, lil Princess dozed off.

PS: The usual sun shade doesn’t work well in blocking the sun light. So I used one nappy to cover the whole window instead.

When we made a stop at Gurun rest area, she woke up when hubby and I took turn to the rest room. After milk feeding, she was still happily sitting in her car seat till we reached Changlun for another short stop to change some Thai Bhat & another toilet break. *phew*

While waiting for Daddy to get things done, I decided to take Ern out from her car seat to let her stretch a bit by standing and walking around the back seat. Of coz the lil one enjoyed the so called “walk’ (even just few steps walking at the back seat) as it was obviously better than being strapped in her car seat. As you can see from the photo above (far right), it started to rain all the way from Gurun to Kayu Hitam. In fact, it didn’t stop ever since till now.

When we were at the immigration, it was already heavy down pour. Luckily, daddy managed to find a spot with shelter to park our car. So off we went down to get our passport stamped, get all of our faces snapped in the Thai immigration system, etc. It wasn’t really crowded and took us less than 15 mins to settle everything.

We then entered into the land of "Amazing Thailand"...

To be continued…

Scrap credit:
Template: Melissa Herzog
Cross stitch: Doreen Stolz
Love stitch: Lindsay Jane

Monday, October 22, 2007

Video Clip: Talking

Ching Ern has yet to repeat after us in learning her vocabulary. However, she ‘talked’ non stop right now in her own baby language. At times, it comes with facial expression by trying to us “hey, I am serious. Listen to me, ok??!!’!! At least, I had this impression by interpreting her expression. LOL

Last week, she finally says out the word “bird” when there was one bird flew above us.

PS: If we don’t show any “kanchiong-ness” whenever she falls down, she won’t cry (unless it’s really a big fall and painful) but stand up again. That’s why I didn’t do anything when she accidentally fell down in the clip. :-)

Video Clip - Pillow Smelling

Remember I blogged about how Ching Ern smelled her pillow corner and ‘pusing-pusing’ to find the right corner?? Here goes the video clip.

Right now, not only she uses the pillow to smell, but also use the sharp edge to rub her palm!!! *roll eye*

Don’t ask why because I also don’t know. :-)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Terrible 2 ????

Ever since we discharged Ching Ern from hospital, her behaviors had changed tremendously:

- She dislikes drinking plain water, which cause her to have harder stool.
- She whines very often if her needs/demands can’t be met.
- If we don’t give in , she will cry and shout her lung out.
- She doesn’t say hi or wave bye to strangers anymore even we asked her to do.
- She wants us to carry more frequent than before

I don’t know if she is entering the phase of Terrible 2 or still transitioning from her sickness to the usual her. To me, I think she is at the Terrible 2 stage. I lost my cool once and dumped her on the bed, which she cried even louder!! *Sigh*

Time to start to have 1:1 ‘heart talk’ to ‘phycho” my girl…muahaha…

Patience, Patience and Patience....

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Alpha Buttons: Sarag Design
Stich: Cynthia Sanchez
The rest: Miss Mint

Thursday, October 18, 2007


We hardly sing or read any bedtime stories to Ern since small. All this while, we have been chanting and just pat her butt to get her to sleep.

One night while I was doing the regular chanting, out of sudden Ern did the ‘Cheng Cheng” (put both palms together and pray) during one of the introduction phrases. I was so amazed to see that because we never taught her to associate chanting to “Cheng Cheng”. All this while, she only does the “cheng cheng’ when she sees “statue” (any statue she sees, even at TV). There was once when we dined at I-Dragon, she ‘cheng cheng’ to the Chinese Warrior statue!! So I always teased her by saying she is a “Pai San Poh”.

Then, I spoke to a friend. She said maybe Ern has the 慧根. In Buddhism, it means someone born, latent intelligence for understanding God or religious enlightenment. I hope this is true as it’s definitely easier to guide her to the good teaching in her future behavior.

For those who can read Mandarin, below is the brief definition of 慧根. Sorry, this is too tough for me to translate into English.
梵语prajn~a^-indriya,巴利语pan~n~indriya。为二十二根之一,五根之一。观达真理,称为慧;智慧具有照破一切、生出善法之能力,可成就一切功德,以至成道,故称慧根。大乘义章卷四(大四四·五五五下):‘言信根者,于境决定,名之为信;信能生道,故名信根。(中略)言慧根者,于法观达,目之为慧,根同前释。’ 字面理解是灵性,佛教里是和佛有缘的人
Source: Baidu
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Word Buttons: Lorie M
The rest: Tracey Collins

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Big Appetite

Ever since her "ai chiak" episode, I thought the "big appetite" just a temporary thingy, like just lasted for few days. I mean, it's common even for adults, we crave for food after we recovered from sickness.

I was totally WRONG this time!! Ern's "ai chaik" episode never ends after the 'few days' but continue on. If we are late in giving her food, she whiled and even cry!

Last Saturday, daddy brought us to G-Hotel to try out their BBQ Seafood Buffet. We were seated inside the air-conditioned side to avoid the heat coming from the BBQ pot. I think we made a mistake because we can hear 'ai chiak' throughout the whole 2+ hours. Can you imagine even at the other food serving corner,which is like 15-20 meters away from our table, we can hear that!!!

Other than feeding her the bread, she get to eat some ice-cream, cakes and fruit.

One good thing for now, she is not picky on what we give her. She typically eats everything! I hope this will stay on so that she is not a picky person when it comes to food.

See the picture above, when I let her walked around the lobby, she only walked towards the fridge that serve pastry. She pointed at the cake and said "ai chiak" *slap head*

Is thing something good or bad?? Well, I decided to take it positively actually. :-)

Scrap credit: SindiegoMR

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hair Cutting

Few months back, Poh Poh bought 2 pairs of hair scissors, meant to trim on Ern’s hair. One is the normal hair scissor while the other one comes with ‘gigi’, meant to cut unevenly. Real cheap, 2 pairs for RM10.

All these while, nobody dare to trim on Ern’s nail but Mummy, obviously this ‘high risk’ job automatically becomes Mummy’s.

My first experience was good. I trimmed her fringe while she was drinking her milk. I was very happy and proud of myself doing a good job! *self praise mummy, haha*

So on Saturday, I took out the scissors, wanted to trim on the fringe again before we went back to Kangar for a relative’s wedding reception. This time round, I ‘keh gao gao” (act smart in Hokkien), instead of trim the hair horizontally, I thought I can followed a professional hairstylist way, ie by lifting the hair up and cut.

Chouk, Chouk, I cut and then put down the hair. Immediately, my eyes and mouth opened wide wide!!! My first reaction: “Die lah, too short! Ern looks like “Ah Wong” (a famous Hong Kong TVB Drama)!”

Daddy ‘complimented’ Ern just received the latest “2008 Spring Hair Style” from Mummy!!! As for Kong Kong and Poh Poh, they were speechless when they saw her new hair style.

I felt so GUILTY and vowed never ‘keh gao gao’ again when it comes to hair trimming.

Sorry baby, it’s Mummy’s fault!! Next time when Mummy is old, don’t trim my hair like that also ya..

Scrap credit:
Quickpage: Rita Massela
Word Art: Tracy Drane

Saturday, October 13, 2007


So fast, my little princess turns 15 month.

Vital Stats:
Height: 79cm
Weight: ~9kg
Teeth: 8 in total - 4 top 4 bottoms

Proper Solid: 2 times per day (1 porridge & 1 rice cereal/wheat)
Light Solid: 1-2 times per day (rice + whatever we eat)
Milk: 3-4 times of 7oz per day (hooray, she is back to the 7oz!)
Tea: Fruit, cheese, bun & biscuit.

- If she is not sleepy/hungry, when we tell her to wait, she will really wait patiently.
- She will signal to us whenever she wants to pee although we haven't toilet trained her. I guess time to buy a potty to 'officially' potty trained her.
- Ever since she gained back her appetite from Gastroenteritis, she will whine if we are slow in giving her food.
- She can remember Poh Poh's house after we get out from the lift.
- When she is hungry, she will 'tell" us by pointing to the high chair (for solid) or pull down the pillow & lie down (for milk).
- Of all her toys, she loves the shape sorter very much! She has yet to put in the shape correctly.
- She knows how to apply lotion on her palm or knee by rubbing the lotion on them.
- When we are about to place her to her car seat and if MIL still inside the house, she will point inside the house by telling us to wait for MIL. MIL was so SUPER happy to see that.
- She loves the phone (any phones) so much and mimic us by babbling over the phone. I tell you, it's with expression some more! Beh tahan...
- She loves medication so much, be it in liquid or powder form. When she sees syringe or we put water on her spoon (for powder based medication), she gets so excited and opens her mouth wide, waiting for us to feed her.
- She can walk up and down the steps (4-5 inches tall) by herself by placing her hand on the side. She hardly do her "Butt Down" unless the step is too tall.
- She is able to understand the same object if you ask her in the 2 languages (Mandarin & English) and 1 dialect (Cantonese) , eg fan, car, etc

- Papa (very clearly)
- Che ( Che Che and she says it clearly)
- Pearl Pearl (Poh Poh)
- Ma Ma - only when she needs me to "rescue" her. Other than that, she will not say a word.
- Ter (Water)
- Wer (Flower)
- Ai Chiak ( I want to eat)
- She points at the things she wanted as a way to 'communicate' to us.

Scrap credit: Cida Merola

Friday, October 12, 2007

Sitting Position

This is how Ching Ern sit most of the time, as if she is sitting on a tatami.

I don't know if she finds better balancing by sitting this way or it's just another coincidence (yeah, so many coincidence!). No one actually taught her about it. In fact, none of us sit this way at home.

Btw, Ching Ern started to enjoy watching cartoon lately and hence, she can watch longer now. Instead of just 1-2 minutes previously, she can glue to the tele like 15 mins, subject to the cartoon she watches. So far, I noticed the cartoon that can keep her sit still for 15 mins are "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" & "Little Einstein". The rest, still 2-3 mins before she walks away.

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Papers: Princess Pamela
Stichline: Cynthia Sanchez
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Butterfly Ribbon: Anita Quilts
Frame: Sarah Design

Thursday, October 11, 2007

On The Way...

Last Christmas, Ching Ern received her first ever Christmas present - a "Peek-a-Boo" board book(Belated thanks, Aunty Elaine!). Back then, Ern was only 5-months-old and thus, I kept the book until recently.

There are only 5 pages in this book and only 1 sentence for each page. Rather simple but something good to start off for baby/young toddler. Like the other children's book, the colors used in the book are colorful and bright.

In order to make full use of the book, I actually described every single objects in the book to Ern, eg giraffe, ball, teddy bear, etc. At the same time, I also taught Ching Ern to do the peek-a-boo hand sign by saying "Put Your Hands Across Your Eyes" as per the book

Instead of cover her eyes, somehow Ern will her mouth like the picture above. I am still correcting her...hopefully can get it right soon

Scrap credit:
Papers, Stapler, Frame: Curso ValGouveia
Butterfly & Flower: Anita Quilts

lower lateral incisor

This is just a note for mummy.

We started to see your lower left incisor sprouting out. Can feel the sharp edge. So in total, you have 8 teeth - 4 upper & 4 lower.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Play Area

Outside of the PD's clinic, there is a play area for children. You can find small tables, chairs, Mula and several rockers. The wall is nicely painted with flower and animal designs, in which make the Pediatric clinics look very bright and lively.

Every time I go, I never seen a walking toddler/kid not playing there even they are sick. Some babies even insist to be there even they can't walk yet. See, the power of play area.

All these while, I never let Ching Ern played, worried that the germs and viruses may pass to her by touching on the rockers/tables/chairs. I have seen a nurse asked a father to bring his son to wash his hand because the kid before him (who played on the same toy) was diagnosed with HFM. The nurse then asked the cleaner to clean the area. However, the cleaner didn't do a good job. She did used a sterilized detergent to wipe the toys but in a very 'ching chai' way only.

Unfortunately, I can no longer stop Ching Ern to go there ever since she started to walk. She will struggle to free herself from us and walk to the play area. No matter how we distract her or pull her out from the play area, she will still go back eventually. :-(

I cannot stop it but just make sure she didn't put her fingers inside her mouth. Right after each play, I will bring her to wash her hand. Sigh..that's the best I can do. Afterall, even if I don't let her play, she may get it since hospital is full of viruses.

Do you have any tips?

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Paper & Note Paper: Sharon Kenealy

Frames: Lindsay Jane & Miss Mint

Butterfly: Gina Marie

Glitter: Redju

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"Ai Chiak" All The Way…

For the past 3 days, all we get to hear from Ching Ern was ‘AI CHIAK”. The only time when she didn’t say these 2 words is either we “shut” her off by giving her pacifier or she fell asleep.

Btw, “Ai Chiak” in Hokkien means “I Want To Eat” and my lil girl really meant it. We were surprise how she picked up the words because none of us speak Hokkien to her. Maybe it’s just coincidence.

She DEMANDED for food the whole day, even just right after her milk. She would point to the high chair, the slow cooker I cooked her porridge, dining table and the tray we put her formula & biscuit. Can you imagine she was so ‘desperate’ until the stage when we fed her the medication, she was so excited and gave us the ‘quickly give me please” look. We didn’t give her anything for fear that her stomach was not ready to take solid food. Her reaction? Whine loh like picture below!!
We need to distract her by moving her out so these sights. On top of that, all of us have to eat like a mouse, curi-curi makan or only eat when she is sleeping.

We were happy to see her appetite food. Yesterday afternoon when I brought her to see PD for check-up, we have gotten green light to let Ern eat normally. However, she still needs to be on lactose free formula, until she finishes the small tin given by PD.

Immediately we got out from PD clinic, Poh Poh bought her a bun. She stopped whining ever since because we started to give her cereal, bread and rice. :-)

PS: Hokkien is a local dialect widely spoken in Penang.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Slim Down...

Photo was taken just few hours before we admitted her. Though watching her favourite cartoon, her face was so ‘sour’.

Poor little Ching Ern, slimmed down a lot just few days of fluid diet and poor appetite. When we brought her to see PD on Tue (before we admitted her), she was already 0.6kg down. With several days of just drip and diluted milk, I think easily 1kg. Even without weighting her, we can tell from:

- When we carry her, we are touching bone instead of fat right below her armpit
- Her backbone is so visible
- Her skirts and pants no longer fit nicely on her waist. It drops slightly below the waistline.
- The velcro closure tab on her disposable diaper has to be placed nearer to each other
- The stripe on her spaghetti blouse doesn’t stay on her shoulder but off to the arm slightly

Thank goodness her appetite is back. I shall blog about it in another post.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


( Back-dated Post)

Few weeks back, Ching Ern found something that fascinate her a lot - House Telephone!

She will take the handset up, place next to her ear (to be exact, on her shoulder!) and "talk" (actually she is babbling). Once we say bye bye, she will put down the phone (never put back to the right position) and walked away!

She is mimic us like talking over the phone.

That's why we, the adults, have to be very careful on the words we speak and our act too. Kids learn fast!!

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Papers & Button: Princess Pamela
Staple: Miss Mint
Journal: Sharon Kenealy
Flower: Kim B

Friday, October 5, 2007

On Her Way...

Firstly, thanks for all your love, wishes and prayers. Ching Ern is on her way of recovery. She has yet to gain back her appetite but slowly taking her milk back. We have been asked by PD to give her 'porridge water' and diluted milk.

To be on a safer side, I gave her lactose free milk and even dilute it. So, she is typically drinking water with some milk flavour. I was glad to see she can finished 1 small bowl of 'porridge water' during lunch. In fact, she asked for more but I dare not give more, worried that she may vomit again.

Since morning, she only farted once and that's a good sign on her stomach - lesser wind. She is still weak and walked wobbly, just like when she first started to walk. Just less than 10 steps, she would want us to carry her and she would lie down her head on our shoulder.

She has slimmed down a lot, she is so much lighter when I carry her. Also, when we lifted her up from her armpit, you can typically touch the bone instead of the fat. :-(

We wanted her to gain back the fat but I kept remind myself not to be so anxious. Ern needs time to recover and re-energize. So, we have to do things one at a time.

Just yesterday afternoon, Ern napped for 2 1/2 hours, the longest nap she had ever take since birth. So, you can tell how weak and tired she was.

While typing this post, Ern is taking her 3rd nap of the day. Poor girl, I hope more rest will gain her energy back.

The Gastroenteritis really hit Ching Ern badly. She had never been that weak before, even when she had dengue.

Get well soon, Princess.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


We are back from hospital this afternoon.

Ching Ern is down with Gastroenteritis, an inflammation of stomach and intestines which cause vomit and diarrhea. She has stopped vomiting after Sunday but started to see soft and watery stool. Also, she started to reject fluid, even milk. Although she has not gone into dehydration mode, we decided to admit her on Tuesday afternoon after she has showed sign with weakness. She was so weak that she didn't have energy to talk and sit up anymore. When I put her on sitting position, within 2-3 seconds, she will fell side way slowly and lie down. :-(

Immediately, Ching Ern was put on drip to prevent her from dehydration and gain some energy. She was farting throughout the whole stay at the hospital and even now, she is still farting a lot.

It was sad to see 90% of the Paediatric ward is Gastroenteritis cases. The ward was so full until they have to put beds along the corridor for the sick children to rest. Luckily our PD managed to 'fight' a room for us at the adults surgical ward. Else, poor Ching Ern and mummy had to spend overnight at the corridor or move to other hospital. One of the nurses told me the day before, it was so full that there were 10 beds at the corridors.

With vomit, diarrhea and no appetite, poor lil Ching Ern had lost some weight - 0.5kg just within 2 days. *sigh*

Ching Ern vomited again just now after she took her milk. Called up her PD and she asked us to minimize milk if possible as diary products will disturbed her stomach.

Ern was whining and whining the whole day and wanted us to carry. I believe she had upset stomach because she took out the Chinese oilment and signal to me to massage for her!! After each massage, she farted even more...

Monday, October 1, 2007

Believe It or Not!! 不得你不相信...

Heads-up: The below post touches on 'spiritual' topic. If you are uncomfortable, please do not read on.

The whole of Sunday, Ching Ern was on fluid diet and poor little fella, only consumed ~ 8oz of milk the whole day. In between we gave her water in small amount worried that she may vomit again. Everything spoon-fed as per PD advised. She didn't vomit after the last vomit at 4am.

She was cranky and crying the whole day, wanted us to carry her all the time. We knew she was hungry and tired, but she didn't seem to have the appetite to drink the milk at all. It was merely through "tricks" and "divert attention" to get her to drink the milk. She was so weak that she didn't even have the strength to walk or stand stable. She fell down whenever she tried to walk, even just 2 steps. So you can imagine how weak she was.

When we asked her "where do you want to go?" whenever she cried( Yes, she wasn't whine but cry, with big tears coming down), the answer we have been getting from her pretty consistent. She would only point at the:

1. Front door
2. Back door (from our kitchen)
3. The shoe rack where we placed her shoes/sandals
4. Window on the upper floor facing the main road

All the above 4 linked to "kai kai" (outing). The moment we brought her to anyone of these, she stopped crying and hence, we took turns to take her whenever she asked. Even when we put on her sandal and let her walk, she would find her strength to walk to the door and wait for us to bring her out.

Towards the evening, she started to cry more and getting louder. The frequency of pointing to the 'all 4' were getting more and more. It was like the moment we brought her out of these sight, she cried. The tactics of "tricks" and 'divert attention' didn't seem to work anymore! It was a very strange behavior of Ern because she has never been a 'long winded' crying baby. She can easily be calmed down whenever we hugged her and say 'sayang', like within 5 seconds type.

Ching Ern cried so badly towards the evening (8pm) until daddy and I find it extremely strange to see our girl behave so differently. We started to sense "something" is not right on Ern and we both knew she need 'spiritual help'. Without hesitant, I called my Goddad telling him we wanted to bring Ern to see the Burmish monk for help. While explaining briefly to him on Ern's condition, Ern cried out loud and this time, she struggled from her daddy, trying to get out from him.

My Goddad contacted the Burmish monk and we then told to meet at the temple at 8.30pm. The moment I told Ching Ern we are going to the temple and I need to change her, she cried loudly and non stop. Nothing can stop her from crying no matter how i coaxed. I had no choice but continued to change her in a forceful way. While doing that, more or less I can confirmed the 'evil spirit' is inside her.

When we get to the car, she quiet down and hug me tightly. As we get nearer to the temple, she started to cry again. It was getting louder and louder as we reached the temple. She stopped crying for a while when we entered into the temple but she was "staring' at her surrounding. We then proceed to the first floor to meet the Burmish monk. Ching Ern was ok while waiting outside the monk's room but the moment she saw him, she cried HYSTERICALLY.

She refused to face the monk and the Buddha statue by buried her face on my shoulder. When I moved her to the direction to let her see the monk, she moved again to the other side and "avoid" both the monk and Buddha statue. My heart sanked when I saw that because Ching Ern never did that before. All this while, she was so delighted to meet the monk and even did her 'cheng cheng' (putting both palm together) to the Buddha statue.

Ching Ern cried so loud and you can see her lost control. Big tears falling down, shouting her lung out until her mucus also came out from her nose. No one can calm her down at the moment. The monk moved us to a private room, close the door and we kneel down in front of the Buddha statue.

I think the 'evil spirit' knew what's coming next because Ching Ern really cried so badly until 'no sound' type. We can see she was struggling in pain, bending her body backward and forward in trying to seek help from us. While she did that, she kept on pointing towards the door direction, signaling to go out. Also, she was trying to get away from me in carrying her and yet, she didn't have the energy to stand on herself then.

My Goddad and hubby followed chanting together with the monk, while I was trying to calm Ching Ern down. I have never seen Ching Ern suffered so badly before, not even the suction she had gone through (to clear her mucus from her nose and throat) when she was a 6-months-old baby. At the moment, I knew the 'evil spirit' was 'reluctant' to get out from Ching Ern. It was "HIS" struggling and suffered in pain voices that came out from Ching Ern. I collapsed seeing Ching Ern suffered this way. I cried because I can tell she was suffering from the 'separation' process.

After 30 minutes of continuous chanting, Ching Ern calmed down finally. In between, she cried once and then stopped. Once the chanting session finished, Ching Ern walked up to the monk to receive the holy water. When we saw that, we knew everything was ok then. The monk assured us Ching Ern was ok because her eyes are "cleared"!!

We went to the hospital to see PD again to ensure Ching Ern wasn't in dehydration mode. PD confirmed her tummy is lesser 'windy' and she looked more active when he saw her at 4am. Ya, it was the same PD. PD gave us green light to let Ching Ern drank from the bottle but still need to on diluted milk.

My little Princess finished the 2 oz of milk less than 2 minutes time and after then, slept soundly.

Btw, there was a possession passed by our house and Ching Ern happened to witness it on the night before. That's how she 'gets' all these.....