Monday, April 30, 2007

"Tweety Bird"

My mummy said i look like 'tweety bird' when i do this. Do you think so?Instead of "twee twee" sound, my version is "pop pop" sound.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy Swinging!

Oh, this is the new spot Ern found in the car yesterday that certainly delighted her. She will hold the handle, then swing and swing.

Obviously, she is not tall enough to reach the handle. She will step on our lap or tummy to reach for the handle. The moment she hold the handle, she will turn her head and give us a grin, a cunning one. It's like "Look at me! Clever right?"

Outside view:

Busy KPC

See, Ern is busy KPC around the house. No lah, she is busy exploring the house. :-)

She will crawl, cruise and sit, repeating the process. Oh, she started to pick up small object like hair! So, we can't leave her unsupervised. Everything that goes into her hand, means it will go into her mouth also!

It's fun looking at her right now. Sometimes, she will stop, look at us and then give us a big grin.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pointing On the Photos

Our family has the hobby of collecting fridge magnet whenever we visit a country. Of coz some are gift from friends (eg London)since they know we collect.

I have placed 2 photos, ie Ern & Brandon. Since then, we have been teaching Ern by saying the name and point on it. After a while, she can diffentiate and point.

Most of the time, Ern will point to the right photo. We will ask her "Where is Ern Ern?" or "Where is Branden Kor Kor"?" . Somehow she get pretty excited when she is near to the fridge, especially the "Taipei City" fridge magnet. Dunno why!

Kool Fever Relief Pad

So far I only used it twice on Ern but it's effective. It has the cooling effect to comfort the baby (not much but a bit) and it's safe to use.

This is a over the counter product where you can easily get in pharmacy. It sticks well on baby forehead. However, I removed it after we tuck Ern to bed. It may not be safe since Ern moves a lot.

Right now, I am keeping at least 2 packs in our fridge at 2 houses (our and my mum's) for any "just in case". You know, fever is so common.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


This is how Ern crawl. When we put her on the floor, she will crawl "properly" like above. However, if she is place on the bed or mattress, she will crawl the "frog leap" way. I think she knows what is hard and soft surface before she does her stunt! LOL


I guess most babies love playing peek-a-boo, so as Ern.

She gets very excited when we started to cover our face and call her name. She will crawl toward us, try to take down our hand/cloth with a "cunning" smile and when we say "cha" (peek-a-boo in Hokkien style), she will laugh like below (when her mood is food) or at least grin to us (when her mood is so so).

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Play Mat

We bought this play mat at Tesco, RM7.99 for 10 pieces. 2 reasons - to protect Ern from falling by hitting the head, her knee when she crawls and a educational kit (hopefully)

To our disappointment, she doesn't seem to have any interest to crawl or touch the mat. She likes to crawl to places where she can hold on something, stand up and cruise. Weird kiddo!

Btw, Ern started to crawl on her knee few weeks ago. Always forgot to post about it.


Ern no longer just want to stand and cruise. She wants to CLIMB!!

If there is something (be it a pillow or our thigh) below her feet, she will climb.

The pose looks like 小黄撒尿?? hahaha

PS: 小黄撒尿 means pee like a dogie..

Hair Cut

Ern has her hair cut, front and back. First 2 saloon I asked, they dare not cut baby's hair. Only the 3rd shop, the 40'ish lady confidently tell us she can "kau tim" all babies, including new born.

We didn't bring the camera with us. So, no photo taken during the process. It was fast, 10 minutes! Ern wasn't 100% cooperative, first 5 minutes still ok, after then, she started to turn her head and it's getting more challenging.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Cousin Th'ng Wei

This is a backdated post.

We brought Ern to visit her cousin, Th'ng Wei, who is 2+ months younger. It was the day when Ern developed her fever after came back from my aunt's house.

Look at the photo below, they are almost the same size. Just that Th'ng Wei is slightly shorter than Ern even they are almost 3 months apart.

Th'ng Wei is an active girl. She kicks and babbles a lot! What's more, she is VERY friendly. She will smile and smile unlike Ern, who doesn't smile to stranger.

This is the best picture I can take since both babies moved a lot. Ern crawled to me to take my camera while Th'ng Wei will turn her body or bang her hand on the floor real hard...


Finally, we get to see the lower front teeth is sprouting out. Can see a white spot but when we put our finger in, we can feel sharp edge.

Phew, Ern is no longer called "boh geh"...hahaha...

During our follow up visit last Thu, I told PD Ern doesn't have any sign of teething even she is 9+ months old. PD shared as long as the first teeth come out before our baby turn 18 months old, it is consider ok. If not, only they will perform an x-ray to see if all the gigi are hide inside the gum.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ern's Month 8 Photos

Ern's Month 8 photos are up. Check out at her photo gallery on your right panel.

Happy Viewing.

Where Do I Want To Go??

Long overdue tag by Just My Tot: Where Do I Want To Go?

I love traveling and I even made an efford to travel at least once per year,whether it's Cuti-cuti Malaysia or overseas. I dislike joining tour from Penang as I don't get to eat local cuisine but Chinese food. More so, no freedom.

If you ask me where do I want to go, everywhere as long as it's safe. To narrow down, I would love to visit this 2 countries:

(Picture taken from here and here)

Yup, it's Moscow & Venice. Don't ask me why, I just want to go there.'s so expensive to go there. Need to save first and find a partner to go also...

All About Me...

Got tagged by Ethan, a lengchai always with a cute smile.

On the Outside
1) Name: My daddy called me Princess. Sometimes I heard Ching Ern, Ern Ern or Ernie.
2) Date of birth: 13th July 2006
3) Current status: Single, so all boys are welcome, only the "lengchai" please. *I dunno why my mummy slap her forehead when I answer this*
4) Eye colour: Dark Brown
5) Hair colour: Black or at least in the original color(Daddy dislikes Mummy to color her hair, so I doubt I can color. Else, I think I will "die very ugly".
6) Righty or lefty: Not sure yet, which one will "ong" (prosper) me, I will go with that! Psst...please don't tell my parents, ya!

On the Inside
1) Heritage: Ni Hao + 1/4 Sawadee Krap
2) Fear: No food to eat
3) Weakness: Still lazy (or maybe reluctant) to my clap hand in the right way.
4) Your perfect pizza: Huh, what is that? Mummy only let me eat porridge, selective biscuit and the pathetic bread without the filling.

Yesterday, today & tomorrow
1) Your thoughts upon first waking up: Let me stand up and peek what's mummy and daddy doing!
2) Your bedtime: 9:30-10:00p.m. because people say sleep after 11pm not good for my skin and complexion wor.
3) Your most missed memory: Huh???

Your pick
1) Pepsi or Coke: I’m only allowed milk and water.
2) McDees or Burger King: Neither yet…but I think it should be McD since my daddy and mummy go to McDee often
3) Single or Group Dates: Huh? The makan date or paktoh date??
4) Adidas or Nike: I heard Kong Kong wanted to get me a Nike when I know how to walk. Then I heard Mummy told Kong Kong Timberland is better!!
5) Lipton Tea or Nestea: Haven't tried yet
6) Chocolate or Vanilla: Haven’t tried yet.
7) Cappucino or Coffee: Can’t drink coffee yet

Do you…
1) Smoke: Daddy will be the first person to kill me if I smoke!
2) Curse: Secret, cannot tell ler...

In the past month
1) Drank alcohol: Nope
2) Gone to the mall: either Queensbay Mall or Gurney Plaza.
3) Been on stage: Maybe later, let me think if I want to or not
4) Eaten sushi: I think I will soon since Mummy and Daddy are sushi lover.
5) Dyed your hair: NO

Have you ever…
1) Played a stripping game: Wow...18XX question how to answer ler...
2) Changed who you were to fit in: Never had to change.

Age you’re hoping to be married : I will let me when I am married yeah...

In a guy/girl
1) Best eye colour: Like Tony Leong's eye.
2) Hair colour: As long as not rainbow color, I am ok.
3) Short or long hair: Short hair so that I don't need to sweep the floor so often to collect the dropped hair.

What were you doing?
1 minute ago: KPC, try to see what's mummy typing on the black square thing.
1 hour ago: Happily playing with the Goh's Family.
4 1/2 hours ago: I was sleeping.
1 month ago: Busy exploring how to stand up
1 year ago: Still in my mummy's womb somersault-ing around

Finish the sentence
I love: anything new to me
I feel: so good to be the centre of attention
I hate: mosquito
I hide: nothing
I miss: my Yeh Yeh who live far away from me and I only get to see him once a month.
I need: a lot of things, how list down all of them?? Mummy said cannot be greedy, so i choose happiness and healthy.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Day 4 & Last Day

Day 4:
Nothing extraordinarily happened in Day 4. PD commented Ern doesn't look like a sick baby! They played peek-a-boo together and Ern had a good time.

Last Day:
We waited till noon before PD came in to sign off the discharge note. The IV left a red mark on Ern's foot (cause by the cap) but nothing serious. Just need to apply some cream.

Phew, the end of the hospital story. Scary experience but we were glad we made the right decision to send Ern to hospital on time.

Day 3 - Turned 9 Months Old

Except the red spot on the body, Ern was able to eat/nap/sleep like normal. *phew*

I would need to say she get so excited cruising on the cot and playing around during her stay in hospital.

Other than turning 9-months-old, it was also the day where Ern drank the last few drops of breastmilk. Yup, I have officially "retired" from breastfeeding or rather, expressing milk.

Next thing to do is to keep my Avent pump for 2nd one..nope, I am not expecting. Not that soon lar...have to take a break first...

Day 2 - Red Spot & Diarrhoea

12 hours after the first injection of antibiotic, diarrhoea happened almost once every hour for Ern. PD said Ern is just another unlucky person who react to the antibiotic. Nothing serious from PD perspective but just take anti-diarrhoea medicine and switch to formula with lactose free. Nappy rash developed. :-(

By evening, red spot developed on her body. This time, we panicked and show it to the nurses. To our disappointment, they asked us to show to our PD the next morning as they can't do anything. Luckily no sign of fever, so we accepted the explanation.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Commercial Break...

Let me take a break in updating the hospital progress and share something "light".

Over the days in hospital, Ern learned several things. She doesn't know how to say it but just look to the direction of the thing. Now, she knows:

1) Dolphin
2) Giraffe
3) Kai Kai (go around)
4) Mum Mum (eat)

This is on top of what she knew earlier:

1) Family members except mummy
2) Dogie / Thor Thor (the name of our dog)
3) Banana
4) The name of her toys
5) The name of her book (not the actual book title but created by mummy)

Of all, this is the most classic one!

We have no clue how she picked up this. This act entertained the nurses and everyone remembered her!

Day 1 - Confirmed Dengue

Fever still comes and go. Another suppository in the morning when the temperature shoot up to 38.8.

Luckily Ern still managed to sleep through and only woke up twice for water and back to lala-land within 10 mins. That's because the nurses came to check on her temperature and disturbed her sleep.

This time, we managed to get the urine real fast. I think within 5 minutes, she pee and quite substantial amount. haha.

Then, the crying moment - blood withdrawal. I was forbidden to go in to the treatment room to accompany Ern, which I can totally understand the reason behind. It is too heart wrenching to see how they did it and to see our child cry.

10 minutes later, kau tim. The nurses complimented Ern because she only cry towards the end, when they pulled out the needle. She didn't cry when they poked her! LOL.

Again, I am thankful as all this while, it's easy to calm Ern down. Just carry her, pat her back, say few times of "sayang" and within 30 seconds or less, she will stop crying.

To our surprise, Ern was able to nap/eat/sleep as her normal schedule even she has fever. She knew many "koh koh" & "che che" out there running and playing. So, she whine a lot and wanted us to carry her outside of the room. Once we stepped out of the room, immediately she will smile and look around as if looking for a playmate.

When PD came for the afternoon ward round, Ern was taking her nap. After flipping through the blood test report, PD looked up sadly and asked me to walk out to the room. My heart sanked immediately because I knew that's not a good sign. She explained to me Ern has mild dengue as her platelet dropped slightly (can't remember the number), so as other 2 elements (can't recall what). Out of the 2 elements, one of them indicated Ern has bacteria infection, on top of virus infection. So, it's a double infection!

My mind was blank suddenly and can only remembered PD said she will do the intravenous catheter (IV) by herself as Ern needs to be on 5-days course of antibiotic. She said whe will do IV when Ern wakes up from the nap, which I told her it shouldn't be long as Ern doesn't nap long.

My tears dropped when I called daddy to inform him about the bad news.

Ern cried when PD did the IV thing but she didn't make any fuss when the medicine was injected.

By evening and night, no more fever but we still check regularly to monitor.

Here goes the photo of Ern's leg with the IV.

I was afraid her usual socks will hurt her IV, so I dressed Ern like this.

One side is her own socks while the other is mummy's!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day 0: Tuesday Night...

This is a backdated post since I can't blog in hospital. No wifi and no time also!

Story continue from here:

After the visit to PD, the temperature was controlled. However, right after 8pm, it went up again to 37+ degree Celsius. Gave PCM again and it went down a bit. Hubby and I already discussed if the fever didn't subside by midnight, we will send Ern to hospital immediately, rather than wait till next morning.

So, every hour we checked on Ern's temperature. The temperature went back after the PCM but slowly, it climbed up again. By 1+am, gosh, it went up to 37.5. So, we packed the bag, milk and go. By the time we reached hospital, fever has gone up to 39.3! While waiting for PD to come, instruction been given by PD (via phone) to give suppository to bring down the fever.

From the diagnosis, PD suspected Ern has Roseola since she was so active and didn't lose her appetite. However, it could be dengue as well. So, he admitted Ern to monitor the fever. Also, instruction been given to do urine test and blood test on the next morning to confirm.

By the time daddy and mummy settled everything, it's 4am!

New things we learned from this experienced PD (it wasn't Ern's usual PD but the on call PD). To know whether high fever cause any impact to the brain, check if your baby has these 2 symtoms:

1) Bulging "soft spot" of the head (medical term is fontanelle)
2) If the palm and feet turn extremely cold and black

We Are Back...

Ern discharged on Sunday afternoon.. phew...

No time to blog as mummy need to catch up with work (house + office). There is no wifi in the hospital, so can't blog about Ern nor can read other blogs! Bored till death :-(

Will update once mummy is free.

Btw, thanks to everyone in keeping Ern in your prayer.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Dengue by Aedes"

Well, it happened to be it when none of us would want it to happen...

Ern was admitted to hospital on Wednesday @ 2am...Thank goodness that our frequent checking on her triggered the need of sending our baby to A&E...Ern was treated with suppository to bring down her fever from 39.3 degree Celcius...Phew!

Yup, Ern is diagnosed with "Dengue by Aedes"...Gosh, I hate mozzies!!! Again, thank goodness Ern is recovering at the moment...I truly appreciate those of you who have been praying hard for us...a big Thank You to all of you, my friends!

Just a side note: Heard from a PD that many children are admitted due to high fever, either from Dengue or others. Children ward is full!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ern Lost the Battle Again!!

Well, well, Ern lost the battle again! Sigh...

Fever gone up to 37.7 yesterday evening and by the time we reached PD's clinic this morning, it has reached 38.3! Immediately, PD gave suppository to bring down the fever.

We failed to get Ern's urine to determine if the fever is caused by viral infection because she kept on moving. The urine bag "terkeluar" and didn't store the urine properly.

While waiting for Ern to pee, some parents told us almost 80% of children ward are admission due to viral infection and fever. PD also said now it's "dengue" season.

Hopefully, Ern is safe from dengue and just normal fever. Originally, we thought she could be teething. However, we see no sign of teeth.

Ha, Ern will still be "boh geh" (no teeth in Hokkien) for now...

Monday, April 9, 2007

Fighting Hard!

Ern is fighting hard against fever right now. Her body started to get warm last night, after we came back from Yi Poh's house.

It hasn't gone beyond 37 degrees but her body is warm. We have decided to give PCM so that she get to sleep better last night. Another dose this morning to ensure we are able to control it.

Get well baby.

PS: while typing this message, Ern is sleeping soundly. I am SAHM today as Poh Poh has gone to Zhang Jia Jie, (张家界)China for vacation.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Just Another Photo Taking Day...

Dear Ern,
Kong Kong bought this dress before you were borned. Now, you almost outgrown already. It's your first time wearing it and we can see tightness around the stomach area. Guess you have "big tummy" :-)

Kong Kong said you looked fair in this dress. Still, you are darker than Mummy!

Deep Thought (沉思)??

Ern is naughty lately. She is like a superglue to me now. She will crawl to me, hold my shirt and get herself stand up. She doesn't want her Daddy whenever I am around! *Sigh*

Or she will hug my leg and the next thing you see, it's like this.

Cute boh? Yeah!! But Mummy lost her freedom while Daddy feel sad about it!


Friday, April 6, 2007

Ern's Favourite Spot

Whenever we placed Ern on our bed, this is her favourite spot.

After she balances herself, the next thing you see is she will bite the wood! *slap forehead*

Funny thing is, she will turn her head occasional to check whether anyone still behind her. I think she wants to ensure she has "backup" support if she were to fall down. LOL!

E.T. ???

Daddy taught Ern this. Check out the clip below.

This reminded me of the movie E.T.! :-)
Well, now whenever we say "point", she will do this!

Cruising - Update with Video Clip

Here goes the video clip of how Ern cruised. Small steps indeed...