Friday, April 24, 2009

The Little Nanny

Ern is our little nanny when it comes to take care of Sean. Other than helping us on the 'dry' work (like taking cloth diaper, wet tissue, throw rubbish), she is now into the " I want to put didi to sleep' phase.

Normally, we will sing and rock Sean to sleep. So Ern will run to her toy area, dig and pull out this traditional musical toy and play to Sean. Sorry for the dark clip as it was taken during late evening and we didn't switch on the light.

Other than that, she would also pat and stroke on didi, and ask him to sleep. :-)

Like Mother Like Daughter???

I am a 'physical-mental' person per the character/dynamic term classified by "Human Dynamics" book. In other words, I am a typical and hardcore 'planning & organized' persons. Why I say so:

- I planned my wedding 13 months ago before the actual day
- I planned Ern's 1st birthday 9 months ago
- My thinking process need to be done on a paper by drawing things out
- I will surely miss buying few items if I didn't write them down in paper (for > 5 items)
- Many more...

I just hope my girl didn't get influence from me. It's nothing wrong to be a 'physical mental' person but I just want Ern to be her own self.

Few months back, we bought Ern a cooking set and she loved that set very much. Almost every night, she needs to 'cook' and 'take order' before we called off a day.

There was once, I played mamasak with her. So, I took out all and put them nicely and organized (ya ya, the typical me!) before we start the 'cooking session'.

One evening, Ern showed me this (like picture above) and I was like "die lah, why she is like me?". It wasn't the same display I did but she almost put the same items together like the cutlery and food.

Oh dear, I must remind myself to let her do things on her own style and characters....

Monday, April 20, 2009

More Patience

Ern is becoming more patience for us to attend to her. Maybe she has grown up...or she knows Sean need more attention.

When both kids need to be attended at the same time, we have to give priority to Sean if there is one of us available. So, we need to tell Ern to wait for a little while by telling her the reason. To our surprise, she accepted what we told her and really waited patiently.

I was touched but at the same time, feel a bit bad to see that. We used to give her 100% but come to think of it now, we are not giving her 50% at times! *Sigh*

Ern, we are proud of you!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Life change when you have 2 kids to attend.

No time to update the kids' blog regularlly, not to mention visiting other blogs. Sorry for not leaving any comments to your blogs.

Nevertheless, it's rewarding to see both kids grow together. PRICELESS!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Khoos

Finally, I am able to find the right timing for both Ern and Sean to take picture together. Not easy to take both in a picture because:

- At times, I am alone and can't take picture of both kiddo.
- Sean is not in good mood
- Either one is sleeping
- Ern goes with school in the morning during weekdays and that's when Sean stay alert mostly
- I was too busy and totally forgot about it

Gosh, Sean is really very tanned.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hot Day

Since I am still on maternity leave, I took over from Poh Poh in fetching Ern from school whenever possible. Other than creating more 'mum-daughter' time, it is also a 'break' from the 'diaper+feeding' in handling Sean. :-)

Weather is crazy lately, with super hot weather in the afternoon and heavy rain in the evening. It's a distance for us to walk from the car park to Poh Poh's apartment. So, i decided to get one sun glass for Ern and ask her to wear a hat.

Oh ya, the "present" (as what she claimed) in her hand was a party pack given by one of her classmates in celebrating birthday at the school. 3 birthday parties celebrated at the school since Jan this year and my girl was real excited about it.

She came home to tell us the shape of the cake, whose birthday and other stories. Well, I don't know if they were true or she is just 'creating' story. So far I think she is telling us the fact as the birthday cake described by her is different on every occasion! haha...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why 2 Blogs?

Some friends asked me why I created and maintained 2 separate blogs for my children instead of combining them as 1.

Well, the objective of creating the blog for them (under their name) is to write down their birth and growing up stories so that when they are old enough to read, they can know how they have grown up. Also, they can take over the blog when they are ready to write about their own stories :-)

I am not sure 10 years down the road, whether blog is still popular like now but for now, it's a good way for me to help Ern and Sean to makes notes on their growth development.