Thursday, April 15, 2010

Overcome Her DENTIST Fear!

[ Back-dated Post]

An important date to remember - 3rd April 2010 (Saturday) because Ern had overcome her fear on dentist!! Sorry no photo as things happened too fast although i did bring my camera!

On the day before, Charlotte's Mummy told me she is taking Charlotte to see the dentist and asked me if I wanted to tag along. At first, I turned down because hubb was not around and I still have Sean with me. 10mins later, I called Charlotte's Mummy that I will come along because I just don't want to miss the opportunity. I have made arrangement to my mum to babysit Sean.

Ever since the last visit, I have approached Yan & Charlotte's Mummy that I wanted to tag along when they bring their girls to visit the dentist. I wanted to try using the 'peer pressure' technique to see if this works again on Ern. It worked on Ern in overcoming her fear in kiddy ride.

This time, I didn't tell Ern anything, no mention of dentist (of course) and meeting her friend. When we were waiting for Charlotte to come by, only she found out she is meeting up Charlotte. When we walked up to the 1st floor, I only broke the news that we are seeing the dentist.

"I don't want to see dentist!"

That was the first thing she answered me! I promised her we are not doing anything but just see what's Charlotte doing.

Both the girls were playing while waiting. When I asked Ern if she wanted to let Dr K to count on her teeth, she said no.

My intention wasn't to let her see the dentist but just wanted her to see the process. Charlotte's mummy asked me if it's too much for Ern to cope since Charlotte might be going through the filling process. I said ok because that's something will need to go through one day and something she has to face it!

Dr K's treatment room is a child friendly place. It has a monitor that is mounted on the chair, which is speciality meant to divert kids attention by watching TV. What's more, the kid will be wearing a sun glass while watching the TV, to avoid the lighting that used by Dr K!

My little girl didn't give in immediately. Despite me carrying her for 1/2 hour to see how Dr K performed on Charlotte, she is still giving me the same answer - I DON'T WANT TO SEE DENTIST!

I expected the outcome because for her to stay inside the treatment room for 30mins already consider a little break through. I didn't ask her further but just let her roam around the room. Of course, Ern was so interested on the monitor as she kept on running out to view the cartoon.

When Charlotte is down, I told Dr K Ern is not ready. Dr K asked me to sit on the dentist chair and let Ern sit on my lap because that would give her more assurance. When I told Ern this idea, she agreed!! At that moment, I know Ern had overcome her fear!

I lye down on the chair with Ern on top of me, allowing the dentist to 'count' (check) on her teeth using the dental equipment. Thank goodness no cavity found this time!

Both Dr K and I praised Ern on her braveness and as a reward, she gets to choose her sticker from Dr K's sticker drawer. Of course my little girl choose nothing but PRINCESS!!!!

Both Ern and Mummy walked out happily. Ern has her sticker while Mummy's can strike off another her 'fear list'.

2 more in her fear list - Mosquito fogging & drive through car wash

PS: If you are interested to bring your child over to Dr K, drop me a note. I will share with you the details.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Siblings

They fight for almost everything...

They shout at each other...

They scream at each other...

They play 'human stack' (with supervise)...


They share toys (1 out of 10 times maybe!)...

They eat the same food...

They drink the same brand of milk...

They adore each other...

They know what is siblings love...

They know the bonding between them...

They are the Khoos!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Ching Ern received a hand down Clavinova piano from my aunty because there were 2 pianos in her house. Every time I brought Ern to my aunt's place for a visit, she would surely ask my cousin (whom Ern addressed her as Aunty V) to turn on the piano for her. Because it is a digital piano, music can be played automatically by pressing few buttons. Unlike the conventional piano, you really need to run your fingers on the piano.

There you go, a happy girl pretend to play.

Oh..she insisted me to put on the song notes and only play song # 7 - Beauty & The Beast. Simply for 1 reason - it has a princess on the page! LOL

Will be enrolling Ern to music lesson soon to expose her if she has interest on it. If she doesn't, we will stop the lesson.