Friday, August 10, 2012

Beach | Castle | Sand

It was very long time we didn't take the kids to the beach. Honestly, it was simply for one reason, we were skeptical of history repeat on Ern from her spiritual experience. You know, this is like a 'love and hate' thingy.

Well, I took the risk to bring Ern and Sean. Ern has started to chant and pray regularly after we sent her to Buddhism Sunday School since 2010 and I believe it has made her strong spiritually. Well, everything turned out well after the event!   *phew*

I brought along the sand playing tools (spade, mold, etc) and kids had real fun playing. We found a place with very good shades and it's just right behind a hotel. I chillax on the deck chairs, snapping photos on the kids while and kids played with sands and collect sea-shells.

Fun, that's for sure.